EuroCapitals Review: A Falsely FCA Regulated Platform

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EuroCapitals claims to be a world leader in forex trading. Deep down, members have been complaining of withdrawal issues. Find out more in our exclusive review.

After funding your account with EuroCapitals, the platform will later block your withdrawal. It’s happening primarily with new clients who sign up with What we have is a forex trading platform taking advantage of naïve investors. We have to expose the platform to help naïve investors fall for this trap. It would be best to stay away from the store or risk losing everything. Learn more in our vivid EUROCAPITALS REVIEW.

About EuroCapitals

According to their about us page, EuroCapitals is a trading platform founded in 2009. It means the platform ought to have over ten years of trading experience. We will later reveal that the information is false.

EuroCapitals Review: Pros and Cons

The founding members were a highly-specialized team with financial background experience. However, you will notice that the page fails to mention even a single team member. That’s also a red flag.

When dealing with forex investment, you need to have accountable bots. These bots must have accuracy and offer advanced tools. In addition, you need to use expert-backed robots that enjoy the backing of the trading community.

What we have is a platform that is in disarray. Most of the trading tools are outdated. The robots are far from accurate, and the only positive aspect is the trading platform. Despite having a world-class trading terminal, withdrawal is a problem.

EuroCapitals is duping traders into believing their custom-made robots are near perfect. The platform claims the robots have an over 95 percent success rate. And this is where we draw the line with their over-the-moon expectations.

You need to safeguard yourself from such platforms. We recommend that you do due diligence before committing funds to any platform. Try and find out the experience of other traders with the platform.

Accounts EuroCapitals

EuroCapitals is furnishing members with three forex trading accounts. These include Standard, Raw, and Pro accounts. The platform bases these accounts under the ECN and STP model of trading.

Here’s a closer look at each of these three accounts;


It’s the most basic account, and members have to deposit $250 to start trading. The leverage for all accounts is 1:100, in line with industry standards. Spreads start from 1.4 pips, and there’s a rebate of $2 per lot.


For the raw account holder, there’s a minimum deposit of $500. The account comes with spreads from 0.0 pips and a $3 commission per lot size. Traders get ECN execution type with this account.


It’s the most exclusive account, and members have to deposit $20,000 to get started. We believe the platform is targeting institutional clients with this account. Spreads start from 0.0 pips with a $2 commission per lot size.

Account Features

We have to say that the account features are fair, which makes the platform exciting. However, despite offering an appropriate trading environment, withdrawal is still a problem. The store also raises leverage from time to time for experienced traders.

Accounts with EuroCapitals

Affiliate Program

The store promises to offer a 10 percent commission on all trades with their affiliate program. That’s an enticing feature that most affiliates would jump into. The problem is a failure by the platform to release commissions.

You are likely going to lose your credibility and reputation over this platform. Those who you direct to the platform will fail to withdraw funds eventually. Victims will blame you, and the law will consider you an accessory to online fraud.

Are funds safe with

Your funds are far from safe with a store that fails to deliver results. For example, we have a store that won’t allow members to withdraw funds. The platform didn’t deposit the required minimum to start such a business without regulation.

The platform doesn’t offer insurance cover for deposits made by clients. We also suspect the platform doesn’t segregate accounts. And this means the platform stores all funds in a single personal account.

Available Trading Assets

You get a platform that offers four classes of assets. These include commodities, forex, indices, and shares. You get to trade commodities such as metal, sugar, wheat, and more. Forex trading includes trading with major and minor pairs.

The platform also offers investors a chance to trade in the international markets. These include DAX, Dow Jones, NIKKEI, NYSE, and more. You also get to trade shares of leading companies such as Samsung and Tesla.

Background and history

Are funds safe with Euro Capitals?

Despite claiming to be around since 2009, we can refute these claims. The domain records show the platform went live in 2015. Its IP location is in Germany, with the name of the registrant redacted for privacy reasons.

What we have is a platform that tries to buy their history. Such platforms want investors to see them as reliable. You need to know more about a platform’s goals and objectives before signing up with them.

Business Holder

Information on the actual person who owns or runs the platform remains unknown. We believe that the store is closely related to other clones. The people behind this platform want to stay hidden from the public’s eye.

Without transparency, it makes EuroCapitals an anonymous forex investment platform. Therefore, it would be best if you stayed away from such entities. Where no transparency is involved, you need to steer clear. Your funds are at risk with an unregulated platform.

Contact and support

You will likely face a hard time trying to make contact with support. On the contact page, the store has a live chat tab. In addition, the page directs you directly to their email support when you click on it.

Members-only have one way of accessing support, and this is via email. There’s no other direct way of reaching out. So we would expect a platform to offer a phone number for members to call when in distress.

Demo Account

One of the few positive aspects of the platform is a complete demo account. In addition, the demo account comes fully equipped with an MT4 trading terminal. As a result, you get to test your trading skills with a world-class trading platform.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Is Licensed or Regulated?

Funding your account with Euro Capitals is straightforward. There are nine different ways to fund your account. You can fund accounts using bank and wire transfers. The platform also accepts crypto deposits.

Trying to withdraw funds from will be a challenge. Even a skilled trader can’t help but lose hope. It seems the platform is hell-bent on blocking anyone from accessing their funds. We believe Euro Capitals is another exit scam.

EuroCapitals License and Registration

EuroCapitals is claiming to have a valid registry from IFMCR. Remember, the store claims to reside in the UK. You would expect the Financial Conduct Authority to have the final word on regulated platforms in the UK.

Far from it, the FCA doesn’t have a platform licensed with Euro Capital’s credentials. Even IFMRC doesn’t have any platform regulated under the name. And this exposes the truth regarding their compliance.

Without any regulatory framework in place, the store’s bound to lose all credibility. Anyone who funds accounts won’t get the protection they need from regulators. These regulators ensure all parties adhere to fair trading conditions.

Make sure you trade with a platform that enjoys compliance from a reputable regulator. These regulators include ASIC, BaFIN, CFTC, CNMV, CONSOB, and CySEC. Others include FINMA, FINTRA, NFA, and the SEC.

Our Verdict

Please stay away from EuroCapitals, and it’s a scam.

It would be best to use reliable forex bots with a proven background instead. Go for bots that enjoy the full backing of experts in the forex field.

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