Everest Coins Review: Everestcoinsinvest.com a Subtle Scam

Everest Coins Review, Everest Coins Company
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Everest Coins Review
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Online trading has become a great way of earning passive income. However, the market is volatile and has become plagued with scammers who are only interested in stealing clients’ deposits.  Only invest with the best crypto trading companies to enjoy reliability and transparency.

Everest Coins Invest is an investment company that is offering its services against the law. The entity is unregulated, which is one of the main reason we do not recommend them to investors.

The platform is purely dealing with online services. Digital investment keeps getting popular as time goes by. Moreover, new companies keep emerging daily. It can be a bit hectic selecting a platform to venture with.

Everest Coins Review, Everest Coins Company

Newbies are at a high risk of being scammed. We have seen several investment companies scamming their clients. Everest Coins Invest is one of those firms that are not genuine. It is a bogus system that only cares about making itself rich.

We recommend that you research thoroughly before investing your money in any venture. It will save you the agony of losing funds to these con artists. The company brags that it is 100% decentralized.

Once you join the entity, you can start mining BTC instantly. The firm claims it has mining rigs already running. The company believes it is the best in the industry. Sadly, we know how to spot a scam. Investors will never earn genuine returns using this dirty scheme.

Everestcoinsinvest.com review

Everest Coins Invest states that its trading activities are simple and easy. Furthermore, the entity does not limit their clients on the minimum amount that they can cash out. Additionally, the withdrawal will go directly into your bank account.

The company claims that 98% of its products are kept in cold storage. Therefore, it has high security measures. The data of their customers is encrypted and cannot land in the wrong hands. However, we do not advocate believing a word of an offshore venture.

Everest Coins Invest assures investors that they will have full access to their accounts. They will not suffer from system malfunction errors. Moreover, this firm also brags that it has a proven trading history.

The platform allegedly started its BTC trading activities in 2011. However, when we searched on the history of the venture, we were disappointed to find that they are lying. The entity was only registered in the year 2021.

This makes them the latest Ponzi scheme in the market. Investors should not waste their time in this website. Instead you should utilize the best crypto trading company that is legit. There are multiple trustworthy firms that you can gain from at any time.

How Does Everest Coins Invest Work?

Despite this company being new in the market, they feature high transaction amounts. They also brag of catering for over 209K clients. The entity has four investment accounts that are very lucrative.

First, you need to register an account, select the plan that best suits your needs. Finally, after you deposit funds, you can start earning. The returns which the entity promise investors range from 200%, 250%, 300%, and 400%.

Everest Coins Scam Review, Everest Coins Features

The minimum amount that you can deposit is $500. The company is offering expensive investment plans. You will find a legit entity that accepts as low as $100. You need to see the value of your money.

Unfortunately, Everest Coins Invest does not have trading results. They make bold claims that are not verifiable. We can only conclude that these are fake profits meant to lure you into giving the entity access to your money.

Founders’ information

Everest Coins Invest only claims to have the best team in the market. However, these are ghost workers that are not credited anywhere on the website. We searched every corner of their platform to see the people managing the activities. The firm only claim to be incorporated by Crypto Zage LLC. Otherwise, the entity lacks transparency.

Contact Details

The location of Everest Coins Invest firm is at 112 Red Lane, Erines, UK. The business activity of this venture is allegedly monitored by Crypto Zage LLC. The entity claims that its customer support team works 24/7.

They showcase their email and telephone number on their website. We cannot attest whether the customer support is responsive. There is no client feedback; therefore, venturing with this platform will be a blind move.

Everest Coins Regulation Status

Everest Coins Invest brags of operating from the United Kingdom. However, this entity is offering its services illegally. For starters, they are not in the database of the FCA. Hence, traders are at high risk of losing all their money in a blink of an eye.

Additionally, the entity can choose to exit the market. There is nothing that you can do, especially since the information presented on their whereabouts is false. The broker can also choose to change their terms and conditions.

They might have undisclosed charges. Investors can also be limited from accessing their funds. Since this entity is not monitored by the authority, it will be hard to trace them. Scammers do not have the intention of making anyone rich.

Investors who deposit their hard-earned money in such schemes are only helping these fraudsters to become rich. The withdrawal request will be ignored; you might even be blocked once you became a nuisance.

Clients’ testimonials

The testimonials which Everest Coins Invest features show that this is the best entity in the market. Nonetheless, investors should ask themselves the hard questions. If this is a profitable entity, then why is their traffic so low.

Investors claim that this is the perfect destination for the newbies in the market. The entity allegedly has made multiple trader rich. Their clients are living the dream. You do not have to perform any task.

Once you deposit money, you can sit back and relax as these high returns flow into your account. Withdrawal requests are allegedly processed in a fast manner. Sadly, this scam is using stock images.

Everest Coins Invest is the worst venture that you could ever trust. The entity will not assist you to attain your financial freedom. They have several red flags, and their determination to steal from innocent investors is high.

Is Everest Coins Invest Legit?

Unfortunately, this is not a legit investment company. Despite the venture’s claim that it provides professional service, this is a nasty scam. They are offering their services to institutions as well as individuals.

They also assure investors of multiple account managers that will guide them in trading activities. The customer support team is operating around the clock. Unfortunately, there are nowhere to be seen.

Everest Coins Invest is a platform that is infamous. They claim to be working with the big fish in the market. However, this is another ploy of using false info to market their bogus activities.

Final Verdict

Everest Coins Invest is accepting funds via PayPal, BTC, Perfect Money, and LTC. However, we were not able to verify their claims. The entity is a fraudulent platform that chooses to remain anonymous.

There is no proof of trading or mining taking place in this venture. The area is also not regulated by reputable financial bodies. Investing in this scam will cost you money. The customer support of this firm will never respond to your query.

Venture with the top crypto trading companies in the market. These platforms are reliable and will be in the market for a long time. Additionally, the firms will never walk out on their clients when they need them the most.  Your money is safe in licensed entities.


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