EverestBTC Review: Everestbtc.com Another dirty Scam

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EverestBTC Review
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EverestBTC is a broker that is neither registered nor regulated. The company is operating as it pleases without following any rules. Fund safety is not guaranteed in this venture.

EverestBTC is a company that happens to be a fraudulent investment scheme. The broker does not care about their customers. Furthermore, it is a lazy scam that uses information from other scammers in the market.

The entity lacks originality and the only thing you will get from them is regret. Nonetheless, this platform brags that it has multiple trading assets for its customers. You can allegedly trade forex, indices, stocks, and commodities.

EverestBTC Review, EverestBTC Company

Moreover, investors can also trade cryptocurrencies. EverestBTC states that it processes the withdrawal of customers within no time. However, this is a dirty scheme that does not care about investors. Therefore, the greatest mistake is to entrust your funds with them.

The financial managers of this company are not credited for their work. The platform is operating in a discreet manner. Therefore, we do not know the qualifications that they have. Moreover, you will find that the people behind such scams do not have any relevant skills in trading or finance.

It is important that you exercise caution when dealing with these companies. Invest with legit forex trading companies that have been in the industry for years. You are going to earn decent returns. Additionally, you can also sleep peacefully knowing that your funds are well protected.

Everestbtc.com Review

EverestBTC registration process is straightforward. Once you complete this process you can start trading immediately. EverestBTC is a clone website of Capitalpro-inv.com everything is identical. Therefore, whoever is running this company is one and the same.

The company states that it keeps traders informed by providing the latest trending news. Therefore, you will know all the upcoming events. Investors are assured they will never miss out on anything. Ponzi schemes are very convincing.

EverestBTC is also offering educational opportunities for its customers. The broker assures traders they have all that they need to make their experience profitable. Information is presented via videos.

Unfortunately, we cannot determine if the data available is of high quality. Scammers usually copy-paste information from the internet. Based on the characteristic of this venture we can only assume the worst with them. The lack of trading history and shady features is enough reason to avoid the firm.

Additionally, has insufficient data regarding its trading activity. This shows that the venture has no intention of being transparent. They do not want to expose themselves. Unlucky for them we are able to detect fraudsters from a mile away.

Trading Conditions of EverestBTC

EverestBTC is a platform that is offering bonuses to its customers. Investors might see this as a lucrative opportunity. However, in most cases, you will never be able to receive your earnings. This is because you must meet ridiculous trading volumes.

The entity offers a spread of 4.3 pip to traders. It is beyond the average market cap as the standard spread is 1.5 pips. It is not beneficial to investors and is also unfavorable. The leverage to expect is that of 1:200.

The position is beyond what the financial bodies approve. The trading conditions of EverestBTC are not favorable to the traders. Instead of risking your money with them find a regulated forex trading company.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The company accepts funds via Web Money, QIWI, MasterCard, and Visa. The venture claims that deposit and withdrawal are encrypted. Therefore, the whole process is secure. You cannot entrust the safety of your money to scammers.

The minimum amount that you can deposit is 250 EUR. You can cash out your earnings via BTC, wire transfer, and credit cards option. Unfortunately, the deposit section appears not to work once you sign up.

EverestBTC.com Review, EverestBTC Withdrawal

The company is charging fees to their clients. However, they fail to disclose the actual amount. Fraudulent brokers will have hidden charges which they will communicate when your attempt to cash out. This is modern-day robbery without violence.

You will find that all your earnings end up reduced to nothing. Dormant account information is not available. Trade with the best investment entities that are genuine. Trading with EverestBTC exposes you to huge risks.

Customer Support Team

EverestBTC is a company that brags it offers 24/7 customer support services to its customers. It welcomes investors to ask them any challenging question that might be bothering them in their trading activities.

However, we cannot verify whether the broker responds in time. This is because there is no clients feedback available regarding this company. The scammer has no use for traders especially when they realize you have gone broke.

EverestBTC is a nasty scam that will never respond to your email. If you try calling them the message shall go direct to voicemail. They sometimes to an extent mile of blacklisting nuisance clients.

Even if the platform provides an email address and a phone number this is not a guarantee it is going to respond. Therefore, stay away from them and look for a genuine forex trading company.

Regulation and Registration

EverestBTC is a broker that is neither registered nor regulated. The company is operating as it pleases without following any rules. The corporate that is managing its business is Elite Property Vision.

The broker claims that it is based in Sofia Bulgaria. Unfortunately, this company is not in the database of the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC). The watchdog is not strict compared to others in the market.

Since Bulgaria is in the European Union it adheres to the ESMA guidelines. The European Securities Markets Authority limits the leverage cap of the forex broker at 1:30. The trading conditions of EverestBTC show it is an illegal broker.

Moreover, the entity has already been blacklisted by CNMV. This is a clear indicator that this is a dirty Ponzi scheme. The entity is not worth the investor’s trust. It can choose to exit the market without giving notice.

Client Feedback

In Trust Pilot, we were able to find the mixed reactions of traders regarding EverestBTC. However, it is important to note that the monitor of this website is not strict. Therefore, there might be manipulation of data.

Those that praise the broker do not have proof of payment. Additionally, they are anonymous. Others terms this venture as a scam. All that we know is that investors will not make money with this company.

The Domain Insight

EverestBTC.com is a discrete scam that is privately registered. The registration of this platform took place in January 2021. It is expected to expire in January 2022. The chances of this platform exiting the market before this timeline is very high.

Is EverestBTC Legit?

Unfortunately, there is nothing legit about this broker. It is on the warning list of CNMV. Moreover, the corporate that is managing its trading activities is infamously known for defrauding investors. Moreover, the company lacks a trading history.

EverestBTC does not have a license. Their customer support team is also allegedly not responsive. You need to be very careful when dealing with suspicious firms in the market. Do not waste time with a scammer but choose the best legit companies.

Final Verdict

EverestBTC is a platform that is only looking after its greedy needs. The trading conditions of this venture are unfavorable. There is no trading activity taking place in this firm. Therefore, the sole purpose of this entity’s existence is to scam people.

Invest with transparent and regulated forex trading companies that are reputable and genuine. You are going to make reasonable real-time income. Moreover, these are some of the top brokers in the world.


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