EverInvest Review: Everinvest.org A Terrible Scam

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Everinvest.org Review
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EverInvest.org showcases so many scam traits, which is so obvious that the company is a Ponzi Scheme. The value for selling and buying different currencies does not shift and seems to be the same all through.

EverInvest is an offshore forex broker that gives traders more than 1000+ Currencies, Commodities, Stock and Indices. This is the reason traders choose the platform. However, there should be so many reasons that should help you choose the best trading platform besides just services that a company promises to offer. EverInvest showcases a low level of transparency that should not lure you into making any investment steps. The website is poorly done, and you can immediately notice the red flags they showcase.

Everinvest.org Review Everinvest Company

They leave out a lot of information that helps gain more confidence with the platform. Meanwhile, you can choose to make wise investment decisions and invest wisely with tried and tested strategies from these legit forex brokers. The risk measures that EverInvest applies to prevent you from sudden markets shifts are unknown. The trading world faces high volatility, and risk measures such as stop-loss take profit are highly recommendable to prevent drastic shifts.

EverInvest assures traders that traders can access a variety of tools that will help attain more profits through them. However, choosing the wrong tools will result in losses that may damage your wallet financially. EverInvest supports MetaTrader4, and this is the only thing that is positive for the company. As you read this unbiased review further, you may have second thoughts before depositing.

Everinvest.org Review

Everinvest.org fails terribly when it comes to its transparency with customers. The company operates without revealing who the true founders of the organization are or behind the structure they use. The kind of algorithm the software uses is unknown. Also, you may end up trusting criminals to make profits for you. So not only will you be putting your funds at risk, but also personal information will fall into the wrong hands. EverInvest charges no commissions and assures investors of fast trade executions. They also promise personal client support and tight spreads.

Thus these are the only advantages why customers choose the platform. You can access the services through mobile traders; thus, you can invest anywhere in the world. They also accept social trading whereby you can copy expert advice and earn profits. However, this kind of approach towards investing is highly unadvisable. Accordingly, they do not show any qualifications, and you may end up trusting the wrong direction. Furthermore, the market may shift, and while trading, you may encounter losses. Thus when they guarantee constants returns, this is just an attempt to lure you into making deposits.

How EverInvest.org Operates

EverInvest.org showcases so many scam traits, which is so obvious that the company is a Ponzi Scheme. The value for selling and buying different currencies does not shift and seems to be the same all through. Additionally, they do not have any reliable trade method that is recommendable. Hence they will contact you with attractive offers of bonuses and profits. The figures they estimate are highly attractive, and you may easily fall for the catch.  So when you fall for the bait and proceed to make deposits, you will have made the anonymous founders rich.

EverInvest will urge you to take advantage of one-time opportunities. When the date of the return is due, they will further the dates forward. Also, they will result in blocking your data from accessing any of the services they offer. Scammers maintain anonymity to escape during bankruptcy easily. They also result in forming more Ponzi schemes and attempt to swindle all your funds. Scammers will end up promising you the world with no legit approach. Avoid EverInvest they do not make any profits, and your funds are at risk. Also, if they were making any profits, the same should be visible through past trade transactions.

Client Feedback

EverInvest claims to be making millions of traders rich. Hence we would expect them to have at least a single positive remark from customers. Apparently, this is not the case. There is not a single remark that sounds welcoming to the platform. Furthermore, multiple customers are even complaining to have lost hard-earned funds from the shady broker. Meanwhile, they make several attempts to hide their murkiness by claiming an endorsement from renowned companies. This type of technique is common among scammers, and EverInvest does not have any association with; Facebook, Pepsi, Amazon, Tesla, and Starbucks, like they claim.

Scammers pay quacks to come up with made-up positive reviews.  Testimonials are highly welcoming into any broker, but you should only consider testimonies that you can easily verify through past trade results, most preferably through MyFxbook or any other reliable source. EverInvest.org even claims to have won awards for the best broker, yet these awards are not known across the trading world.

Funds Safety

EverInvest accepts multiple payment options;  Visa, PayPal, Skrill, Netteller, Sofort, GiroPay, and Trustly, among other options. Accordingly, before you invest, you should confirm the safety of your money. Funds Safety can easily be determined by the level of transparency a company showcases. EverInvest shows a very high level of murkiness in its operations.

Everinvest.org Review Everinvest Entity

They do not talk of any withdrawals, and you will alternatively have to wait for long before getting your funds back. They will hold your funds for long periods and make further attempts to swindle more funds.

The company does not have any banking information that shows your funds are in safe hands. Also, they may be keeping funds in their personal accounts. There is no trade transaction showing deposits and withdrawals that have been successfully done.

Regulation and Customer Support

EverInvest location whereabouts address for its head office is 77Leadenhall St, London EC3A 3DE UK. However, within the region, the main regulatory body is the FCA. Even so, they do not fall under any regulatory body. Meanwhile, due to the rise in the number of scammers, various nations, if not all, recommend regulation before they generate funds from the public. Therefore the founders of EverInvest risk facing criminal prosecutions for illegal operations. Ultimately they result in hiding the same data from traders.

Nevertheless, regulated forex brokers showcase a high level of transparency. You can easily find regulation information and verify the same data. Unregulated platforms can barely afford to pay regulation fees. They also end up becoming bankrupt, and as a result, they will be unable to pay profits. They also may end up breaking any trade guidelines that are in place.

Working customer support helps you know that you are dealing with a legit broker.  Scammers like EverInvest.org will only contact you until you make a deposit then your business with them is done. Accordingly, you can reach EverInvest via email: contact@everinvest.org and telephone at +442036957895. Legit brokers will always reach out to you fast, and this helps in building customers’ trust. Alternatively, you can reach them via a live chat section.

Final Verdict

EverInvest is not a legit broker, and you risk your funds and personal data may fall into the wrong hands. The company brags about winning awards for best CFDs broker, yet the Sam information has no verifiable backup. Meanwhile, you risk falling for the highly attractive bonuses and profits, yet no trade is actually taking place on the platform. Transparency should always be evident in any trading venture that you would like to make profits from. They do not reveal any past trade transactions that prove you will gain profits.

To prevent yourself from further facing losses, you should invest with theseforex  brokers that use legit tried and tested techniques and attain attractive returns. Avoid EverInvest because the number of traders who have lost funds from the Ponzi scheme is higher than those who have made profits. Read reviews from reliable sources and do further research before making any investment steps.

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