Evom-ltd.com Review: Be on the lookout for this FCA Scam Warning

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No matter what Evom-ltd.com offers you, it does not change the fact that there is no fund safety. Nonetheless, the entity claims that the withdrawal and deposit process activities are secure and easy for all.

Evom-ltd.com, also known as Evolution Marketsltd, lacks the touch of a legit company. The platform is offering Crypto, forex, EFTs, stocks, indices, bonds, and commodities. The venture wants traders to join them to evolve together.

Evom-ltd.com Review, Evom-ltd.com Company

Unfortunately, we do not recommend offshore ventures to investors. The entity is not worth the time or money. It allegedly has a mobile application, MT4 terminal, web-trader, 25/5 support, and daily analysis as their main features.

No matter what Evom-ltd.com offers you, it does not change the fact that there is no fund safety. Nonetheless, the entity claims that the withdrawal and deposit process activities are secure and easy for all. The broker does not segregate funds.

The company does not work even segregate funds. Their claims to work diligently for traders are a hoax. The platform does not even work with any recognizable bank in the marker. Therefore, you are only exposing yourself to severe risk by joining them.

The trader room of the platform caters to all traders regardless of their origin. The main red flag with the entity is that no one oversees its activities. It is best to look for a licensed crypto trading company in the market. Your funds will secure as well as your personal data.

Evom-ltd.com Review

The suspicious broker claims it has multiple trading instruments. You may think that this is the best venture in the market. However, they fail to discuss important features that can help traders understand their mode of operation.

Evom-ltd.com allegedly does not charge commission. They also guarantee a fast trading process without any delays or slippage. They have over 21000 instruments for their clients. Instead of using the space in their website to display trading performance, the entity has fluff content.

They aim to provide efficient services with low charges. The venture is also using the latest technology. There is no transparency in this entity. The entity is using a copy and pasting strategy. You copy the trading activities of the experts’ traders and earn.

The thing is that even if you win, you will not learn how to trade on your own successfully. Furthermore, without knowing the financial analyst and account manager’s qualifications, we cannot assure you that you are getting the best outcome.

The company warns investors that they should never invest funds they cannot afford to lose. This is common with all other investment brokers. However, with this venture, you shall lose all your funds in a blink of an eye.

Evom-ltd.com Trading Conditions

The broker advertises a web-trader, MT4, and mobile trading as their trading terminals. They are offering a spread of 1 pip up to 0.2pips. Their leverage ranges from 1:100 to 1:500. The entity has four trading accounts. One can enjoy multiple offers. The fund managers are available to all traders except for the macro account. Unfortunately, the only available trading interface is sloppy and not a match for an MT4.

Customer Support and Contact Details

Evom-ltd.com features an address on its platform. However, we are certain that this is not the actual location of the platform. The support is only available via email. The entity tries very hard to conceal its identity.

They are leaving no traces behind. It shall be impossible to find them once their system collapses. A scam doesn’t provide a phone number to eliminate constant calls from their victims. The emails are easily ignored.

Invest with a legit investment platform that has multiple communication channels. You can even engage with a company on their social media platform, resolving your issue fast. Evom-ltd.com is a fraud that does not care about the safety of traders.

Moreover, trusting the company with your data puts you at much greater risk. The entity can sell your information to a third party. Additionally, they can also use it for identity theft. The law will hold you accountable for any criminal activity used. Avoid all these risks by using a trustworthy broker.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that you can deposit is $100. Evom-ltd.com only accepts funds via wire transfers despite advertising; Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Maestro, and Skrill. The standard account requires a deposit of $500. The premium takes $25000, while the VIP accepts $100000.

However, do not have second thoughts about entrusting your hard-earned money to this entity. We cannot see any advantage that will come by trusting this venture. To get your money after requesting a withdrawal takes 2 to 5 business days.

You can expect a fee from Evom-ltd.com, but they do not disclose the actual figure. Moreover, the entity also has a non-deposited fund policy. Therefore, you cannot withdraw money from this system. The company does not intend on releasing your money.

You shouldn’t even have second thoughts about this platform. If you still proceed and giving them your cash, you can only have yourself to blame. You can trade successfully with multiple reliable ventures.

Clients Feedback

Customers of Evom-ltd.com are already complaining about the unethical services they are getting. The company makes promises that they cannot meet. You shouldn’t expect anything different. The broker is only looking after itself.

They may pay random people to market their dirty schemes. Nonetheless, remain bold and avoid the Ponzi scheme. Without having trading results, we don’t recommend them to the public. They should at least have their past three months verified performance.

We recommend that you invest with a broker that has positive feedback from traders. You can get several of them that a third party has reviewed. At least you will know what you are signing up for and make a sober decision.

Evom-ltd.com Regulation and Registration Status

Luckily, Evom-ltd.com is already on the FCA list of fraudulent companies. You are blazing yourself on fire by trading with a blacklisted platform. The entity is using the information of a legit company that has a license from the FCA.

Evom-ltd.com Review, Evom-ltd.com FCA warning

Evolution Markets Ltd (evolutionmarkets.com) has nothing to do with this Ponzi scheme. The dirty platform is targeting traders in the United Kingdom illegally. Additionally, CONSOB, the Italian watchdog, has also warned investors against investing in this scheme.

Therefore, you will not get the security of funds from this venture. Additionally, the venture can exit the market whenever it pleases. A company that overlooks the law will not generate stable returns. Furthermore, the broker can change its terms whenever it feels like.

The Domain Insight

It is a long time before Evom-ltd.com exit the market. They will have trapped many naïve traders. The entity made its first digital footprint in the industry in March 2021. Their domain shall expire after a year. The platform is registered anonymously. It is, therefore, impossible to know the culprits behind the firm.

Final Verdict

The company is similar to another fraudulent company known as Marketseco. The website of the entity is available in German, Italian, and English. The entity does not even have a demo account. They are using cop and pasting strategies. Probably this is the reason the platform does not see any use in having the demo.

Invest with reputable crypto companies that focus on crypto trading. These platforms have a proven trading history. Try them today and experience quality unbeatable services. You can earn reasonable returns without risking your safety.





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