Executive Pro FX Review: Executiveprofx.com Shady Platform

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Executive Pro FX Review
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Executive Pro FX is a scam that has no intention of helping investors attain their goals. The company is operating illegally and will eventually go out of existence. We do not recommend this suspicious venture to the public. There are better platforms in the market.

Executive Pro FX is a company that is not regulated. The entity also has shady features, which make us not trust their operation. The entity will most likely exit the market when investors least expect it.

We also recommend that you stay away from unregulated ventures to avoid losing funds. The entity also partners with companies that are offering fraudulent services. It is not easy to differentiate between legit firms from a scam, especially if you are a newbie.

Executive Pro FX is an entity that does not do much to win the trust of the investors. They also have characteristics similar to scammers. Once this venture disappears from the face of the earth, there is no coming back.

Invest with legit forex trading brokers that will keep your information safe from third parties. Additionally, your fund safety will be a priority. There is no need to have sleepless nights by trusting a shady broker.

Unregulated ventures are tactical, and they will call with all sorts of promises. It is hard to resist their offers, especially if you are a newbie. We always encourage that you perform research on a company before depositing your hard-earned money.

Executiveprofx.com Review

Executive Pro FX is a company that is wasting the investors’ resources and their funds. The company is an illegitimate offshore firm. The platform provides false information to trick investors.

The shady broker is allegedly trading various assets like stocks, indices, and commodities. There are multiple forex trading pairs which investors can use. The entity is offering a spread of 4.2 pips for EUR/USD pair.

Executive Pro FX Review, Executive Pro FX Company

Unfortunately, you should not rejoice after encountering such rewards. The range is beyond the market cap raising more red flags. Additionally, Executive Pro FX provides users with a leverage cap of 1:200. The amount is way beyond what the regulatory body limits.

Therefore, the higher chances of risks that you are exposed to once you invest with this broker. The firm offers cliché trading software to its clients, who seem very basic. Legit forex trading platform offers MT4/MT5 trading platform, which has multiple benefits for traders.

You cannot make an earning using this venture. The company is a fraud, and investors are not pleased with how the entity is running. The registration of this venture does not prove that the venture is legit.

Features of Executive Pro FX

The company claims that it has a variety of assets for its clients. They brag about having 800 plus assets. The firm is also trading crypto. They appear like a diverse venture. Moreover, Executive Pro FX guarantees fund safety to investors.

However, you should not put your hopes high. The people running this venture are only after satisfying their own greedy needs. The entity does not care about traders. The firm also states that their customer support is available 24/7.

Executive Pro FX Review, Executive Pro FX Features

There is no evidence that shows the firm is helping their clients attain their goals. Executive Pro FX allegedly also has a mobile application to help traders trade with ease. The company guarantees that it updates its customers on trending issues on the market.

The videos that this platform has at the disposal of their clients will transform novice traders into professional investors. They are also offering a bonus, although the requirements are not disclosed in their terms and conditions.

Executive Pro FX Withdrawal and Deposits

Executive Pro FX has six trading accounts for their clients. The minimum amount you can deposit is between $500 up to $2,499, which is beyond the market standard. The services which this venture is offering are expensive, yet they have no credibility.

The venture is also offering margin loan and market analysis every month. The more funds you deposit, the greater the returns additionally, the more features you get to enjoy. They also offer webinars every week.

Executive Pro FX claims that they assign personal account managers to their clients. The platform list several payment methods that clients can use. These include; Visa, MasterCard, Yandex, among others.

The information on the withdrawal process period is not available. This is because the links that are supposed to provide these data are not functional. This is a major loophole that we don’t take lightly.

Contact Details and Customer Support

Executive Pro FX provides an office address, email address, and telephone number. It a recommendable attempt that the platform has made to show they have open communication with their customers. However, our greatest worry is that when you need the company, they will abandon their cause.

The entity’s actual location is not the one that they display. Scammers will never blow up their cover like that; therefore, you need to be careful. You can use better companies to invest with instead of wasting your time with Executive Pro FX.

Regulation and Registration

Executive Pro FX is allegedly based in Bulgaria. At least, this is what the firm is lying to investors. Unfortunately, when we searched for this company in the Bulgaria financial watchdog database, we did not find them.

The company possibility is operating from another undisclosed area. Remember that once you trust this broker with your funds, you will not get fund safety. Additionally, funds are not segregated. Therefore, funds deposited goes directly into the thieves’ pocket.

Customer Feedback

We managed to find clients’ feedback regarding Executive Pro FX. It appears that investors are not pleased with how this firm operates. They are warning potential traders to keep off this company.

The company allegedly claimed to be based in the UK, which turned out to be another fat lie. The founder of this entity is someone known as Dale Smith. This is a fictional character that nobody knows their real name.

To avoid suffering the same fate as those that have already lost funds. Avoid Executive Pro FX at all costs. They have no intention of helping traders. They use fake data that does not belong to them. Do not be surprised to find promotional material marketing this scam.

Executive Pro FX Domain Insight

The Executive Pro FX was registered in April 2020. The company aims at being in the industry for one year. The duration is so short, and the chances of them coming back are very slim. Ponzi scheme will not waste their funds registering a platform for more than one year.

If you are not convinced that this entity is not legit, we suggest using the credit card option when depositing funds. This is because the process allows you 540 days to conduct a chargeback. The traffic that is coming on this website is not much.

Final Verdict

The platform origin country remains a mystery. Financial watchdogs do not regulate the entity, and fund safety is something that you will not get from them. However, this platform convinces traders otherwise that they are licensed to collect funds from the European Nations.

Venture only with the real forex trading companies that are reliable and transparent. Legit entities will have all the necessary information and data to win the trust of the investors. The trading conditions, as well as the withdrawal requirements, are accessible.

Sadly, the company has been blacklisted by the German financial body. We don’t know about you, but we cannot recommend risking your funds with this firm. The people that are responsible for this platform remain anonymous.

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