Exitus Elite Review: ExitusElite.com A Failed Gifting Scheme

Exitus Elite
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Exitus Elite is a gifting company that relies on the investment of affiliates. ExitusElite.com mentions Paul Stevenson as the founder of the company. His Facebook profile shows that he lives in Brighton, UK. It indicated that the company is also operating from Brighton. However, the website never mentions any specific address.

The company is the third reboot of a similar gifting scheme company. Exitus 500, Exitus Network, and Exitus Elite are almost identical companies. Stevenson is behind all of these schemes. Since ExitusElite.com is still operating, it is important for you to be familiar with the company and make up your own whether you should invest in it.

Exitus Elite Overview

Exitus Elite claims that it is a business-driven by its members and have become successful despite having no substantial initial support. The company offers several benefits to its member. ExitusElite.com mentions these benefits in the form of products, strategies for running online businesses, and operating marketing campaigns.  It even says that you just have to focus on the money while the company will take care of your entire business.

Owner of Exitus Elite

Paul Stevenson is the founder and operator of ExitusElite.com. According to his Facebook profile, he lives in Brighton, UK.  Moreover, he claims to have 25 years of experience in running successful home-based businesses in different fields to make money online. Stevenson says that he has worked as director and distributor of various companies.

The idea of Exitus Elite is claimed to be born in 2014. However, it is important to note that ExitusElite.com is not the first company that Stevenson has formed. In fact, it is a complete replication of the Exitus Network, a $500 to $15,000 gift scheme. The network collapsed in 2015, after which the new company was established. Stevenson was also a part of Prosperity Cash Machine, an MLM company.

Exitus Elite

Exitus Elite’s Products

Exitus Elite does not have any retail products or services. It only offers affiliate membership to users. Once you get the company’s membership, it offers you to buy a package named “Genesis.” It is a package that contains a wide range of educational products like health, marketing, finances, and personal development. The company distributes these lectures and educational material in the form of MP3 and MP4. Genesis is a very expensive package as it costs $1000.

Joining Exitus Elite

The affiliate membership fee of Exitus Elite is $299, which is very high, considering it is a relatively new company. Moreover, if you want to participate in the MLM part of the business, you will have to spend $1000.

ExitusElite.com justifies its membership fee by saying that it will provide modern tools and technology in exchange for the fee. The company claims that it is dedicated to improving your business practices by implementing state-of-the-art tools, financial management systems, different resources, and proper training.

An extensive list of features is mentioned on ExitusElite.com that you will be accessed after paying the affiliate membership fee. These features are:

  • Marketing strategies integrated with all major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Capturing leads and devising strategies to convert them into loyal customers.
  • Efficient contact management.
  • 24/7 customer support system

Features of the Company

ExitusElite.com mentions several features to convince users to invest in this company. These features are:

  1. Quick compensation is given to the affiliate members as soon as they recruit their first member.
  2. Exitus Elite heavily promotes its First Compensation Plan and markets is as a leading scheme in the gifting industry. The company claims that you can take your profits to a whole new level through this scheme.
  3. Passive income is also marketed as a significant benefit of the company. It claims that through upgrades, split payments, and recruitments, you can earn money while sleeping.
  4. com mentions a great number of features of Genesis products.

Remember that no other source validates these features. In fact, the company lies about being partners with Western Union, Bitcoin, and other popular companies. It is just trying to attract as many investors as it can. Therefore, do not get fooled by their false claims. Instead, use the genuine crypto trading bots that offer a variety of trading options and are much more reliable than a gifting scheme like Exitus Elite.

Compensation Plan of ExitusElite.com

An initial investment of $1000 is essential to avail any kind of compensation from the company. It has a very simple compensation structure. You have to recruit one affiliate, and you will be rewarded when that affiliate hires another member. In this way, the company promises to keep paying you commissions whenever your recruited members contribute to the network’s success.


However, a $1000 investment is a very substantial amount of income. It dramatically reduces the interest of people in investing in this company. Moreover, even if the first few members invest in the affiliate membership and packages of Exitus Elite, it is imminent that the recruitment will die down. As a result, you will have no way of recovering your investment and will end up losing a large amount of money.

Other than investing $1000 to join the first level of affiliate membership, users have the option of joining the following ranks as well:

  • $2000 investment to join Senior Executive rank
  • $3500 investment to become Business Executive
  • The highest level of affiliate membership is Ambassadorship, for which you have to invest $12,000.

Company Collapse

Exitus Elite has a business structure that is extremely similar to the Exitus Network. Since the business model is the same as Exitus Network, it is only logical to assume that ExitusElite.com will also collapse soon. The company’s entire compensation plan makes it very clear that the founder and managers aim to ensure that the maximum number of people are buying the affiliate membership. Moreover, they are heavily promoting the Genesis package to entice users.

One of the biggest lies about this company is that it claims to be an official partner with renowned international banks, online banking solutions, and money transfer companies like FedEx, Bitcoin, and Western Union. However, there is no mention of Exitus Elite on any of their official website. In fact, it is hard to prove that Exitus Elite exists anywhere outside its own domain because it does not give any particular physical address of the organization.

Should you Invest in Exitus Elite?

No, you should not even invest a single penny in this gifting company. Like many other scam and illegal companies, ExitusElite.com has also placed a strict no-refund policy on members’ investment of $1000. Even if a member does not want to access any product of the Genesis package, you cannot get your $1000 back. It is a very unfair policy which makes it clear that the company only wants to get money from you and do not offer any considerable profit in return.

Remember that all of the cash gifting schemes are eventually collapse. Once new recruits stop coming to the company, the entire business structure will collapse, and the Exitus Elite will have to shut down. As a result, you will lose your investment. Hence, you should not invest in such types of gifting schemes. Instead, use the crypto trading bots that allow you to invest money according to your own budget and requirements. In this way, you will have complete control over your investment, and there will be minimal risks of losing any money.

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