Expert-Earners Review: Obnoxious Scam

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Expert-Earners Review
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Expert-Earners is an investment company that has been blacklisted. The CYSEC financial watchdog has warned its citizens against transacting with this nasty scam. The broker is not legit. Therefore, they are only looking for opportunities to steal from naïve traders.

Expert-Earners is an investment company that has been blacklisted. The CYSEC financial watchdog has warned its citizens against transacting with this nasty scam. The broker is not legit. Therefore, they are only looking for opportunities to steal from naïve traders.

Nonetheless, the scam claims that it has the ability to transform the lives of investors. They assure clients of trading with confidence after depositing funds in the system. Additionally, the company states there are several investors who have already joined them.

Expert-Earners Review, Expert-Earners Company


Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell between a Ponzi scheme and a legit investment scheme. This happens when you are new in the market. However, there is no need to panic as there are several traders and researchers who are dedicated to exposing these fraudsters.

Moreover, once you get the basic skills of trading scammers can’t get hold of you. Stick with us as we expose this dirty unregulated investment scheme. Forget about all of their promises and double-check on the facts with us.

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According to the information on the Expert-Earners website, the firm is dealing with; equities, crypto assets, property investment, and futures. The entity markets itself as the best secure entity in the market. However, we highly doubt this because they have characteristics of nasty Ponzi schemes.

For starters, this company does not have a trading history. Therefore, we cannot their results cannot be verified. The platform is also involved in portfolio management services. Entrusting your money to anonymous investment schemes is the greatest mistake of all time.

These are individuals that you do not know their qualifications. Therefore, once you grant them access to your funds you immediately lose the money. Nonetheless, they assure customers their funds are segregated in tier 1 financial institutions based in the EU and US.

Sadly, this is another fat lie. You cannot issue a chargeback with Expert-Earners because the cash goes directly into the scammers’ account. It is the least of the platform problem to assist investors in earning passive income.

The broker is also not involved in investment activities. Moreover, once you join the online investment venture you cannot only be making profits. There are several factors that come into play. The industry is volatile hence it becomes impossible to predict investors’ next outcome.

Expert-Earners Investment Plans and Returns

Expert-Earners claim that the withdrawal process is fast. The entity allegedly does not charge investors any hidden fees. Unfortunately, the payouts of this company are absurd. Digital currency assets have grown popular in the market.

However, this does not mean that it is a get-rich-quick scheme. The minimum amount to deposit in this venture is $500. The starter plan has a referral bonus of 2%, and a promise of a daily return of 35% for one week. It is an outrageous promise and the deal gets even better as you ash in more Review, Expert-Earners Plan

The gold plan takes a deposit of $5000 up to $19999. They assure investors of 75% ROI for a period of two weeks. Finally but not least the premium account is Expert-Earners mega plan. It guarantees daily returns of 130% for one month.

The money-making machine entity is not worth investors’ trust. For instance, if you compare what Expert-Earners is offering with the projected returns of a legit crypto company you will be surprised. The broker is a straight Ponzi scheme.

Furthermore, they fail to disclose the strategy that they are using you yield these high returns. The platform does not care about making you rich. Once you encounter a firm with these shady behaviors it’s best to stay away while you still can.

Withdrawal and Deposits of Expert-Earners

The method of payment that Expert-Earners uses is undisclosed. The returns that this venture is proposing ought to have a large number of investors flocking at their website. Sadly, there is no proof of payment. Additionally, the traffic visiting the website is low.

Often you find scammers using murky payment methods. Investors are therefore limited from issuing a chargeback. Crypto payment is one of the ideal mechanisms that these fraudsters utilize. It is easy for them to conceal their identity.

Clients Testimonials

Expert-Earners have a section dedicated to their top investors. Unfortunately, the only thing available in the figures the clients have earned alongside their names. There are no profile pictures or social media account links.

Therefore, it is impossible to verify whether these are real investors. The company has portrays that it is a fraud. Therefore, the possibility of it putting false information on the website is very high. Only trust information is available from a third-party platform.

Ponzi schemes like Expert-Earners manipulate data to win over clients. Additionally, check for proof of payment. In the case of this broker, nobody has come forth showcasing their payout. It is a big red flag that should keep you away from the losing scam.

Regulation and Registration of Expert-Earners

The company is accepting investors from all over the world. Moreover, it brags to have an association with reputable banks in the EU and USA. However, these are false allegations. The traders are not going to get fund safety from the entity.

Expert-Earners is violating multiple rules in the industry. It only has a DDoS certificate which is not enough to ascertain safety for traders.  The possibility of funds going straight to the pocket of con artists is very high.

You cannot recover your funds. Moreover, the area of operation of the firm is allegedly in the UK. Sadly, the company is not in the database of the Financial Conduct Authority. Therefore, it has not deposited a working capital of 730K EUR.

The amount acts as compensation to investors if an investment scheme faces bankruptcy. It is beneficial for investors to deal with a platform that has a license from a reputable financial watchdog in the market. You will be protected from several risks.

Contact Details and Customer Support

Expert-Earners claim it will help investors attain financial freedom without even trying. It is a bold statement but yet we fail to see the results. The platform purports it has offices in California, the USA, and the UK.

However, their actual address is not available. The only method of contacting the customer support team is via phone and email. Nonetheless, it is not certain that you will get a response from them. The scam is unreliable.

They assure clients of timely response and high-quality customer support services. The self-regulated broker does not care about its customers’ goals. Moreover, in most cases, once the fraudsters receive the money they cut all connection with you.

Final Verdict

Expert-Earners is a scam that is so obvious. The first thing that you need to consider is the kind of profits the Ponzi scheme advertises. The company does not have a registration certificate or a license. Therefore, you expose your funds and personal data to high risk.

The broker can do whatever it pleases with the information you share. The location of the platform remains a mystery. Hence eliminating all the possibility of tracing them down. Stay away from this scam. Instead, you can trade with reputable crypto trading companies that are transparent and genuine.



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