Expertise Trader Review: A dark Blacklisted Firm

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Expertise Trader Review
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Expertise Trader is a dirty Ponzi scheme. You should not share personal details with this bogus entity. The fraud can use the information against you. Invest with transparent firms that provide their whereabouts and hire a qualified support team to handle your query.

Expertise Trader does have not only a beautiful name but also a desirable website. The firm claims it wants to revolutionize the trading industry to make it ideal for all traders. They use attractive colors to draw in investors. The firm also has an A-game sales pitch.

Expertise Trader Review, Expertise Trader Company

The platform is dealing with forex, crypro, and Binary Options. All these assets are volatile. Moreover, binary options are considered dangerous. The best financial regulators in the market do not allow investment schemes to provide them to users—for instance, the EU regulator.

Nonetheless, Expertise Trader claims that it is easy for investors to generate money using their trading interface. The fraud ironically prides itself on providing top-notch services to users. It is not rocket science to identify such a fraud. This is a Ponzi scheme, and there is no better way of putting this. 

The company is already on the blacklist of the European Union financial watchdog. All the information that the entity provides is bogus. The fraud wants to trap as many people as it can. Once you deposit money in their shady business, there is no way of recovering. 

Invest with genuine forex training ventures that are transparent. Choosing a reputable firm saves you from the aging of dealing with scammers. These are ventures with ideal trading conditions. You can check out their leverage and spread. Review

Expertise Trader allegedly wants to grant its customers a lasting trading solution. The venture proclaims it is a multinational investment scheme. They also claim to have a team of experts handling their daily investment activities. The firm customizes its services to suit the needs of its customers. 

According to the broker, they are a successful venture. It has attained this through the help of its professional and secure platform. The trading interface allegedly executes orders fast, and it uses the latest technology. Unfortunately, the people that are behind this scheme are not credited. 

We do not know how they look or the qualifications they have. Expertise Trader is an anonymous venture. They do not want to blow up their cover as it would lead to them facing criminal charges. The safety of your money should come first at all times. It is unwise to trust discreet people with your money just because they claim to have experience in the market.

The broker’s live trade feature allows clients to access the trading platform instantly. The withdrawal process is also swift. Sadly, we are yet to encounter a successful investor that has earned using this scheme. The entity is not reputable. Their main victims are novice traders. You will never find traders that are experienced wasting their time with fraudsters. 

Trading Conditions

Expertise Trader is a platform that claims to offer a wide range of assets. We expected to find a superior trading platform. However, the scheme does not even have a web-based interface. They have trading charts that are most likely from third-party brokers.

Without a trading platform, it is impossible to know the broker’s leverage and spread to investors. The company does not even qualify to call itself an investment scheme. Clearly, there is no investment taking place here. 

Expertise Trader Withdrawal and Deposits

It is also ridiculous that Expertise Trader accepts a minimum deposit of $600 while they are not trading. Why would anyone cash such a high amount in a losing entity? There are a lot of legit investment ventures in the market that you can use. 

Furthermore, the Ponzi scheme does not have forex trading accounts. It instead avails investment plans that have unattainable ROI. The entity promises a daily profit of 10%, which is absurd.  The entity also only accepts payment via BTC  only. 

You cannot issue a chargeback with cryptocurrency payment. Additionally, it is impossible to know the recipient. Another major red flag is that this platform does not have legal documentation. The entity can therefore inflict hefty unrealistic charges to traders.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The venture’s customer support is available on live chat 24/7. The entity purports it is operating in the USA. They shamelessly feature a fake office address. The firm also avails a phone and an email address. The con artists behind this broker are determined to stay relevant.

The information is put here for transparent purposes. The real area of operation of Expertise Trader is unknown. With these kinds of characteristics, expect the worst support experience. Fraudsters only take calls when they know you are willing to spend money on their bogus plans.

Once you run out of money, that will be the end of it. The entity will no longer respond to your queries. You cannot visit the listed office address because they are fake. Reporting the venture to the authority will also not help you in recovering the lost money.

Expertise Trader is a dirty Ponzi scheme. You should not share personal details with this bogus entity. The fraud can use the information against you. Invest with transparent firms that provide their whereabouts and hire a qualified support team to handle your query.

Regulation Status of Expertise Trader

Of all countries, Expertise Trader chose the USA as their area of operation. This is one of the areas that has stringent rules for investment firms in the world. A platform cannot operate in this country without having a capital of $2 Million. Moreover, this broker has received warnings from two reputable financial watchdogs in the market. 

CNMV and FMA do not approve the company to offer their services in their jurisdictions. It is a blind move to give this shady firm still the benefit of the doubt. Nothing good can come out of the platform. The individuals that are running this entity do not have the best interest of their customers. 

Fund safety is not something to expect from Expertise Trader. Moreover, investors are not protected against negative account balances. The platform can choose to exit the industry without giving notice. Its customers will wake up one day to find the website down.

Investing with regulated investment ventures grants you peace of mind. You have the assurance that your data and money are secure. In case of any unforeseen event, the broker can compensate you. Additionally, a company with a license reports its daily investment activities to watchdogs. Therefore, your money will only be used for the primary intended purpose. 

Expertise Trader Domain Insight

Expertise Trader claims it has been in the market since 2013. This is enough time for them to present trading results. However, the firm makes no effort in proving its trading history. After doing thorough research, we discovered that the scheme is faking its time in the market. data reveal the venture was established in April 2020. 

They renewed their domain in 2021, and it will expire in April 2022. The information of the registrar is not available to the public. Sadly, the company’s traffic is also low, proving they are not getting many visits. The platform has false testimonials from clients.

Final Verdict

This is not the right broker for anyone that wishes to venture into an online investment venture. The entity displays many red flags, and there are also several warnings from financial bodies. Expertise Trader will devastate traders, and it is best to avoid the company. 

Instead, try out some of the leading forex trading entities in the industry. They have the best trading services. These firms have also put into place high-security measures to protect their client’s funds and data. 

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