ExpertOption1 Review: Another Crypto Scam

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ExpertOption1 Review
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ExpertOption1 is a clone and a scam. The platform swindled members by blocking withdrawals. Here’s more in our clear review.

ExpertOption1 used to go by the name Trust Mining FX. Both of these crypto investment platforms are scams. No one gets to withdraw after making their initial investment. That’s how we know that investing with is a risk. Hundreds of investors have lost funds with these cloned crypto investment platforms. We are here to highlight the red flags to watch out for. Learn more in our detailed EXPERTOPTON1 REVIEW.

About ExpertOption1

Everything with the platform is the same as the other cloned platforms. The people behind these scams use one web design and only change the domain and name. That’s for sure, as every platform has the same outfit.

ExpertOption1 Pros and Cons

No background or history would help shed more light on the platform. It doesn’t seem like a crucial aspect for some investors when investing. When it comes to crypto investing, reputation is everything.

We don’t have their mission or objective. In addition, the platform does little to suggest who owns or runs the platform. These are some of the first red flags we spotted immediately after landing on the homepage.

NOTE: You need to invest in credible tools to become a better investor or trader. Make sure to go for crypto robots designed to help shape trading. These tools take your crypto trading to the next level.

Expert Option 1 is another well-laid crypto scam out to fool investors. Those who have engaged with the platform are ruing the decision. The platform plans to take hold of your investments and hold them for ransom.

There are hundreds of investors who lost funds with both these scams. The owners are a group of scam artists targeting naïve crypto investors. We must end such platforms before they ruin the good crypto name.

Before you invest in any platform, experts recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what makes a platform tick. That way, you will know what services to expect from such platforms. You can also contact us as we help review a platform on your behalf.

Accounts ExpertOption1

ExpertOption1 offer three accounts for investors to go for. These include Silver, Gold, and Premium accounts. Each of these accounts targets different classes of investors. We will help uncover the issues found with each account.

Here’s a closer look at each account;


The owner claims the account is best suited for newbie crypto investors. To start using the account, there’s a minimum investment amount of $500. The account promises an ROI of $3,000 and above.


For the gold account holder, there’s a set minimum acceptable deposit of $1,500. The account promises investors $9,500 in profit. But, of course, no one gets to withdraw any amount with the account.


As the name suggests, it’s the most exclusive account. The account also targets institutional investors. There’s a minimum required deposit of $2,500 with an estimated ROI of $16,000 and above.

Accounts ExpertOption1

Account features

All these accounts seem to highlight a big outcome after investing. The problem with these accounts is that there’s no transparency. No expert or robot can manage to achieve such high-profit margins.

And that’s because these accounts are false. The market is volatile and making such guarantees is a problem. Prices go up and down without warning due to unforeseen circumstances. And that’s why such guarantees are a red flag.

There’s no mention of the vesting period on each of these accounts. In a genuine crypto investment venture, there’s a listed vesting period. You get to invest for a minimum of three to four months.

Members don’t get a demo account to try and test the platform before opening a live account. You would expect the platform to offer a demo account for members to prove feasibility. That’s not going to happen with

There are no trading features with the promising platform trading, and Members go in not knowing the set leverage and spreads. We suspect the platform puts leverage way above the industry recommended leverage of 1:100.

Business owner

You won’t get much information about who owns or runs the platform. Despite the platform claiming to reside in Los Angeles, these are false claims. There’s no such business registry in the area or state.

And that makes ExpertOption1 an anonymous crypto investment. You don’t want to invest with an anonymous platform for security reasons. There’s no way of recovering funds from anonymous crypto investment platforms.

Members who get contacted by recovery agents are also a target of another scam. These agents get your information from the platform at a small fee. The agents will contact first by claiming to have won a lawsuit against the platform.

These agents will try and sell the idea of a settlement to you. However, before receiving part of the settlement, the agents insist on having part of the legal fees. Please don’t pay any legal fees, as it’s the final nail in your coffin.

Client reviews and testimonies

There’s a testimonial section meant to drive investors into believing the platform works. We know that these are posts made by the platform owners. The reviewer by the name of Rinda Smith is synonymous with such platforms.

Don’t believe everything you read. The platform wants to create an illusion that there are successful investors. As a result, you won’t get to read any positive reviews from outside sources or independent websites.

There’s not even a single positive comment on social media pages. The platform also fails to have any social media footprint. There are no social links to the platform. You wouldn’t expect that from a web-based investment platform.

Are funds safe with expert Option 1? NO

Contact and Support section

Despite claiming to have a message button, it’s just a dashboard. Members are to leave a message and hope for a swift response from the platform. That’s how we know that the platform is a hoax, as there’s no live contact with staff members.

The listed phone number rarely goes through. Before investing in such platforms, you need to test the communication channels. We see a store attempting to block communication aspects with members.

Daily payout claims with

There’s a daily payout page linking transactions with the Blockchain network. But unfortunately, these transactions are not anywhere close to genuine platforms. And that’s why we have to insist on exposing the daily payout issue.

No one has come out with proof of withdrawing funds from the platform. And this speaks volumes as it highlights a clear pattern. The platform only accepts deposits and doesn’t release withdrawals.

Some of the depository options include bank and wire transfers. However, the platform will insist on having crypto deposits due to the anonymity factor. That’s why we have to insist on staying away from the platform.

Is licensed or regulated? NO, it's a scam

Deposit and fund safety ExpertOption1

You won’t get any insurance cover for deposits made with the platform. In addition, the platform doesn’t segregate accounts as dictated by trading regulations. These are some reasons why we insist your funds are at risk.

There’s no DDoS protection or SSL encryption. It makes the platform vulnerable to third-party attacks. These attacks may target your banking or wallet information from the platform. Your funds are not safe with

License and Registration ExpertOption1

ExpertOption1 is not a licensed or registered platform.

PS: Make sure to invest and use reliable crypto investment tools to further your investment opportunities.

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