Experttradecompany Review: a Reincarnate Scam

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Experttradecompany Review
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Experttradecompany does not offer customers fund safety. There is no guarantee the money you invest is being used for investment purposes. The broker is not reporting its financial activities to the authority. For all we know, the scheme may be manipulating prices to attract more victims. 

Experttradecompany is a platform that may appear like a genuine broker to many. You will note that the company and the domain name ( are different. This is not a mistake and does not give the entity a professional look. 

Experttradecompany Review, Experttradecompany Company

The platform brags a group of expert traders established it. They have financial insight into the market. Hence, giving their customers a cutting-edge advantage. The entity also claims it utilizes innovation in its investment activities. Clients can also expect ideal trading conditions. 

Experttradecompany is a scam that has been in the market in the past. They have reincarnated by changing a few things, but their narrative is the name. Visiting the site, you will see several popups showcasing the latest withdrawal. From the data, you can see people are earning high returns. 

There is no proof the information is reliable. Scammers use such tricks to attract more victims. Once naive clients see the advert, they will sign up with the hope of getting more cash. The only guarantee is money will be lost. You will be dealing with a tactical scammer.

To avoid all the drawbacks of offshore and anonymous brokers, choose these leading forex trading companies. These are some of the best enterprises in the market. You will earn passive income without having to worry about your safety. Review

Experttradecompany is also an illegitimate scheme. This should be the main reason you stay away from the website. The scheme does not fall under any regulatory agency. The first thing you should always check is whether a broker has a license. The risks that come with offshore schemes are numerous and unworthy.

The company made its first digital footprint in July 2021. The time is enough for them to have proven their legitimacy. The least the venture would have done is to showcase past performance records. 

Experttradecompany does not have clients’ testimonials. There is no evidence anybody has earned from the site. It is important you know the experience of traders. Avoid unreputable ventures as they mainly end up stealing from innocent people. 

Experttradecompany Trading Conditions 

Experttradecompany brags it has a superior trading platform. We were expecting to see sophisticated software. There is a demo version of the MetaTrader5 interface. Sadly, you cannot log in to the platform because the server does not have the proper credential. The trading process is impossible when there is no functioning interface. 

We recommend settling with genuine forex trading platforms that offer either the MT4 or MT5 software. You will enjoy better services. You can trade automatically, use charting features, economic calendar, indicators, customize EAs and scripts. Investors can also utilize the VPS to monitor your trading activities even when your computer is off. Review, Features

Unlike in other companies where you will find various trading accounts, Experttradecompany only features some trading conditions. This is awkward since clients should have options to choose from. Nonetheless, the spread available is not profitable. It ranges from 3 pips to 4 pips. To open a trade, you would pay between $30 and $40. 

The amount is extremely high and unfavorable. Th average market standard for the spread is 1.5. Nonetheless, you can find even better brokers offering tight spreads. Experttradecompany leverage is unsuitable. All the currency pairs offer a 1:200 cap. The limit is hazardous and above what the regulatory bodies authorize. 

If you are a newbie trader, stay away from high leverage. Legitimate USA broker grant 1:50 leverage. The risk is higher as the limit increases. To enjoy a high cap, you must prove you are an expert trader. 

Another red flag is the entity is offering bonuses. The lucrative opportunity attract hidden terms. Experttradecompany hasn’t bothered to outline clients’ requirements to cash out. 

Withdrawal and Deposit 

Experttradecompany is allegedly accepting funds via Netteler, MasterCard, Skrill, Visa, Wire Transfer, and Bitcoin. However, if you attempt to cash in, you can only use MoneyGram, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Visa, and Western Union options. 

There are requirements which you must meet for you to withdraw money. Unfortunately, the venture has not shed more light on these conditions. Be wary of platforms that fail to feature withdrawal requirements. Scammers use high fees to retain your cash in their system. 

Contact Details and Customer Support 

Experttradecompany has an office address in the USA. We highly suspect this is a randomly generated address. Customers can reach the entity via phone or email. These are the ideal means of communication. 

The problem comes in when you ask about your money’s whereabouts. Scammers will cut you off without any explanation. They will not receive your phone call or answer your email.

Experttradecompany Regulatory Status

Experttradecompany is a platform that overlooks the regulatory body’s requirements. The venture does have legal documentation. Therefore, you will not understand what you are signing up for once you register. Such schemes end up coming up with unfavorable conditions to limit clients from withdrawing cash. 

A genuine company will provide all the necessary information without hesitance. Their main aim is to win you over. You are also certain that the trading conditions and terms are what you shall get at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with offshore entities. Experttradecompany parent company is PS4O LTD. The corporate is infamous for presenting various scammers in the market. PS4O LTD has even come up with its regulatory agency. 

It claims to be under the supervision of the Commodity Future Trading of the USA. The United States’s financial bodies are the National Future Association (NFA) and Commodities Future Trading Commission (CFTC). 

It is illegal to fake regulatory status. Experttradecompany also claims to be licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). The Maltese regulator has issued a warning against the venture. Whenever you encounter a broker under PS4O LTD, walk away. 

Fund Safety at Experttradecompany

Experttradecompany does not offer customers fund safety. There is no guarantee the money you invest is being used for investment purposes. The broker is not reporting its financial activities to the authority. For all we know, the scheme may be manipulating prices to attract more victims. 

Another worrying factor is the offshore scheme does work with a reputable financial institution. The authority requires brokers to deposit funds in top tier 1 banks. It helps keep the investors’ account separate from the firm’s account. The company cannot misuse the cash for selfish gains. 

Experttradecompany lacks a compensation scheme. The venture claims to be licensed by the USA regulator, yet it has not deposited the $20 million capital requirement. We doubt the scheme can afford the amount. They may suffer, face bankruptcy, and disappear in the thin air. 

You cannot get the security of funds in a discrete platform. The financial bodies also mandate investment schemes to operate in full transparency. It is something the broker has not complied with. You should not share your data with the anonymous scheme. If they disappear, you won’t be able to track the venture down. 

Final Verdict 

Experttradecompany is a Ponzi scheme that has managed to steal money from innocent people. They do not plan to stop any time soon. When it comes to investment, you cannot afford to take chances. 

Invest with reputable forex trading brokers and experience ideal trading conditions. These are ventures working with professionals. They also use advanced trading tools. 


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