Expertztrade Review: Complete Scam Acting as a Broker

Expertztrade Review, Expertztrade Company
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Expertztrade Review
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Expertztrade is a complete scam pretending to be an accomplished forex broker. The company uses the stock images of celebrities and doctor’s client responses to appear legit. Investing with this company is a big mistake, and you should only choose reputable forex trading brokers in the market.

Expertztrade claims to be an excellent forex trading broker who has experience in the market. The company entices potential clients with its three-pillar strategies, which they claim can help traders make great returns. Unfortunately, the company has many characteristics of a Ponzi scheme, and it is not a good broker.

The website brags about handling over 70 trading instruments which users are free to utilize from forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. It also claims to offer a MetaTrader that focuses on giving its clients a smooth trading experience. Sadly, there is little information on these claims, and the company uses basic-looking trading software.

Expertztrade Review, Expertztrade Company

Additionally, the platform attracts investors by offering traders educational materials in the form of expert advice, daily live webinars, and a variety of educational materials. They promise to boost your trading experience by offering trading tools and resources. The entity also promises great returns of more than 120%, which is absurd due to the market volatility.

The minimum investment amount that you can deposit on expertztrade is $500. The company accepts deposits via Bitcoin and has a wallet address on its website. It does not state any minimum withdrawal amounts. Depositing your funds to this broker will lead to loss of funds, and you will never get your money back.

The forex broker is not a platform we recommend you invest your money. The website is shady and has a lot of loopholes. The business model they are using is not transparent, and you will only lose your investment by trading with expertztrade. You should only invest with legit forex trading brokers where your money is not at risk. Review

Expertztrade claims to be a reliable forex trading broker which offers over 70 trading instruments. The platforms aim to ensure that its clients are fully able to achieve their potential with the company. It also claims to be dynamic and always innovative to ensure that users’ trading experience is responsive, user-friendly, and seamless.

Expertztrade unites expert traders from the globe and offers multi-functional trading software. The company brags about being an award-winning broker that offers quality trade executions, tight spreads, and high leverage. Their team bases their focus on a combination of various strategies and algorithms. The website also has reliable customer support to handle any technical difficulties or queries

The company has a three-level system which is essential for delivering client information on trades. The entity offers modern and effective training methods as well as timely information on any major events happening in the financial market. Furthermore, it offers a dependable trading environment, and the company claims to partner with liquidity suppliers and reputable organizations.

Expertztrade claims that the 3 pillar concept, namely: Optimal trading conditions, innovative trading tools, and excellent trading platform is the key to their success. The company brags about its incentives and fundamental educational materials to prepare you for a better trading experience. It aims to be a top-notch forex broker offering its clients affordable rates and competitive trading schemes.

Moreover, expertztrade claims to be a safe platform operating with a license from the MFSA regulatory body in the US. The platform allegedly adopts and practices the highest regulatory standards. It also promises its clients segregation of funds, relationship with reputable international banks, and protection against negative balance.

Educational Materials

Expertztrade promises its clients a team of veteran traders with years of experience in the forex trading niche. The team’s main aim is to make the right forecast and the best choices of methodologies and strategies. The company claims to offer important information on their Education and analytics page where a trader can set up for trade advice and professional interactions with the veteran traders.

The company claims to offer helpful materials on forex trading and risk management at your convenience. The instructive educational material is available on the web, and you can use resources such as articles, videos, and electronic books to teach yourself. Furthermore, you can also learn from traders with their online classes.

Lastly, the platform offers a demo account which investors can use to learn and sharpen their trading skill. The company encourages using the demo account with the trading strategies and resources available. It also promises to offer recent news and opportunities to get information on any major events happening in the financial market. However, all this is lies they post on their website and does not offer anything they claim. It is all in the bid to lure investors and appear legit to scam newbies of their investment.

Expertztrade Investment Plans

Expertztrade has four account types for its investment plan and a demo account for beginners and amateur investors. The company claims to offer unrealistically high rewards, and no legit platform in the market matches what the pyramid scheme is offering.

The first account is the starter account which offers its clients a growth rate of 60%-70% and a D-spread of 1.2. The amount of deposit ranges from $500 to $3,999. The intermediate account offers a deposit range of $4,000 to $6,999, a growth and d-spread of 70%-120% and 1.8 respectively.

Expertztrade Scam Review, Expertztrade Investment Plans

The Pro account claims to offer a return of 120%-200% and a spread of 2.4. The amount you can deposit ranges from $7,000 to $9,999. Lastly, the Premium account has a growth rate of 120%-450% and a spread of 4.0. The amount that you can deposit ranges from $10,000-$20,000. The amounts available on their investment plan are not feasible and cannot promise such returns despite the volatility of the market.

Expertztrade claims to provide a maximum leverage of 1:100 for professional traders. The company is obviously a scam judging by the leverage, returns, and deposit amounts. The company also does not have any information on its website about the withdrawal method as well as the minimum withdrawal amounts. There is also no evidence of any successful trading or investors earning by joining the website.

Client Feedback

Expertztrade has numerous client feedback, and they are mostly too positive or negative. The company hires bloggers and uses stock images of celebrities on their client feedback page to lure unsuspecting investors. Scammers usually employ this tactic to look positive and appear to have a great trading experience.

The entity client feedback comment is positive on how they made great returns within a short period of time. They praise the company on its excellent trading tools and resources, but upon further inspection, the feedback is all fake. There is no credibility or proof, and the reviewer’s accounts or social media profiles are new with no past activity.

Final Verdict

Expertztrade is clearly a scam platform that will jeopardize the safety of your funds. The company promises unattainable returns and has no credible information on its website. The platform also does not state the minimum withdrawal amounts or withdrawal methods.

Moreover, the company is operating anonymously and brags of having an excellent team of experts without any proof. The company doctors’ information with the sole aim of ripping off investors. It also does not have a customer support system to help in handling your queries or technical difficulties.

Lastly, the company is operating without a license which is a big red flag for brokers who want fund safety. Invest with reputable forex trading brokers and avoid this losing scam. It will only lead to suffering and loss of your funds.

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