Extmarkets Review: Extmarkets.com Can You trust this Broker?

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Extmarkets Review
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Extmarkets is a get-rich-quick investment scheme that uses a high payout to attract more clients. The lazy scheme cannot use information that belongs to them. Investors need to be vigilant with suspicious firms in the market.

Extmarkets is a broker that is allegedly dealing with crypto, forex, and precious metals. The venture is offering free webinars to investors. Moreover, this entity states that it is regulated by multiple financial bodies in the market.

The information is presented in a professional manner. Unfortunately, this is a clone platform. They are using the info that belongs to legit brokers. It appears that this scam will go to the next mile to get what it wants.

Extmarkets Review, Extmarkets Company

Extmarkets is a venture that claims it will help investors to trade under the best conditions. It also claims to be working with Tier 1 financial institutions in the industry. The firm assures investors their funds are 100% protected.

The biggest mistake that you can make is to trust this clone website with your money. The dirty scheme is looking for means to defraud many people. The platform is a waste of cyberspace. You should find better options in the market.

You can try out these reputable, genuine, trustworthy forex trading ventures that are transparent. The companies are dedicated to offering professional services to investors across the globe. Moreover, they have also acquired several endorsements from people that have engaged with them.

Extmarkets.com Review

Extmarkets is a company that claims it is using innovative technology to achieve its goals. The firm allegedly has over 100 assets at the disposal of investors. Additionally, you can also trade cryptos. The leverage to expect is 1:100.

Nonetheless, the entity promises that once you select a trading account you will acquire stable daily returns. Your profits will be determined by your capital. The more money that you give them the higher your earnings are going to be.

Extmarkets is a get-rich-quick investment scheme that uses a high payout to attract more clients. The lazy scheme cannot use information that belongs to them. Investors need to be vigilant with suspicious firms in the market.

Extmarkets.com Scam Review, Extmarkets Features

In a real sense, they do not perform trading activities. They use third-party charts and write enticing sales pitches that will win them, customers. At the end of the day, those that fall for their fantasy end up counting huge losses.

Extmarkets is a broker that should be avoided. The people that are handling the funds of investors are nowhere to be found. Therefore, we do not know their background knowledge in trading. You need to be very careful with this firm.

Trading Conditions of Extmarkets

The entity has five investment plans that are exaggerated. The entity is also offering referral bonuses to its clients. The returns are processed daily are as follows; 4%, 7%, 15%, 20%, and 30%. The more money that you deposit the higher you’re potential of becoming rich quickly.

Extmarkets provides a spread of 5.5 pips for the EURUSD currency pair. It is very wide and not beneficial to the investors as they will be required to pay more money. The legit forex trading entities offer an average of 1.5 pips.

The company avails an MT5 trading interface to their clients. The platform requires investors to provide personal data. We do not recommend this as your information can be used against you by these fraudsters.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum acceptable deposit of Extmarkets is $500. The company assures investors of instant withdrawal of funds. The platform is expensive for nothing since their service is not worth your time.

You can deposit funds via Neteller, Skrill, and BTC. The broker does not disclose the minimum amount that investors can cash out. The average time that it takes to process the cash out is one day. The company is not charging any fees to its customers.

The returns of this venture are ridiculous given the risks that the assets it is dealing with possessing. Therefore, if your invest with them on the basis of becoming rich you shall be disappointed. The dirty scam is not worth your time.

The Domain Insight

Extmarkets is a platform that was established in December 2020. The company domain name will expire after one year. Nonetheless, the broker brags that it has years of trading in the industry. This is a big lie and they lack all the necessary requirements of being the best.

Regulation and Regulation of Extmarkets

The platform is allegedly trading licensed under several jurisdictions. The information legit company that this scam is mimicking has a license from Maltese financial body. Additionally, the company also claims it is licensed by the UFSA body that allegedly oversees the US brokers.

For starters, this is not the regulatory body of the USA. The NFA is and has strict rules in the world when it comes to investment ventures that collect funds from its citizens. The entity does not have permission to operate in France, Germany, UK, or Italy.

Nonetheless, Extmarkets brags that it has licenses from the FCA, CONSOB, AMF, and BaFin. The self-regulated broker will not provide fund safety to those that test the waters with them. The entity is a dirty scheme that is not worth investors trust

You should venture with investment schemes that care about the experience of their customers. The licensed entities segregate funds in reputable banks. They also report their daily financial activities to the regulatory bodies.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The office address that the venture presents suggests that it is operating from the UK. The entity can be contacted via email or phone. However, the actual area of operation of this Ponzi scheme remains a mystery.

They cannot disclose this information to avoid being put behind bars. The dirty scheme is targeting novice investors. You can expect an unprofessional and rude customer support experience once you decide to go after your money.

The scammers never care about your experience. Their only concern is getting their filthy hands at your money. You will therefore empty your pockets dry as you fatten theirs. Instead of giving Extmarkets access to your funds invest with legit schemes.

Clients Feedback

Extmarkets is a platform that promises high profits to their clients. Moreover, it also claims to have been in the industry for a long duration. However, the entity does not have customer feedback. This is a red flag given the trading conditions that it presents.

Investors from all over the world would be flocking at their doorsteps. The broker is a dirty Ponzi scheme that nobody wants to give them a try. Sometimes these fraudsters use false information to market themselves.

They people to act as their customers. Therefore, you might sign up thinking that you are going to generate high returns only to be disappointed. The platform does not care about the goals of traders. You can get the relevant skills so that you don’t get scammed.

Final Verdict

The information that we have shared on Extmarkets review is enough to help you make a sober decision. If you still are not convinced we hope that you can share your experience afterward. Offshore investment firms are dangerous and exit the market unceremoniously.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are transparent and reputable. You will earn real time returns with them. These are some of the best brokers in the industry. Sign up and you will never regret. Let us know your experience once you test their services.

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