FasFXTrade Review: Fasfxrade.com a Clone Scam of Fast FX

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FasFXTrade Review
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FasFXTrade is an entity that does not provide adequate information on its website. The company is allegedly based in the USA. However, this is an untrustworthy firm that we do not recommend to investors. Trade with genuine ventures.

FasFXTrade is an investment company that claims it goes around the globe trying to enlighten investors about trading. The platform features multiple videos on its website. Unfortunately, this is another big scam in the market.

They are using pops to indicate their new clients’ wins. The strategy has been overused by these fraudsters. The entity is allegedly trading CFDs and Forex. Moreover, this fraudster claims that investors will generate 95% returns within 60 seconds.

FasFXTrade Review, FasFXTrade Company


Unfortunately, FasFXTrade is not regulated by any authority in the market. The company guarantees that traders will be able to cash out their earnings within 1 hour. The account opening process is swift.

The sooner you get in the easier it becomes for them to defraud you. The firm also guarantees traders the account managers will assist them to trade successfully. Sadly, we do not know if they are indeed skilled. The financial background of the individuals is not guaranteed.

We suggest that you trade with the best forex trading brokers in the market. You can also choose these forex trading EAs that have a great history. Once you use the best tools you will be able to generate passive income. Try them today.

Fasfxrade.com Review

FasFXTrade is a platform that allegedly has over 100 assets. Investors can use any device to trade in this entity. They present their team on their website. However, the company fails to publish the qualification alongside their names.

We, therefore, do not know the education qualification that these people possess or their experience in forex trading. What is even worst is the fact that the broker is using stock images. These people have no association with the company.

Moreover, we also learned that this is a binary option investment scheme. If you trade binary it is like you are gambling. The assets are more based on speculating the price of various assets. For this reason, the EU regulatory body has banned them.

FasFXTrade is an entity that does not provide adequate information on its website. The company is allegedly based in the USA. However, this is an untrustworthy firm that we do not recommend to investors.

The broker is using false information to trap more people in their website. There are genuine ventures that you can use to trade with confidence. We suggest that you refrain from engaging with this scam and look for better ventures.

Withdrawal and Deposits

FasFXTrade is accepting money via OKPay, WebMoney, Bank Transfers, Payoneer, Visa, Skrill, MasterCard, Neteller, and Skrill. The company will not process your withdrawal. Engaging with them leads to losing your hard-earned money.

The company is also going by the name Fast FX. These platforms are one and the same. Everything is a duplicate of the other. These fraudsters are lazy and lack originality. Moreover, the people running this entity appear to be the same.

The withdrawal requests are allegedly handled within 50 minutes. Unfortunately, the company leaves out information regarding the minimum amount to deposit and withdrawal. Moreover, they do not disclose whether there are charges applicable to investors.

You can trade with the legit platforms that are actually trading forex. They clearly state the dormant account policy, leverage, and spread to expect. If there are fees the broker is reasonable and provide a reasonable amount.

FasFXTrade Trading Conditions

The venture claims that it has over 5k accounts. Its trading volume is above $5 million. The statistics which the entity features do not create confidence. The scam is trying very hard to stay relevant in the market.

They are mainly targeting investors from Germany, South Africa, Italy, France, Israel, and Sweden. The mechanism that FasFXTrade is using to attain performance of 90% is still unknown. The entity is a Ponzi scheme that is not involved in forex trading activities.

Features of FasFXTrade

The broker states that it has live support that operates around the clock. Unfortunately, given their characteristics expect unresponsiveness from their team.  The firm also claims that it processes all withdrawal requests within 1 hour.

FasFXTrade Scam Review, FasFXTrade.com Features

We are yet to come across investors that have successfully earned using this entity. FasFXTrade assures investors the ability to trade even on the weekends. The company brags it has multiple payment methods at the disposal of customers.

Sadly, it is hard to verify if all the options are available. However, scammers use shady methods that limit traders from getting back their funds. The broker guarantee investors their funds are 100% protected.

This is an offshore firm that you should not entrust with your safety. They are only looking after their greedy needs. Therefore, your personal data can be sold to a third party. Additionally, the dirty scheme can decide to close down their business when it is convenient for them.

The Domain Insight

FasFXTrade is a platform that has a low trust score. The domain name date of creation is in April 2020. The broker is only registered for a period of one year. Therefore, it is most likely that they will not come back after this expiry. The popularity of this company is at 1,660,592 which is low.

Contact details

The company states that it is operating from California, USA. However, the broker fails to provide the exact geographical location for obvious reasons. First, this is an offshore firm that is lying about its location. Second, scammers never leave out information that can be used to trace them.

Additionally, this is an entity that does not have an email address or a phone number. A legit investment company usually avail multiple methods for their customers that they can use to reach the platform. FasFXTrade is not one of the genuine brokers.

They do not give a hoot about your experience. This eliminates the possibility of their victims reaching them. There is no benefit that will come from trading with a scam. Avoid the heartache and settle with genuine platforms.

Regulation and Registration of FasFXTrade

FasFXTrade is a broker that does not speak about its legitimacy status. The company purports that it is based in the USA. The country is one that is known for having strict rules for forex investment firms.

Therefore, we visited the NFA website to check whether the entity is licensed. However, we were not surprised to find the entity missing in the database. The features of this scam show that it is not worth investors’ time.

The entity is operating as it pleases. There is no fund safety at FasFXTrade. They can also change their policy to suit their own needs. Once the broker collapse, it will be impossible to track them down. They have no plans of releasing your money. Moreover, they are not involved with forex trading services.

Final Verdict

FasFXTrade is a Ponzi scheme that is using false information to mislead investors. The entity is not following the rules set by regulatory bodies in the market. Moreover, the returns that they promise investors are mind-blowing but unattainable.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are transparent. These platforms have multiple features for their customers. Moreover, you will trade certain that your funds and information is secure. The registration process is swift. Therefore, sign up with them today.

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