FastLinkFx Review: is an Ambiguous Venture

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FastLinkFx Review
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FastLinkFx is not reporting its daily transaction report to the authority. Therefore, the entity can manipulate data to appear as if investors are winning. However, this is not real-time data. FCA warning should not be taken lightly. 

FastLinkFx is a company that is allegedly dealing with cryptocurrencies, indices, gold, shares, CFDs, and forex trading. The company is accepting investors from all over the world. It does not consider the rules set by the financial bodies. This is a platform that can abruptly exit the market, stealing all the money of their customers.

Nonetheless, the scheme claims it puts forex education first. They provide extensive learning materials to help clients trade with ease. Unfortunately, we did not have the liberty of checking the materials. Hence, we cannot validate you are going to get quality information. 

FastLinkFx Review, FastLinkFx Broker


FastLinkFx deceives investors; it is globally licensed. However, they fail to disclose the regulatory bodies that permit them to collect funds from the public members. The entity performs regular promotions and contests to allow its customers to earn more. One thing you should put in mind is that such lucrative opportunities attract unrealistic terms.

Ironically, the Ponzi scheme claims it protects the funds of investors. However, they are not working with any financial body in the industry. The money with the deposit can end up being misused for greedy needs. Instead of risking the safety of your funds and data, you can try out these legitimate forex trading platforms. Review

FastLinkFx provides numerous trading instruments. It is great to diversify your risk by trading in several products instead of sticking to one asset. The venture promises unparallel trading conditions. It is only the nervous investors that can take an offshore scheme seriously.

The information of the account manager is missing from the website. We are not aware of the individuals running this company. Anonymity is a huge red flag. Scammers operate in this manner to limit the victim from chasing them down.

Furthermore, FastLinkFx is a recently established company. The registration took place in March 2022. The broker plans to be in the industry for one year. The majority of the scammers register their firms for a short duration, and once exposed, they purchase a different domain name. 

We are here to see the trading results of the entity. How would we know the venture is worth your money? You should not give access to your data to discrete platforms. They can use the information against you. Identity theft is an extensive scam, and some of these websites are run by criminals.

The platform is doomed to fail. They will soon shut down the system once no more funds are coming their way. The scheme is a waste of time. Ensure you research thoroughly on a broker before depositing your cash. 

Trading Conditions of FastLinkFx 

The entity claims it has a free demo account.  Investors can also use a step to step tutorial. The broker performs online webinars and seminars to educate investors. The client receives account managers once they sign up.

However, we are unaware of the scheme’s risk management measure. FastLinkFx states clients are going to earn every time the strategy manager profits. Considering that we do not know the team’s qualifications, you should not be quick to venture with them. 

If the alleged qualified individuals lose funds, you will suffer the same consequence. You are not in full control of your money. The venture even features the latest withdrawal and deposit. The data is there to make potential customers see the entity as viable. What matters are verified trading results? 

Withdrawal and Deposits 

The platform accepts funds via cryptocurrencies and credit cards. All clients are required to verify their accounts. This is something you have to be careful with. It is unwise to share such data with anonymous people. 

Ponzi schemes feature payment methods that they are not using. However, they will only have options that limit clients from issuing a chargeback. Moreover, there is no legal documentation. Hence, we do not know the requirements one has to meet to cash out. 

FastLinkFx can only limit you from getting back your funds. Do not be surprised when the firm starts asking for undisclosed fees. We are in the dark regarding the duration it takes for the firm to process the withdrawal request.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The office address indicates the entity is operating from Canada. Clients can reach the support via email and phone. Sadly, this is a randomly generated address. It is impossible to go after con artists. They hide, ideally eliminating the possibility of traders going after them. Review, Reviews

They hire professional and tactical fraudsters. Their acting sales rep will convince you to deposit money and more of it as long as you do not recognize you are dealing with a scammer. 

Once you realize what is happening, the venture will cut you off. Your emails will go unanswered, and the phone will be disconnected. To receive excellent support services, stick to legitimate firms.

Regulatory Status of FastLinkFx 

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has blacklisted FastLinkFx. The broker targets UK citizens without meeting the requirements set by the financial body. An entity must deposit capital of 730K EUR before commencing its business. The amount is kept in segregated accounts.

It serves as an assurance a platform can withstand the volatility in the market. Additionally, if the scheme faces bankruptcy, clients can receive compensation. A platform legitimately in business must provide the names and qualifications of the people running the scheme. Transparency is key and discreet firms are to no good. 

FastLinkFx is not reporting its daily transaction report to the authority. Therefore, the entity can manipulate data to appear as if investors are winning. However, this is not real-time data. FCA warning should not be taken lightly. 

The offshore firm will eventually run out of funds. Stick to ventures that protect clients against negative account balances. You will trade with peace of mind. Moreover, you will enjoy fund safety as legitimate ventures work with reputable financial institutions. 

Clients’ Reviews of FastLinkFx 

FastLinkFx has a section for false testimonials. The platform is using stock images to deceive people. It is genuine. This is a form of advertisement popular for rogue firms. If you want to get rich overnight, you will only deal with fraudulent firms. 

The entity fails to disclose its technique to generate the high outcome. Moreover, there is also no proof of payment. If this is a profitable scheme, it won’t shy away from providing trading performance. The information available praises the learning program. However, to become a successful trader then, you must practice. Nothing comes easy. 

The market is also volatile, but the scammers will try to sugarcoat it and make it seem like an effortless process. There is also a statement indicating the firm is mining. Sadly, FastLinkFx does not state the location of its mining farm or the software or hardware being used.

Final Verdict 

FastLinkFx is a shady investment scheme. The entity is illegally in business and has been exposed by the authority. You should not expect more from them, as the only intention of the venture is to steal your hard-earned money.

Here is a list of some of the best forex trading companies. They operate in full transparency. Additionally, the ownership information is available, which helps know who is handling your cash. You can also go through the trading performance to see if the platform can 


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