Fastrading Review: No, this entity is not a Regulated Broker

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Fastrading Review
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Fastrading is offering its investment services to investors all around the world. The venture also brags that it has won a number of awards in the market. However, this is another false statement that the firm uses to attract more clients. Invest with genuine brokers.

Fastrading is a company that is allegedly trading Shares, Indices, Forex, Cryptos, and Commodities. The venture states that it is an innovative, reliable, and simple investment venture. There is also a demo account that is available on their website that you can use.

They assure investors to guide them in their trading. The company wants to help investors exploit the market. The spread which the entity offer allegedly might differ depending on the volatility.

Fastrading Review, Fastrading Company

Fastrading is offering its investment services to investors all around the world. The venture also brags that it has won a number of awards in the market. However, this is another false statement that the firm uses to attract more clients.

There are no legit services taking place in this firm. The entity looks professional but investing money with them is not advised. They will do anything to get you to deposit funds with them. The company is another get-rich-quick scheme.

It implies that it has the capacity of making your account fatter.  Unfortunately, you won’t make money with this firm. The location of this broker is also offshore. The entity is surrounded by multiple red flags. Review

Fastrading is a company that you might think is the best fast trading investment entity. The platform paint all over their website that they will assist you to trade successfully. Sadly, the people running this firm appear to not know what they are doing.

The entity state that you do not need to have any experience in trading. It is a slogan that is commonly used by shady firms to confuse investors. The customer support of this venture is unprofessional and will not respond on time.

Moreover, Fastrading brags that it is a secure system. The firm allegedly claims that it will not share your personal data with anyone. The company has nothing to lose even if they share the information provided.

The company also states it is able to generate more money because of utilizing cutting-edge technology. Often you will find that scammers do not even have trading software. You can also trade using a desktop or a phone.

Instead of trading with uncertainty, we would recommend that you use a genuine legit forex trading broker in the market. These are several companies that you can use to earn a reasonable real-time income.

Trading Conditions of Fastrading

The entity proclaims that it is a flexible investment entity. Investors have the choice of trading however they please without experiencing any challenge. The broker states that it does not charge any commission to its clients. Fastrading avails a web-based trading interface that does not have many features.

Moreover, it guarantees that it won’t charge hidden fees. Additionally, the firm has an educational opportunity for its customers. The information is availed via videos, platform guidelines, articles with detailed analysis, and advanced trading strategies.

Fastrading claims that it has multiple and high-quality trading tools for its customers. These products allegedly will help you make the best out of your trading activities. Investors also will acquire a daily market analysis and news.

The company is offering a leverage cap of 1:400. You might think that this will benefit you. If you do not have a high risk of appetite we suggest that you refrain from these tempting offers. The highest leverage that investment entities regulate is that of 1:50.

The reason is that the more leverage you get the more risks you are exposed to. Additionally, Fastrading offers a very widespread that will not benefit the investors. 6.4 pips will make you suffer from high fees of transaction.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Fastrading has four investment accounts that their clients can select from. They have a Bronze account, Silver, Gold, and Premium. Each has its feature and the more money you deposit the more benefits that you will get.

However, we do not recommend that you invest with them. You can fund your account via bank wire, credit card, or e-wallet. If you want to test the water with this venture we recommend that you use the credit card option. This is because you will be able to ask for a chargeback from up to 540 days.

The amount that you can cash out in this system depends on the method of payment that you use. Wire transfers require investors to cash out $100. The other methods are $50. The entity process withdrawal requests within 3 to 4 business days.

Fastrading also charges a withdrawal fee of 3.5%. It is only the first withdrawal that will be free of charge. An account becomes inactive after two months. You will not make any income using these ventures. The scam is charging a fee of $100.

The venture is an exploitive investment entity that is not worth your time. Investors need to be keen when dealing with these dirty schemes. Trade with the best-licensed forex companies that are not shady.

Regulation Status

The company claims that it is based at St Vincent and Grenadines. The government of this area does not regulate forex trading activities or any other online venture. The possibility of this firm being fraudulent is high.

The platform is targeting investors from the US, UK, and EU without having a license. This is a venture that will change their terms of service to suit their needs. Them not being regulated pose so much danger to you.

The entity does not offer fund safety. Moreover, the people behind this firm might choose to close down their business. You will have nowhere to run to because the authority has constantly warned investors against dealing with unlicensed firms.

Trade with entities regulated by the FCA, ASIC, CySEC, or NFA is some of the reputable financial bodies in the market. You will be safe and your information will not be used against you. Avoid offshore entities like a plague.

Contact Details

The company is targeting investors from the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. They also have telephone numbers and an email address that you can use to contact the venture. We do not know if the firm is responsive since there is no client feedback on their website.

Fastrading Review, Fastrading Features

Offshore investment only remains professional when they need more funds. Once they attain their objective you become useless and they will never respond to your needs. Trade with the best-regulated firms that will provide the best services to you.

The Domain Insight is a platform that has been in the market since 2015. The entity domain is expected to expire in July 2015. The company that is behind them is unknown. The traffic that is visiting this venture is high. According to, the venture has a total of 337453 traffic. Sadly, the location of their clients is not known.

Final Verdict

Fastrading is a firm that provides investors with a welcome bonus. The firm is not worth your time or resources. The trading conditions of this entity are shady and show that the venture only cares about its needs.

Invest with the best forex trading companies that are genuine and trustworthy. These are platforms that observe the needs of their customers. The entities have no intention of scamming their customers.

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