FastTradeCryptoMining Review: An Alert from FCA

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A get-rich-quick scheme with a twist, FastTradingCryptoMining is not your average cup of tea. The FCA and other regulators warn investors from engaging. Please find out more in our thrilling review.

We have a platform that claims to mine and trade crypto, FastTradeCryptoMining (, which takes members for a ride. Hundreds of investors have lost their investment with this ridiculous platform. After promising heavy profit margins, none of the members got to withdraw. The high-profit margin promise was a get-rich-quick scheme. We have to expose Fast Trade Crypto Mining for what it did to investors. Here’s more in our detailed FASTTRADECRYPTOMINING REVIEW.

About FastTradeCryptoMining Review

FastTradeCryptoMining Pros and Cons

On the about us page, there’s no information provided by FastTradeCryptoMining. That means there’s something the platform wants to hide from investors. We have seen several platforms act this way, and it never ends well.

Experts recommend using expert-backed crypto bots for those looking to trade in Crypto. These robots offer investors the best ways to trade. In addition, you get advanced tools and technical charts to help you in your trading journey.

Thanks to our keen eye, we will help expose the red flags found in Fast Trade Crypto Mining. These include proven transactions thanks to the Blockchain ledger. The platform was involved in several other cases before.

We can straightaway tell that the platform is a scam from the word goes. However, there’s a lot of missing information that makes us question the platform’s intent. One of them is the inability to give a vesting period.

Most investors don’t bother doing a background check on a platform. But, we do, and this is why we can come up with concrete proof showing the platform’s a scam. So, it would be best to do due diligence before signing up with any platform.

What’s painful is that it doesn’t allow anyone to withdraw even a penny. Despite claims of helping you make significant profit margins, these are all false allegations. You need to stay away and read this compelling review.

Accounts FastTradeCryptoMining

FastTradeCryptoMining offers three investment plans. These plans all come with the same guarantee of making a high profit. The plans include Silver, Gold, and Premium account. We have to mention the high deposit amount required to start an account with this platform.

For silver account holders, the minimum you can deposit is $1,000. The account promises a profit of $9,500 and above. Gold account holders must deposit a minimum of $2,500 and get a profit estimate of $19,540.

Premium account is the most exclusive account, with investors having to deposit $3,500. The platform promises you a profit of $32 450. It’s nearly ten times your investment amount which is unreal.

Account Features

Accounts FastTradeCryptoMining

We have to mention the high minimum deposit for investing with the platform. In most cases, the acceptable minimum deposit for crypto investment is $500. Again, this is because the platform wants to take advantage of naïve investors.

There’s also the issue of the vesting period. You don’t get to see how long it will take to earn these profit margins. In a typical crypto investment, the minimum vesting period is four months. We fail to see why the platform would miss giving this crucial information.

Instead, we believe the platform knowingly leaves this information out. As a result, the platform can claim even a year or more without vesting. Therefore, you need to ask or know the vesting period in crypto investment options.

Account opening process

When opening an account with the platform, the process appears legit and normal. First, fill in your full names and leave your address and contact details. Then, the platform waits until you hit the withdrawal button to verify the account.

In most cases, platforms have to verify accounts during the initial account opening process. However, there’s a reason Fast Trade Crypto Mining waits until you hit the withdraw tab. The platform will use this time to gather more information about you.

Members have to send verification documents such as a copy of their ID and bank statements. Finally, the platform will want your credit card details to send the funds to that card. In reality, the platform is gathering banking data from members.

There’s no telling what the platform will do with this data. In most cases, these platforms will charge your card with online purchases without your consent. And that’s why we believe the platform is a high-risk investment option.

Assets and trading instruments

Despite the platform claiming to offer forex trading services, there’s a limited number of assets. The platform divides the assets into four classes, commodities, forex, indices, and stocks. So you get to trade commodities such as coffee, cotton, crude oil, gold, and more.

The forex trading aspect is still sketchy. There’s no indication of the types of forex pairs to get with the platform. We believe the platform avails only major currency pairs for trading. These include EUR, GBP, JPY, and USD.

You also get to trade major assets thanks to the availability of indices. These include DAX, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, NYSE, and more. You get to learn how boardroom wars and price changes affect global market prices.

Stock trading happens to be at the center of investing and trading. You get to trade stocks from leading companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, and more. If the platform allowed withdrawal, stock trading would be the perfect bet.

Business owner

Anonymity is what makes such platforms thrive. But unfortunately, it also makes it impossible to track down the real culprits behind this platform. And that’s why you need to stay away from Fast Trade Crypto Mining.

Are funds safe with Fast Trade Crypto Mining?

The platform claims to reside in the United States, which is false. In addition, there’s no business registry, and the platform only leaves an address. You would expect the platform to leave their contact details successfully.

Client testimony

There’s also the client testimony section on the platform. Avoid such testimonials as there’s a probability the platform pays for the testimonials. You should check from independent sources or confirm with the crypto community.

Contact and support

The platform fails to provide direct access to support and staff. One would expect the platform to provide a phone number or have live chat functionality. Unfortunately, none of these two are available, prompting members to send emails.

With emails, the platform might wait for ages before sending a response. Hundreds have used this avenue to request withdrawals with no answer coming. We believe the platform wants to control the communication channels.

Fund Safety FastTradeCryptoMining

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to segregate accounts. There’s also no sign that the platform offers insurance cover for deposits made. Without any form of regulation, the platform doesn’t guarantee fund safety.

License and regulation FastTradeCryptoMining

FCA warning

FastTradeCryptoMining is not a good trading platform. Despite claiming residency in the States, no regulator licenses the platform. We also don’t see any business registries from the platform.

Without any legal framework from the CFTC, NFA, or the SEC, the platform is a burst. Therefore, you should avoid such platforms and confirm with authorities for registration. An unregistered platform will jeopardize your investment.

There’s also a warning out from the Financial Conduct Authority. You should heed such warnings, especially from a reputable platform. Other reputable regulators include CNMV, CONSOB, FINMA, and more.

Our verdict

After exposing the red flags found on Fast Trade Crypto Mining, it’s best to stay away. Make sure you avoid engaging with get-rich-quick schemes. We will be adding to our blacklisted crypto platforms.

The best way to invest and trade in Crypto is by using credible crypto Robots.

Feel free to leave a comment or write to us with any queries.

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