Faxtradefx Review: Stay Away From This Scammer!

Faxtradefx Review, Faxtradefx Company
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Faxtradefx Review
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Faxtradefx is a professional scam platform which is only interested in clients deposit. It displays information on its website, intending to look legit and attract newbie investors. It would be best if you invest only with top forex trading brokers in the market which are transparent.

Faxtradefx is allegedly an investment firm that deals in popular assets like Digital currencies and Forex. The platform claims to have an easy-to-use interface and great trading strategies that will earn you a great return. The platform does not show any business model they use or how you will earn great returns as an investor.  The information on their website is all lies to attract newbie investors into joining.

A legit forex broker clearly outlines the methods they use to achieve their profits. Additionally, they will also post their financial returns and the team and founders to build client trust. The market is currently full of smart scammers, and unfortunately, faxtradefx is one of them. They are an anonymous broker who does not disclose any information on its team or founder.

Faxtradefx Review, Faxtradefx Company

Moreover, the company is claiming to have a license but does not post it on its website as proof. It promises investors that their funds are safe against loss or third-party sites. However, faxtradefx is the biggest threat to your deposits. Once they get hold of your investment, there is no taking it back, and there will be nothing you can do.

Invest with top forex trading companies that have a solid history in the financial market. It would be best to avoid shady companies like faxtradefx, which only have a narrative on their website, which is not credible. You should also build your skill and exercise patience before entering the market.

Faxtradefx.com Review

Faxtradefx claims to be an upcoming and world’s fastest-growing CFD and forex broker. The company claims to be a multi-lingual platform that offers its clients the highest quality services and products worldwide. The website boasts about winning multiple awards for its outstanding service in the broker industry.

Moreover, the company promises an optimal trading environment with modern features. It guarantees users fast execution speeds during trades and no commissions or fees. The company also prides itself in offering tight spreads and full protection on a negative balance. Investors can enjoy trading and making returns on the forex platform.

Faxtradefx urges new investors to join them to enjoy exclusive proprietary software analyzing the market in real-time. They also claim to have over 200 financial trading instruments and great choices of fixed and variable spreads. Furthermore, the company has regular market updates, various payment and funding options, and trading signals and charts.

Faxtradefx aims to showcase its prowess as a broker and claims to have outstanding solutions for all your trading requirements. The company claims to adopt an excellent mix of experience, operations, and modern technology, which every broker needs. It promises users up-to-date trading resources, tools, and educational material, which give you a competitive edge in the market.

Additionally, the company focuses on improving its trading software to achieve scalability, excellent execution speeds, transparency, multi-directional executions, dependability, and competitive price comparisons. The website also promises to try and ensure fund safety is a priority. It has several practices in place regulation, segregation of funds, and anti-money laundering.

Fund Safety

Faxtradefx promises its clients that their funds are safe. The company claims to have extreme measures in place like risk management. The company assures its users 100% protection against negative balance and provides automatic risk management systems. Additionally, the website has SSL security on a wide range of funding methods. It is to protect against third-party access to account information.

Faxtradefx claims to have a partnership with reputable international banks. It deposits its funds with credible European banks and segregates clients’ funds. Keeping customer funds separate from the company’s funds protects the funds from being used for other purposes. Unfortunately, this information is unverifiable and not credible. The company has many negative feedbacks from its clients on losing their deposits.

Faxtradefx Investment Plan

Faxtradefx has four account types, namely the starter, basic, pro, and executive accounts. The least amount that you can deposit to this account is $500. You have to keep in mind that online trading is a volatile and risky investment. Ponzi schemes strive to only highlight the positives without properly stating the risks.

The starter and basic plan accept a minimum deposit of $500 and $1000, respectively. The accounts also receive beginner and basic guides and a senior broker to help with your trading needs. The pro account accepts a minimum deposit of $5000, and offers a 15% deposit bonus and an E/P broker. You also have a pro guide to assist with your trading.

Faxtradefx Scam Review, Faxtradefx Investment Plans

Lastly is an executive account that accepts a minimum deposit of $10000 and offers a 20% deposit bonus and an executive broker. Additionally, the company has live trading available and a demo account that helps newbie traders practice before trading. Faxtradefx has 0,8 pips spread and leverage as high as 1:2000. The leverage is way above the industry standard, and investors have the potential of making big losses.

The platform offers various funding options, including Skrill, PerfectMoney, credit card, bank wire, MoneyGram, Western Union, and Bitcoin. However, upon further investigation, the only viable deposit option is Bitcoin. Bitcoin payments are untraceable and irreversible, which is what scammers love to use.

Customer Support

You can contact customer support via their addresses in Hong Kong, Australia, St Vincent, and the Grenadines. The company does not have any email address available on its website. Additionally, the company does not have any social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Customer support is a vital element for legit platforms considering forex trading is an online venture. The platform does not comply with any business ethics, and it would be impossible to get any help if you encounter technical difficulties or have a query.

Lastly, the platform team and founders are running the team incognito. There is no information on who they are or their qualifications. They have gone to great lengths to keep their identity a secret, and it would be unwise to venture with such a shady broker.

Client Feedback

Clients’ reviews were a great reflection of a company’s performance in the past. However, nowadays, Ponzi schemes and scammers use this section to build a false sense of credibility and attract clients. The websites lure investors with false information that paints a positive light on a company’s returns, performance, and outlook.

Most of the reviews available on faxtradefx are either too positive or negative. The people claim how the platform has had a huge impact on their lives, and they are earning great returns with them. The positive testimonials are cherry-picked to portray a perfect broker.

Nonetheless, there are also many negative reviews about how the shady platform does not have functioning trading software. There also complaints about the customer support of the website and how they fail to process withdrawals. There is nothing positive that you will gain by investing with this company.

Final Verdict

Faxtradefx is a forex trading broker who is operating illegally without a valid license. The company promises many exciting features, a reliable trading software but fails to show any evidence. The company is only interested in attracting newbie investors and getting away with your deposits.

Invest with a top forex trading broker and enjoy the transparency. Do not invest with anonymous and unregulated brokers who lie and manipulate data into getting your deposits. It also does not offer reliable customer support. Avoid investing with faxtradefx because they will exit the market with your funds.




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