Fenix Securities Review: Fenixsecurities.site a Shady Broker

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Fenix Securities Review
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Fenix Securities is a venture that has frustrated a number of traders. They urge anyone that may be tempted to join the broker to refrain. The venture is milking its clients dry.

Fenix Securities is a company that claims it has a trading solution for its clients. The venture is already an exposed scam. They are collecting funds from investors without adhering to the rules of the financial bodies in the industry. The venture chooses a reputable country that has stringent regulations in the market.

Fenix Securities Review, Fenix Securities Company

They are deceiving clients that they are operating by the law. The scheme is collecting money from both novice and expert traders. However, professional traders can quickly notice when a venture is vague. The broker brags it has several accounts from which investors can choose.

Asset managers will help you in your trading activity. The qualification of these individuals is not known. Therefore, you may end up trusting the wrong people with your money. You must research thoroughly before joining any scheme. Refrain from doing business with offshore companies.

Here is a list of some of the genuine and transparent forex trading ventures. They guarantee the safety of your money. They are regulated and report their daily trading activities to the authority. You will sleep sound without any panic. 

Fenixsecurities.site Review

The name of Fenix Securities and their domain name is shady. Legit ventures give a hint in the services or products they are offering. They are also allegedly offering educational resources to investors. It is a noble act to improve the skills of investors. The venture also claims it provides trading signals. 

Unfortunately, we cannot validate whether the information the broker provides is helpful to both novice and expert traders. Additionally, we do not know if the signals are profitable. Once you register an account and deposit funds, you must verify your proof of residence and identity. 

Sharing such crucial information with con artists is dangerous. They could sell or manipulate you into giving them more money. Furthermore, the broker fails to provide their trading results. How can we know if the scheme is worth the take? The information on their website is insufficient. 

For the sake of your sanity, you are better off without Fenix Securities. The venture is using data of a legit venture to deceive potential customers. It is unprofessional to impersonate another scheme.

Trading Conditions of Fenix Securities

Fenix Securities brags it is a leading forex broker. Nonetheless, it cannot afford to acquire professional and reputable trading software. They present a primary web trader interface. There are 6 trading accounts that investors can choose from. The venture does not have bots as it previously claimed. 

The least amount you can deposit is $250. The amount goes up to $100,000 for the top-tier plan. Do not entrust even a single coin to this losing venture. The spread that the scheme is offering ranges from 1 pip to 3 pips. Anything above 1 pip is not lucrative. 

The leverage of Fenix Securities is 1:200. If the USA financial bodies licensed the venture, then their license would be revoked. The agency only permits firms to offer 1:50 leverage. It protects clients from the volatility of the market. You would not suffer huge losses in case of unfavorable events.

The venture is also offering bonuses to traders. However, these are things that the NFA is against. This is all the proof that you need that the scam is an illegal firm. Do not waste your time or funds with the entity.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Fenix Securities is allegedly accepting money via debit and credit cards. The platform that the company is using as their intermediaries is suspicious. Hence, chances of getting back your funds are slim. You should stick to genuine companies. There are several options with multiple payment methods. 

The entity states that investors can withdraw any amount that they please. There are no fees. If you want to remove $1000, then you must validate your information. The bonuses that the scheme offers are only meant to limit investors from withdrawing. 

Customer Support

Fenix Securities is a scheme that uses a fake address. If indeed this venture was operating in New York, USA. Then they would have a license from the appropriate bodies. A legit experience will provide fast and reliable communication channels with their customers. However, this is a scheme that can only be reached via email.

There is no phone number, and this is a big red flag. Offshore ventures do not bother responding to messages of their victims. Eventually, you will give up attempting to get back your money. A transparent scheme will have no problem introducing their team. 

Regulation Status of Fenix Securities

The scheme claims it has a registration form from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Additionally, they claim to have a license from FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authorities). Unfortunately, the information is fabricated. In their good sense, there is no regulatory body that would permit such fraud to operate in its jurisdiction. 

Moreover, Fenix Securities is not working with a reputable financial institution. Therefore, the funds of investors are at high risk. The scheme could use the money for unintended purposes. It is a challenging task to recover money from a Ponzi scheme. The parent company is LoyalTech LTD. It is a venture incorporated in Bulgaria. Therefore, the Ponzi scheme uses falsehood data. 

Offshore companies do not have a compensation scheme in place. Moreover, there is no one to protect you if the scheme violates its Terms and Conditions. For a company to offer its financial services in the United States, it must deposit $20,000,00. The amount is something that con artists cannot afford. 

Fenix Securities Clients Testimonials

Fenix Securities is a venture that has frustrated several traders. They urge anyone that may be tempted to join the broker to refrain. The venture is milking its clients dry. They keep asking for more funds. Once you request for withdrawal, they disclose hidden charges that were not in the Terms and Conditions.

This is a modern-day Ponzi scheme. Their marketers are good with words. They convince you to join. The sales rep will only call when they need more cash. However, once you start noticing something is off and question them, they stop reaching out. This is a Ponzi scheme. 

Fenixsecurities.site Review, Fenixsecurities.site Features

We learned that Fenix Securities is using VOIP phone numbers. They claim to be from the UK and USA. However, nobody knows the operating area of the scam. Multiple Ponzi schemes in the market operate in this manner. It is necessary to get the appropriate knowledge before trading with any venture. This would help you to identify the scammers. 

The Domain Insight

Fenixsecurities.site is a company that made its first digital insight in October 2021. The domain name will expire in the same month, the year 2021. The scheme is likely to exit the industry unceremoniously after being exposed as a fraud. There are no past trading results. Moreover, the actual location of their target audience is unknown. 

Final Verdict

Trade wisely by investing with legit forex trading companies that are licensed. Fenix Securities is a Ponzi scheme that is hoping to steal money from several innocent traders. You need to be cautious not to lose your personal data and cash with ponzi schemes. We discovered the scheme is faking 

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