FerriTrade Review: Ferritrade.com is a Company not Worth your Funds.

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FerriTrade Review
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FerriTrade is accepting funds via Perfect Money, ETH, BTC, and LTC. All these methods are dangerous. The broker does not disclose whether it is charging fees to investors. It shall be an impossible mission to those that try to get back their funds.

FerriTrade presents itself as a top-notch broker. They allegedly utilize technology to become a reliable entity. All that traders have to do is register and deposit funds to get started. They specialize in forex trading activities.

Unfortunately, if you are thinking about joining this broker, we suggest you hold that thought. In this unbiased review, we take you through the shady features of the firm. The entity is too good to be true.

The platform is trading EURUSD plus over 30 currency pairs. Additionally, clients can also venture into cryptos, commodities, indices, and stocks. They also don’t require much detail from their clients. Once you complete the registration process, you can begin trading in 40 seconds.

FerriTrade Review, FerriTrade Company

FerriTrade allows investors to create anonymous accounts. The company is a losing scheme that promises high returns to traders. What baffling is that the platform is accepting payment via BTC and other digital currencies.

The entity is not reputable in the market, and it operates discreetly. Furthermore, they do not have a license. Depositing crypto eliminates the possibility of traders issuing a chargeback. Additionally, you won’t know the wallet holder that receives your funds. It is best to avoid giving them access to your hard-earned money.

Ferritrade.com Review

FerriTrade promises investors tight spreads, fast order execution, and advanced trading tools. However, the company lacks transparency. There is no evidence of investment activities occurring on their website.

Nonetheless, the broker brags it has enforced top security measures to protect the funds of its clients. For starters, offshore entities don’t safeguard traders’ funds in segregated accounts. The amount goes to their account directly.

Given that we don’t know the real locale of FerriTrade we suggest you avoid them! The company is only promising high returns but we are yet to see a clients that can verify their claims. Reputable and genuine forex trading entities have several client reviews from their happy customers. The information is available in third party websites.

Some of the cryptocurrencies that the venture is trading are; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. The venture states that clients gain from the volatility of the industry. It does not matter whether you have experience in trading or not.

FerriTrade allows investors to copy the strategy of experienced traders. Since we don’t know whether the alleged expert has the necessary skills, we recommend avoiding their malicious claims.

Investment Plans and Returns

The company is a get-rich-quick scheme. Their starters’ package provides daily returns. The compounded ROI is 35% that shall be generated within 14 days. The minimum acceptable return is $500. Legit platforms take as low as $10 as their initial capital.

FerriTrade has worthless expensive packages. The Silver account guarantees a 10% profit. It takes $10,000 up to $49,999. The Gold account has a 15% daily ROI, while the platinum has 40%. Within a short timeline, you will have recovered your capital.

This is the theory that scammers present to investors. If their promises easily sway you, you will lose funds. No system in the market can generate such huge profits. Everybody would be running to the company, which is not the case.

Furthermore, FerriTrade is accepting funds via Perfect Money, ETH, BTC, and LTC. All these methods are hazardous. The broker does not disclose whether it is charging fees to investors. It shall be an impossible mission to those that try to get back their funds.

The Domain Insight

FerriTrade joined the market in March this year. The company has not done anything to redeem its reputation. They don’t have trading activities or evidence to show how the firm has been performing.

Moreover, the broker targets being in the market for only one year. The traffic visiting the website is low. All these are red flags that one shouldn’t turn a blind eye to. There is no future for the shady company.

Trading Bot

The broker claims it has a trading bot. Unfortunately, the performance of the software is unverified. Clients can’t use the platform. That way, they suggest you copy-paste the strategy of the experts.

FerriTrade.com Review, FerriTrade.com Features


The leverage can go as high as 1:5000 for gold investment, 1:100 for crypto, and 1:1000 for forex. The deal is too good, but trading in high leverage attracts more risks. We advise you to refrain from investing here.

Contact Details and Customer Support

FerriTrade features an address from Sweden. The support can be contacted via email or phone. The company is operating anonymously. Therefore, nobody knows their actual geographical location. Tracing them down won’t be possible.

Scammers are tactical and even disconnect their number. Your emails also go unanswered. Before you give Ponzi scheme a chance, think twice. The data they collect from their clients is also a great danger.

Regulation and Registration

The broker is neither registered nor regulated. The regulatory body of Sweden doesn’t permit the company to conduct investment activities. Additionally, no corporate supervises this entity. The firm is a Ponzi scheme that isn’t worth taking risks.

FerriTrade does not have fund safety. Even though they claim they don’t collect data from investors, they avoid registering. Investing with a company with a license from the FCA, CySEC, or ASIC grants you peace of mind.

The company does not report its daily activities to any regulatory body. This gives them the freedom to misuse the money of traders. You won’t know what happens to funds. The nasty scheme is looking after themselves.

Moreover, FerriTrade will exit the industry unceremoniously. Clients will not receive compensation. The venture has not partnered with the financial institution to protect clients’ funds. They take the amount to their wallets.

Clients Feedback

The entity ought to have multiple endorsements from its clients. A 40% daily return is something that attracts the attention of the public. Sadly, this is a narrative. The reality is that this is a pyramid scheme.

Nobody has earned by using their strategy. You will only suffer if you are blind to take their offer. The moment you deposit funds, that the end of it. FerriTrade won’t contact you unless they need you to deposit more cash.

Scammers are popular with advertising their dirty schemes. They even cold call potential clients to sell their vague products. Their cunning nature wins them more victims. The broker does not have transparent withdrawal and deposit requirements.

The entity may inflict hidden fees on traders. You can never know what will happen with an offshore company. Even though FerriTrade is using trading bots, the advertised ROI is absurd. They don’t have trading performance or proof of payment.

Invest with a venture that cares about the wellbeing of its customers. The only thing this scam is after is funds. They won’t make you rich. Stay away from the Ponzi scheme and trade carefully. Researching thoroughly saves you from dealing with these crooks.

Final Verdict

FerriTrade is a nasty Ponzi scheme that promises high returns to investors. The entity is, however, not licensed, and trusting them shall lead to futile results. The location of the venture is also unknown.

Invest with legit forex investment companies that have real-time passive income. You sleep sound knowing your funds are being handled by professionals. The leverage and spread does not expose investors to severe danger.

If an entity does not have a license it is a complete waste of time. Anything they say can change without even notifying the traders. Watch out for these fraudulent ventures.



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