FinaFX Review: A Terrible Scam

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FinaFx Review
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They are trading a number of assets. Unfortunately, this is another unregulated and unreliable investment scheme. The company states that it has multiple trading assets that their clients can benefit from. Moreover, it brags about its superior technology. Invest with the best ventures in the market.

FinaFx claims that it has several years of experience. The company market itself as a multi-asset broker. The entity allegedly is one of the leading platforms in the world. They promise to see you through successful trading.

They are trading a number of assets. Unfortunately, this is another unregulated and unreliable investment scheme. The company states that it has multiple trading assets that its clients can benefit from. Moreover, it brags about its superior technology.

FinaFx despite being a fraudulent entity claims it segregates investors’ funds. However, there is no fund safety. Scammers only put such info on their website to confuse traders. There are multiple investment schemes in the world that you can utilize to generate real-time returns.

FinaFx Review, FinaFx Company

The platform state it has 10 years of experience in the market. Therefore, you can rely on them for guidance on how to trade successfully. They also assure you that you will not suffer from great losses. The best thing that you can do is to invest wisely.

There are trustworthy and licensed forex trading companies that are genuine and transparent. These brokers are being used by several investors to generate passive income. You will not regret trading with the best ventures. Try them today! Review

FinaFx has a partnership call program. The entity urges traders to become participants in the activity to boost their skills. The company has two partnership program calls that are meant to meet the need of investors.

The platform is dealing with a number of assets. These include; Agriculture, currencies, energies, metals, EFTs, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, and currencies. The broker claims that it is secure but all we see are red flags surrounding them.

FinaFx boasts that it is a regulated investment platform. However, this information is misleading and we shall discuss it in detail. We suspect there is no trading taking place in their venture. The entity is only looking for opportunities to defraud innocent investors.

The entity is also an anonymous venture that does not leave any traces behind. Going after them will be a cat mouse chase. You will never get hold of them. There are better investment ventures in the world that you can use to earn genuine returns.

FinaFx is a scam that uses false information to lure innocent investors. The entity also states it I running three investment schemes. Moreover, the broker is allegedly serving investors in over 5 continents. These are unproven statements that you should not take seriously.

Contact Details

FinaFx brags that it has a multi-lingual customer support team. Therefore, investors’ needs will be catered for in time. The office address of this company is allegedly in London UK. Unfortunately, this entity does not specify its real geographical location.

Investors can contact the broker via email or phone. They also feature multiple social media platform icons on their website. Unfortunately, once you try opening them you will receive a message indicating that the account does not exist.

FinaFx is an entity that is trading at its own accord. The people behind the organization are operating anonymously. There is no point in investing with this entity because you are only going to lose funds.

The platform state that it does not offer investment services to UAE citizens. You need to fill up a contact form in case you do not reach the broker via phone. However, the entity is not reliable and soon it will exit the industry leaving you high and dry. Their phone will not go through.

Trading Conditions

FinaFx states that it has MT4/MT5 trading software for its clients. Unfortunately, this is another fat lie, and the broker does not have the interface. The leverage that the company is offering is also too high. Traders are awarded 1:400 caps.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that you can deposit at FinaFx is $100. It is at the standard price of the market. The platform features multiple payment methods on its website. What we do not know is whether the listed method is indeed what the broker is accepting.

The company has copy-pasted information from other brokers. It shows that this is not a reliable entity and their main intention is to defraud innocent investors. If the entity does not even mind changing the logo of the platform it copy-pasted its information you shouldn’t give them the chance to get hold of your money.

Avoid the activities of this dirty scheme at all costs. You will never be able to cash out your money from this company. They will defraud you without having any second thoughts. Ensure that you trust only the best brokers in the market.

FinaFx will start inflicting hefty charges to their clients. The government will not help you in recovering your money. There is constant warning that has been issued against trading with unregulated entities.

Regulation Status

FinaFx brags its operating legally. The entity states it is licensed by Marshall Island. The Island does not regulate forex trading activities. Investing with an entity that is based or claims it is registered will only expose you to more risks.

FinaFx Scam Review, FinaFx Features

The company is located in the UK. The financial watchdog of this area is one of the strict in the market. They require investment ventures to deposit an initial capital of 730K Euro before starting their business.

Scammers like FinaFx will never deposit such an amount of funds. Additionally, the entity is capable of changing its terms and conditions to suit its greedy needs. You will not be compensated once this broker exits the market.

The Domain Insight is a company that was established in Feb 2019. The domain will expire in Feb 2022. There are several investment entities that are fraudulent and do not exit the market till they fulfill their goals.

Once these brokers are exposed or realize there is no money coming into their system they collapse. Your money will be lost and there is nothing you can do to save yourself. The platform has a low alexa ranking.

Client Feedback

Despite FinaFx being in the market for two years, the entity does not have client feedback. It also appears to be a ghost investment venture. There are no testimonials from their clients. The entity is operating anonymously.

Since there is no evidence of them paying it would be best to avoid the entity. We find it odd that the entity is asking for money from investors yet there is no trading activity. We would rather suggest you donate funds than trusting the broker.

Scammers even pay people to review them. They will leave a positive endorsement insinuating that the entity is paying while in reality, it does not. The best thing that you can do is to invest with reliable and legit entities that are transparent.

Client Feedback

FinaFx is a company that is not interested in making anyone rich. The broker is only looking after itself. They are not regulated. Furthermore, the location of this entity is associated with hosting scammers. The customer support team is also not available.

The platform will avoid you once you try reaching them to get back your funds. The best thing that you can do is to trade with reliable forex trading companies that are legit. You will earn real-time returns.

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