Finance 24 Base Review: Dirty Firm

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Finance 24 Base Review
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Finance 24 Base claims to have bagged 28 awards and has included some fake customer testimonials on their website. They also have an image of what they purport to be an operating license. However, this is all misleading. The broker has no license in the United States.

Finance 24 Base is full of empty promises. Although they appear to be on the trader’s side, the truth is that they are an unregulated firm and because of that, they are bad news. In trading, there are many genuine and honest crypto brokers. These are the ones we advise people to work with.

Finance 24 Base Review, Finance 24 Base Company

The forex market, with its promise of high returns and accessibility, has attracted millions of traders worldwide. Unfortunately, this popularity has also drawn the attention of scam brokers. This worrying trend of scam forex brokers is becoming increasingly prevalent, posing significant risks to individual traders and the integrity of the market. All stakeholders must therefore remain vigilant.


From the story they have given, the broker started operating as a subsidiary of Finance24base PLC. When Finance24base came into the investment market in 2012, their main objective was to promote investors’ interest. To confirm that these are false claims, we visited and found that they opened their domain on March 2, 2023.

Another red flag we noticed was the 10% referral bonus when you bring another customer to the program. This is typical of scam brokers when they want to attract new clients to their shady company. Always be skeptical about such practices. You can trade currencies, binary options, or cryptocurrencies with the broker.

Founders and Team

The founders and current employee information is missing from the broker’s website. Many individuals behind scam forex brokers may have dubious backgrounds, including previous involvement in other fraudulent activities. Revealing their identities would expose these backgrounds, raising red flags for potential clients.

Scam forex brokers often employ aggressive and deceptive marketing tactics to lure in clients. This can include fabricated success stories, fake testimonials, and exaggerated claims of profitability. Without verifiable information about the people behind these companies, it becomes easier for scam brokers to fabricate these narratives. By omitting information about founders and employees, scam brokers make it nearly impossible for potential clients to research more about the company.

Finance 24 Base Contact Details

There is an email and a physical address: 1000 Main Street, 12th floor, Houston, TX 77002, USA. Although they have given these details, there is no phone number. When we tried the WhatsApp chat platform, the number was invalid. This was a red flag which showed this broker was not as transparent as they claim.

A phone number allows clients to get real-time support, which is crucial for resolving urgent issues. Forex brokers who include a phone number on their website demonstrate professionalism and adherence to industry standards. It shows that they are serious about their business and committed to offering comprehensive support to their clients.

Finance 24 Base Regulation Status

This broker claims to have bagged 28 awards and has included some fake customer testimonials on their website. They also have an image of what they purport to be an operating license. However, this is all misleading. The broker has no license in the United States. We checked financial watchdogs’ websites in the US and did not find the name Finance 24 Base.

What’s more disturbing is that the reputable Italian Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB) in Italy has identified Finance 24 Base as a fraudulent company. They have therefore issued a stern warning to people against working with this shady broker. With such admonitions, it is advisable to stay away from this broker. You won’t have any legal protection if you trade with an unregulated broker because they don’t answer to anyone.

Trading Conditions

There is no information about spread, leverage, and commission charges. Though they claim to be transparent, this shows the broker only reveals what they want the public to know. They have also not explained their deposit and withdrawal procedures. However, they most likely prefer cryptocurrencies because of their irreversibility and anonymity.

Final Verdict

Finance 24 Base is a scam broker. They are unregulated and hence you must not trust them with your hard-earned money. Instead, trade with reputable and trustworthy crypto brokers. With these brokers, you will enjoy a seamless trading experience.

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