Finantiko Review: Disreputable Investment Scheme

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Finantiko review
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In regards to their security, Finantiko state that it has an SSL certificate. The document will not help you once the platform makes it out of the industry. Hackers should not be your worry, but what this shady entity can do to your money should terrify you.

Finantiko is an investment platform that originates from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The first red flag is that you will be dealing with an offshore venture. It is uncertain whether they will continue to offer their services to investors in the future.

Finantiko Review, Finantiko Company

In most cases, the majority of fraudsters tend to exit the market when you least expect. We thought you should know. The website is available in various languages; English, Czech, German, French, Polish, and Slovak.

You can never make money with an offshore company. You should not risk your funds. It is better to find something constructive rather than entrusting cash to suspicious firms. The entity is asking for the ID of traders.

Granting them access to such material gives them the mandate to misuse your information. We don’t advise trading with Finantiko. The unregulated entity will not help you control the market. They, however, claim to assist you in understanding the industry better.

Their experts assist clients in executing a one-stop order, exit trade order, and analyze the economic news, trading tools, and calendar. You stand a much better advantage in a forex broker that has a license. The platform is complete malice. Review

The company avails Crypto, forex, indices, and stocks. The venture states that it makes clients operate like trading bots. You execute successful orders with their pro tips. Finantiko provides educational materials to traders.

We cannot verify if the documents are of high quality. They may be providing information that does not cater to the needs of expert investors. The registration process is straightforward, but we don’t recommend testing the water with the firm.


The top-tier institution that the company claims to safeguard investors’ funds in does not exist. There is no segregation of funds. There is no transparency in this entity. The platform does not have trading results. Nonetheless, their marketers think otherwise.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are legit and transparent. You stand a greater chance of trading safely. These ventures have meticulous features and fund protection for traders. Your personal information is also safe with the regulated firm.

Trading Conditions and Available Platform

Finantiko has a Sirix trading interface. It is better than a web-based platform but incomparable to the mighty MT4/MT5. The MetaTrader has several amazing features. It is advanced to support greater trading experience. The entity provides a spread of 2.6 pips for the EURUSD currency pair. Review, Trading Conditions

Unfortunately, this is lower than the average market. Clients will have to pay more in this scheme. The current spread that most legit firms offer is 1.5 and even wider limits. Hence clients get lucrative opportunities and pay less.

Finantiko leaves out information about their leverage. This is a reckless mistake that you won’t get a serious platform committing. Nonetheless, expect risky limits. Stay away from this dirty scheme at all costs.

Withdrawal and Deposits of Finantiko

The venture claims that it accepts payment via wire transfer and credit cards. The minimum acceptable amount is $50. You can cash out via Money Bookers, bank transfers, credit cards, master cards, and others methods that the firm does not care to disclose.

The withdrawal process takes 7 days to be processed. It would help if you had patience with this nasty scheme. There is also a hefty fee of 25 to 60 EUR for all cash out of the bank transfer. There is nothing unique that you will get from this entity.

Finantiko Trading Accounts

The broker has four trading accounts. Free webinars and eBook materials are available for advanced investors. Agriculture services are available in all the accounts apart from the Bronze package. The live support is accessible to all 24/7. There is a one on one trading opportunity in all packages. They do not disclose the trading conditions of each investment plan, which raises eyebrows.

The Domain Insight

The entity is new in the industry. The company registration took place in January 2021. The platform projects being in the industry for only one year, Their dedication is remaining anonymous is baffling.

We cannot conclude the person that is responsible for Finantiko. Their traffic is also very low. 4,709,634 indicate that not many want to engage with the broker. It is unclear the location of their clients.

Contact Details and Customer Support

The office address of Finantiko is on First Floor, St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, SVG. The customer support is allegedly available via email and telephone. You are better off without this losing scheme.

Companies based in this area never respond to the problems facing their customers. The broker is no exception, and you can assume the worst will happen to your funds. Moreover, with the platform showcase’s shady features, it is clear that they do not care about clients.

Nonetheless, Finantiko brags that it has a multi-lingual staff. An ideal investment company understands the importance of having a top-notch customer support team. They are more likely to engage with clients and resolve their problems amicably.

Moreover, there is no customer feedback from the people that have used their services. It could be because nobody wants to trade with them. Investing in a venture without knowing what you are signing up for is a blind move.

Finantiko Regulation and Registration

Wondering whether Finantiko is licensed well, the entity is operating on its own accord. No government in the globe authorizes this scheme to conduct their business. Therefore, you are putting your money and data at greater risk.

Considering that, the venture can do whatever it desires with your money and information. The firm does not have fund safety. Legit companies usually disclose the banks which they segregate investors’ accounts. They cannot use the funds for unintended reasons rather than trading. Moreover, you get to know the account managers and finical analyst qualifications.

In the case of Finantiko, we find that they have been operating discreetly. Investors will never know the qualification the people dealing with their funds possess. We always recommend that you only engage with a licensed broker, as they are much safer.

The activities of this scheme are not regulated to offer financial services. There is no assurance in this company. In case a regulated venture faces bankruptcy, you stand a better chance of receiving compensation.

Final Verdict is an offshore company that lacks a trading history. Investing with them is hazardous. The broker is collecting funds without meeting the requirements set by financial bodies. Their location is also infamous for hosting several fraudulent entities.

Moreover, there is a high chance that this platform is going to turn out like rogue schemes. Invest with the best forex trading companies with great trading conditions. These ventures will help you expand on your portfolio.

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