Finexcapitalmarkets Review: Avoid this Sunless Broker

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FinexCapitalMarkets is illegally generating funds from the public. They do not fall under any regulator to be allowed to access public funds. Regulated forex brokers showcase a high level of transparency. You can easily find all the legal regulation certificates and verify the same data.

FinexCapitalMarkets is an offshore broker that claims to be the most reliable in the market. They offer traders leverage of 1:100; They also claim that deposits are fast and work with various funding options. However, please do not make any investment steps yet because it takes many factors to consider before making any deposits with an investment firm.

FinexCapitalMarkets Review, FinexCapitalMarkets Company

FinexCapitalMarkets assures its customers that through them, you experience something extraordinary. It features a live trading account and a demo account. However, the demo account leads you to open a live account which requires you to fill out personal data. 

FinexCapitalMarkets gives traders free analysis tools and charts. The minimum deposit they accept is €100, and they promise you an attractive pending bonus on first deposits. Sound tempting? However, investing a single coin of your hard-earned funds into the shady broker will only expose you to becoming a scam victim.

Therefore you should perhaps rely on these reliable brokers to generate reasonable profits for you through well-known techniques. Also, they apply risk measures such as stop loss to protect you from sudden market shifts. FinexCapitalMarkets website is poorly presented, and you can immediately notice the red flags they showcase. Review allows you to experience more than just trading when you join the platform. They give you access to various markets; forex, commodities, indices, among other various assets. However, how they generate profits is actually the main concern.

They do not reveal any suitable trade methods they apply to generate the alleged massive profits. Also, it’s best to understand how the software operates fully, or even the algorithm. They brag that the broker is award-winning, yet there is no evidence to prove they won a thing. 

FinexCapitalMarkets founders are unknown, raising even more doubts on the kind of techniques they use. They claim to feature trading education, whereas the only data they have can easily be accessed through the internet for no extra cost. From the outlook, you may be relying on trade techniques from people who have no idea how the market works.

The trading platform for FinexCapitalMarkets is MetaTrader 4, which is a well-established platform. To access their services, you can download the software through Google play or Appstore or trade through a web-based platform. Also, to start trading with FinexCapitalMarkets, you have to apply for an application form, await verification, then fund your account and start earning.

How Operates

FinexCapitalMarkets makes attempts to lure you into making deposits by promising bonus returns up to 100%. This is just the bait they use, and once you make a deposit, that’s the end of business between you and them. FinexCapitalMarkets has an affiliate program that they solely seem to depend on, and there is no evidence of any trade activities taking place on the platform.  Meanwhile, you will only be inviting your friends and family into becoming scam victims.  

Scammers tend to all have a similar likelihood of operation, and there is no way FinexCapitalMarkets will work any different. They will persuade you into making deposits, and you will only be making the anonymous people behind the entity rich. You will expect them to make profits and when you expect your returns.

They either end up disappearing with your money or simply makeup excuses till you finally give up. You should find past trade transactions for atleast three months or more and be capable of verifying the same data. They mainly seem to have an interest in personal data and the funds you deposit. FinexCapitalMarkets will persuade you to take advantage of one-time offers.

Once you fall for the trap, they cut any communication with you, and they may even block you from accessing their services. Alternatively, scammers tend to maintain anonymity because they open new platforms and attempt to rob innocent investors.

FinexCapitalMarkets Funds Safety

FinexCapitalMarkets does not guarantee any safety of your funds, and you will end up losing all your money. So you should always find banking information to verify that your funds are safe. This type of data is nowhere to be found.

Thus you may even be shocked to find out that the people behind the shady broker are actually keeping funds in personal accounts while making attempts to resemble a legit trading platform. They are actually the only likely beneficiaries since there is no evidence of any successful trades.

Your funds are not safe in a platform that has no reliable style for operation. FinexCapitalMarkets does not have any past trade data to help you determine the returns to expect.  They do not showcase any qualifications to the people behind FinexCapitalMarkets.

So you are likely to give your money and personal data to criminals. Also, to determine your funds are safe, you should do thorough research from reliable sources, and it turns out FinexCapitalMarkets has not a single positive remark, and your money is unsafe here.

Deposit and Withdrawals

FinexCapitalMarkets accepts multiple payment options from; Bitcoin, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, and Neteller. However, wire transfer and Cryptocurrencies transactions are irreversible. You can hardly claim your funds back. Review, Trading Conditions

Meanwhile, these trading platforms accept debit/credit card payments, and you can claim your fund back for up to 540 days. FinexCapitalMarkets does not have a refund policy, and in case you are not satisfied with their services. You cannot get your money back.

The investment firm does not mention how long it takes to access your funds after withdrawing. There is also no evidence of any successful withdrawal transactions completed by customers.

FinexCapitalMarkets Regulation Status

FinexCapitalMarkets is illegally generating funds from the public. They do not fall under any regulator to be allowed to access public funds. Regulated forex brokers showcase a high level of transparency. You can easily find all the legal regulation certificates and verify the same data. However, shady brokers like FinexCapitalMarkets will tend to find ways of trying to confuse traders. They use false registration data and license numbers.

Consequently, different nations have responsible bodies for regulation. FinexCapitalMarkets founders may end up facing criminal prosecutions for illegally generating funds from the public. They may also end up facing bankruptcy, and the platform is likely not to survive the market.

Scammers can barely afford to pay regulation, and the FCA requires them to have not less than €730,000, for example. FinexCapitalMarkets may go against trade guidelines whenever they want, and they are not bound to any guidelines. 

Customer Support

FinexCapitalMarkets has two addresses for their head office; Finex authority 313 Lombard Street PO box EC9B 19 LK London the United Kingdom and Dubai international financial Centre the gate level 22 North wing PO box 7 9890 Dubai UAE. Apparently, the two locations have been made up, and they have nothing to do with FinexCapitalMarkets. There is definitely no guarantee that you will receive any support regarding your query.

Working customer support helps in building more trust between the platform and you, the trader. They feature three email address support, yet the emails are barely visible, and you can only see half part. They have two telephone contacts; (+ 44907 868000 and + 971 0436 2 14524). We highly doubt the customer service will be beneficial to you and once they have your money.

Final Verdict

FinexCapitalMarkets features fake licenses that lol like preschool graduation certificates. They do not adhere to regulatory measures, and your funds are at great risk. The platform does not feature any reliable trading approach, and they do not have any past trade data to help determine the expected returns. They also have a shady reputation, and you should not expect to make any profit with them. 

Accordingly, there are these forex brokers that you can count on their reliable trade strategies and tested techniques to earn reasonable profits for you. FinexCapitalMarkets will only end up claiming to have top-notch experts Woking to generate profits for you, whereas there is not a single data on their qualifications.


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