Finexo Review: A Menacing Scheme

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Finexo Review
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Finexo should not give you any reason to think that your funds are safe. Nevertheless, to determine that your funds are safe you ought to find several factors in place. The platform brags about having top-notch experience when it comes to trading.

Finexo is an offshore forex broker that claims through a single account. You get access to multiple markets. However, they do not seem to meet all the demands of a legit trading entity, and you should not take any steps further to trade with them.

Also, any expert reader with experience in the market will consider some factors before investing, and you should too, don’t you think? The sales page for Finexo is poorly done, and you can easily tell there is a hidden agenda which is definitely to swindle all your funds. So trading is not child’s play, and blindly trading will only yield negative unwanted returns.

Finexo Review, Finexo Company

Therefore as you read this informative, unbiased review on Finexo, we highlight some of the red flags they feature. Despite having no helpful data on the website, we did thorough research, and you should easily decide whether or not to invest with them.

Furthermore you can opt to save time and invest with these legit reliable forex brokers that use tried and tested techniques to attract reasonable profits your way. They claim to offer raw spreads from 0.0 pips and this helps in beating the competition in the market. Finexo has a section with Cryptocurrencies prices and they have a live section showing various market pairs prices. However this information comes from a second party. Review claims to have the best automatic trading system capable of completing up to 500,000 trades per day. Also, automatic trading is highly preferable to humans due to the inability to hold emotions while trading. However, relying on the wrong tools will only lead to losses that you hardly want. There is no information regarding the kind of software uses in the level of efficiency prospect from the software. Two-thirds of all trading done with Finexo comes from the bot itself.

Finexo assures its customers of 60%+ on Algontrades. The platform also rims to suit institutional-grade traders. Institutional traders can benefit from really deep and diverse liquidity, spillage reduction, and the ability to buy and sell cryptos with ease. You can also trade commodities and indices with flexible leverage. Finexo gives you access to Forex, commodities, Stocks, Indices, and Bonds markets. Meanwhile, how they generate profits has some murkiness. 

Nevertheless, Finexo claims to have a management team with significant experience in the Forex, CFDs, and Equity markets within Asia and Europe. So you would expect them to showcase data of their qualifications to prove the expert level they brag about. Scammers are fond of claiming to know it all when it comes to trading. Therefore they either provide false stock images of people behind the platform. Apparently, for Finexo, no data link to the founders or that of the employees. 

How operates claims to be among the best-known CFD provider in the market, offering trade alternatives for day traders and scalpers. Accordingly, they do not show any past trade activity to assert any investments taking place. Also, you should be able to find past trade data for atleast three months or more before finally making any investment steps. So this does not necessarily mean that you believe any data you see. You should be capable of verifying the same results through Myfxbook or other reliable sources. 

Finexo puts you on the verge of not only losing your funds. Also, personal information may fall into the wrong hands. They claim to be at the forefront of revolutionizing online trading, yet they have no trading approach known to benefit any customer. Trading is not Child’s play, and Finexo will lure you with lucrative words and promises they can hardly attain.

Moreover, scammers are fond of promising you attractive bonuses and profits. This is just the bait they use to lure you into making a deposit. Once you do this, your business with them is over, and you will have made the anonymous people rich. Transparency is always an important factor to consider, and any murkiness is a definite warning.

Finexo will urge you that your funds are still at the maturity process and postpone the due date. This continues to happen until you finally give up or they block any access to the platform. Also, they maintain anonymity to try and swindle more funds from the innocent customer.

They also claim to feature a place for nonexperts looking to venture into trading. Well, there are no helpful educational materials to aid you in becoming a better investor. They feature terms that you can easily find definitions across the internet at no extra cost. 

Funds Safety

Finexo should not give you any reason to think that your funds are safe. Nevertheless, to determine that your funds are safe you ought to find several factors in place. The platform brags about having top-notch experience when it comes to trading. Features, Features

They do not showcase any previous transactions. How to know the deposits and withdrawals made by traders is unknown. The person controlling funds in the platform is unknown. Hence relying on any directions or analysis from them might actually lead you to massive losses.

They do not showcase any banking information which proves your money is safe. The anonymous people might be keeping funds in the personal account while you expect to make a profit. Also, your cash is at risk, and sometimes you risk giving out personal information to criminals as registration requires sharing personal data.

Finexo Deposit and Withdrawals

Finexo allows you to deposit a minimum of $250, whereas to start trading, you should have up to $1000. This figures are extremely costly, especially for a service, but you do not know how it will work for you. They also do not mention any payment options, and they mainly do Cryptocurrencies exchange.

Meanwhile you cannot reverse wire transfer and crypto transactions. Accordingly you can rely on these brokers that accept credit and debit payments. These payment methods allow you a period of 540 days to claim your funds back. 

Finexo has no data on withdrawals, and actually, you will end up losing your money. This is because customers are actually seen to complain about losing money, and you do not expect some preferential treatment. They do not feature a demo account to familiarise yourself with how the company. Also, there is no refund policy, and once your cash is gone, it’s a mystery getting your funds back. 

Customer Support 

Finexo does have customer support used to get in touch with them, and the same number is for users who want to work with the entity. However, working together with will only be putting the people you lure into the broker at risk of losing their money. They feature telephone contact +4420 3148 1481 and email Alternatively, you can reach out to them through a section you fill out with your query and some personal data.

Finexo has the location address; suite 306 Griffith corporate center Beechmont PO box 1584 Kingstown Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. However, during our research, it turns out the whereabouts information has entirely nothing to do with So this raises doubts on whether or not you will receive any response to your query. 

Finexo Regulation Status

Finexo provides registration number 26482 BC 2021. This is the closest to regulation they get. Accordingly, regulated forex brokers should rely on showcasing a high level of transparency, and you can always find the legal certificates and verify the same information. However, unregulated platforms tend to use false data you can easily tell through the responsible regulatory bodies in various countries.

Unregulated platforms can barely afford registration fees, and they end up facing bankruptcy mostly. Also, they result in facing closure by the law enforcers with all your funds at any given time. Finexo founders risk facing criminal prosecution for the illegal operations. Thus this could be the only reason they do not avail such data to traders.

Final Verdict

Finexo does not have any suitable trading approach, neither do they have a demo account to familiarise themselves with how the software works. Working customer support is also beneficial in building the customers’ trust.

They do not have any past trade activities to show the kind of returns you should expect. Therefore you should perhaps invest with these triedandtested forex brokersand earn reasonable investment returns.Avoid at all costs and your funds are not stafe with the shady broker.

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