Fino Capital Review: A Professional Looking Scam

Fino Capital Review, Fino Capital Company
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Fino Capital Review
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Invest with the best forex trading brokers in the market with a proven track record and are transparent. Fino Capital appears to be a great forex broker but has several red flags and fails to meet the industry standard. The platform operates without a license and in incognito, and you should not trust your funds with them.

Fino Capital is a forex investment broker that brags of having over 500 financial instruments. The company claims to be an efficient trading partner that manages your account to make great returns. The company allegedly helps you to make great decisions on your online trading. It also does not have additional fees while managing your account.

Unfortunately, the company is a scam platform targeting novice traders into investing with them. They use luring and convincing words so that you fall for their plan. The company also has an attractive website that looks professional, but its information is not credible. Traders who have no experience in the market will undoubtedly fall for their schemes.

Fino Capital Review, Fino Capital Company

Fino Capital boasts about using a web trader and cTrader software. Unfortunately, the software is not functional and only display some graphs to trick investors. The website is capable of taking your submitted information and selling them to a third party. It also offers leverage of 1:100, which is way above the industry standards.

A Ponzi scheme will say anything in order to increase their sales and, in this case, deposits. Fino Capital is a broker operating without a license, and the company claims to comply with regulatory standards. Moreover, the company will not ensure the safety of your funds because it is operating anonymously.

Invest with reputable forex trading companies that are reliable and have a good track record. They will have honest client feedback from the existing customers. Furthermore, you can also check and prove their trading history, building your confidence before you invest. Review

Fino Capital claims to be a first-class broker with excellent trading conditions. They offer clients quality services and trading resources. The entity brags about being an award-winning platform that grants its users an opportunity to have narrow spreads and over 500 trading instruments. The website also claims they are constantly adding the choice of tradeable assets. They aim to incorporate every trader and increase the opportunity of diversifying your portfolio to increase returns.

The website claims that trading with them is worth it, and you gain unlimited access to international financial markets. It is operating globally with a range of financial instruments. The easy-to-use and flexible setting of the trading platform allow you successful conduct both long-term and short-term trading.

Fino Capital offers a straightforward interface, a collection of winning strategies, customization options, and many other useful tools to build your portfolio. The entity provides users with a variety of options while trading, and they incorporate a modern and responsive platform. The company also promises to constantly improve its services and react effectively to client’s requests.

Fino Capital urges investors to join them on their journey. The company is easy to join and promises its users reliable customer support to assist with any queries. The customer support is available 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. They also ensure that users can continue trading around the clock with great trading conditions.

Lastly, Fino Capital claims to prioritize fund safety and follows strict regulatory and compliance measures. The entity claims to adhere to the Know Your Customer Policy and also Anti-money laundering policy. It promises to safeguard clients’ investment to the best of their ability to reduce the risk of loss.

Trading Software

Fino Capital claims to support web traders and cTrader; however, the information is false and unverifiable. Web trader is a reliable and easily accessible tool generally adopted by many forex brokers. The company claims that its web trader is convenient, fast, and reliable. It functions well with trading tools and graphs to manage orders and ensure effective and quick monitoring of your trading position.

Regarding cTrader, the platform claims it will help you to analyze and track your trades. Fino Capital boasts about its trading software having algorithmic trading, connecting trade advisors, trading signals, advanced market forecasts, and analysis. Despite the complexities involved in the process, the platform promises users an easy and user-friendly software suitable for all traders.

Fino Capital claims that the software is available to use on your PC, Tablet, Mobile phone, or any other web-based device. It will allow you to trade and monitor your account at your own convenience. The entity promises you such features when you deposit into their account and that they will also provide a personal manager to help anytime. Unfortunately, this information is not credible, and the platform does not have the software.

Fino Capital Investment Plans

Fino Capital offers two types of accounts, and that is the standard and premium accounts. The company does not provide much information on the accounts. It states that the premium account differs from the standard in terms of technology and trade strategies, tools, commission size, and spreads.

Fino Capital Scam Review, Fino Capital Features

When you try and make a deposit on the live account, the options available are $250, $500, and $1000. You can make deposits and withdrawals via Piastrix, wire transfer, credit and debit cards. The also offers a demo account with $100,000 in virtual currency. It ensures that new traders can familiarize themselves with working on the financial markets before switching to actual trading.

Regarding the withdrawal process, you have to fill out a withdrawal form which may take between 4 and 7 business days. This is a delay tactic commonly used by scammers so that they hold on to your money and they will not reply satisfactorily to any of your requests. Moreover, the company does not have any information on the minimum withdrawal amounts or fees.

Fino Capital also offers bonuses and incentives even though they do not explicitly state the bonus amount. Additionally, the company charges a 10% monthly penalty fee for any trading account that is inactive for 6 months. You must note that they charge a percentage penalty and not a fixed fee like the standard. This scammer will extort your money in the name of penalty fees, and you will end up with nothing in the long-run.

Fino Capital Customer Support

Fino Capital is allegedly located at 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley 00152, Commonwealth of Dominica. Investors can contact the platform via phone or email at +44 203 67 02 54 and or The company claims to have a great customer support system working 24 hours and 5 days a week.

However, the company has several negative feedback and does not respond to customer issues. Furthermore, the website founder and its team are working incognito and are not transparent with its operation.

Final Verdict     

Fino Capital claims to be a leading forex broker in the market, but evidence suggests otherwise. The company has an attractive website that looks professional. That is to lure investors into making deposits. The company promises to help investors with trading tools, resources, and educational materials to trade. Unfortunately, it is not credible information.

Moreover, the company operates without a license, and a reputable financial watchdog does not regulate it. It is also operating behind the scenes, and the qualification and identity of the team and its founders are unknown.

Invest with top forex trading brokers that do not have hidden agendas. Scammers are getting clever, and it is easy to convince you to invest in their platform even if you are an expert trader. Do not invest in an online platform unless you are confident that your money is safe.

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