Finsa Investment Limited Review: a Fraud

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Finsa Investment Limited Review
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We suggest that you be careful when approaching this tactical venture. Traders will never make a profit with a dirty scheme like Finsa Investment Limited.

Finsa Investment Limited is a company that claims it has mastered the trading skills, and they have the fastest speed in executing a trade. The venture has over 75 trading assets. They urge investors from all over the world to join them and experience endless trading opportunities.

Finsa Investment Limited Review, Finsa Investment Limited Review Company

The entity has an ongoing educational program. All investors, be it rookie, intermediate, and expert investors, can utilize the opportunity. It is a mindful act of the investment entities to educate their clients. This plays a big role in boosting their skills.

Unfortunately, this is a platform that is using false information to trap in more victims. They commit a great offense by lying about their regulation status. The entity is only interested in making themselves rich. They do not care about traders. If you deposit their system, you are few steps backward in attaining your financial goal.

The best thing is to avoid this nasty scheme and invest with some of the market’s best and leading forex trading entities. These are dedicated schemes that are genuine and transparent. They also do have a past trading history. Review

Joining Finsa Investment Limited could be your worst decision. The entity assures investors it is a trustworthy broker. They, therefore, work hard to ensure that their clients are satisfied with the trading experience provided. The scheme also boasts it has a license. Hence, investors have nothing to be scared of. They offer a different trading vibe from the rest of the scheme.

The only positive review about the entity is coming from their marketers. They are praising the scheme for helping them become rich. Unfortunately, making money is never as easy as these fraudsters make it appear. The information suggests that clients have earned 50% ROI in a matter of hours. Others claim that they have been working with this scheme for years, but it is only new in the industry. The information is too good to be true.

Moreover, we do not find proof of payment. If the entity is profitable, then it should also avail trading performance. Lack of evidence is a major problem. We cannot rely on the words of anonymous individuals. The location of the venture is unknown.

We suggest that you be careful when approaching this tactical venture. Traders will never make a profit with a dirty scheme like Finsa Investment Limited. The only way that you can avoid these dirty entities is by dealing with legit entities. Performing a background check on a platform can also save you from making the biggest mistake.

The Domain Insight

The venture claims it has been in the market since 2014. This is a misleading statement, and we fail to understand why a scheme would lie about such a minor detail. Anybody can check on when a business made its first digital footprint by searching on Finsa Investment Limited does not reveal its existence using a separate name. The scheme was registered in 2021 May. The domain name will expire after one year. The location of their clients is unknown, and the traffic is abysmal.

Trading Conditions of Finsa Investment Limited

They advertised a spread of 0.4 pips. The leverage is said to be flexible. Finsa Investment Limited allegedly has unique trading conditions for its clients. The only things we see are undesirable outcomes. The available assets include; spot metal, forex, and future. Review, Features

The venture has 6 investment accounts. They are meant to help novice, intermediate and professional traders. The broker provides a web trader interface. The entity has a leverage of 1:200, which is beyond what the FCA requires. Since the platform claims to be operating from the United Kingdom, then the maximum leverage it should be offering is 1:30.

The scheme has a trading platform that does not show the same name as theirs. This proves that the entity is not trading, and their conditions are a mere fabrication.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The entity states it has a dedicated multilingual support team that is eager to help clients. They feature an address indicating the scheme is operating from the UK. Investors can reach them via email or phone. However, given the shady features that the scheme presents, we do not recommend them to traders.

The address is randomly generated, and nobody knows where the scheme is operating from. Fraudsters use reputable and countries with strict jurisdiction to gain the trust of traders. It makes them not appear like offshore schemes. Additionally, they cannot reveal their identity, leading to them being put behind bars.

The platform will also not respond to investors’ queries. They will ignore you until you give up. They can be very persuasive at first, giving you numerous calls. Once you make a deposit, the scheme will cut you off without minding the outcome.

Regulation Status of Finsa Investment Limited

The venture states it has a license from the following financial regulators. FCA from the UK, CySEC from Cyprus, DFSA from the UAE, LFSA from Malaysia, and CMA from Lebanon. The venture also states it segregates the accounts of traders. Nonetheless, they do not disclose the financial institution they are safekeeping investors’ money. We strongly believe this is a complete bluff. Unfortunately, this entity does not have a regulatory document.

Finsa Investment Limited even claims that the courts in the United Kingdom shall resolve the disagreement between investors and the broker. After checking in the database of the country’s financial body, we found the firm missing. This scam cannot afford to deposit 730,000 EUR in their name before commencing their investment activities.

Additionally, the scheme does not submit the names of the account managers and the parent company. It has chosen to operate anonymously without minding the law. Inventors that join the scheme will never make money. The venture will disappear from the face of the earth without giving notice. Their clients will be left high and dry.

Finsa Investment Limited Withdrawal and Deposits

The entity has over 15 funding methods. The minimum amount that investors can deposit is 500 EUR. This is more than the standard market requirement. There are legit ventures that take even $10. Moreover, there is nothing exceptional about this platform. Investors can deposit via credit card.

There is no other payment option available. Traders can request withdrawals via bank transfer. We are not aware of how long it takes to process the requests. Nonetheless, the entity states it does not charge any fees. The scheme is shady, and we do not recommend investing with them. There is no evidence that people are making income using this platform.

Final Verdict

Finsa Investment Limited is a company that would say anything to get traders to invest in their website. However, the scheme does not have a license. Additionally, it even provides false information to gain the trust of traders. They will devastate you, and recovering your money is an attempt that wire bears no fruits.

Trade with some of the best forex trading brokers on the planet. These are firms that have sound trading conditions. They will not expose you to severe risks. Investors have earned passive income with the ventures and make sure to read the feedback.



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