Fitrex Review: a subtle scam

Fitrex Review, Fitrex Company
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Fitrex Review
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Fitrex is a subtle scam platform that claims to be one of the best forex trading brokers. The company is operating without a license, and any watchdogs do not regulate it. The website is not reliable and transparent in its operation. Investing with Fitrex is not highly recommended, and you stand a chance of losing your funds.

Fitrex is a platform that claims to be the best in the market. However, the question that you should be asking yourself is how reliable the broker is? Do they have the best interest for their clients? Are they regulated? Is your money safe in their platform?

Over the years, we have seen several scams invade the market. They will approach you with all sorts of enticing words. They are good with their marketing strategy. If you are not careful, you will end up losing all your savings.

Fitrex Review, Fitrex Company

Fitrex states that it has thousands of its assets at the disposal of its clients. There are a number of features that the firm displays on its website. The entity allegedly has several funding methods and cash out options for their customers.

Their trading process is fast and trustworthy. The platform also states their support system is dedicated to helping their customers. Moreover, they also have social trading and tight spread. It is almost every day that you run to an entity convincing you to be the best.

Nonetheless, multiple things come into play to determine if an entity is reputable. Their performance should be verifiable. Moreover, they also owe it to their clients to remain transparent. Trust must exist between both parties.

Fitrex. eu Review

Fitrex allegedly aims to improve the trading experience of their clients. If you read their perfect sale pitch and fall for it, this would be a great mistake. You might even end up referring your friends and family to this shady venture.

The platform states that it protects its clients against negative balance. There is also segregation of funds. Unfortunately, this is not true. Scammers will never keep their customers money in separate accounts.

Moreover, they will make you deposit funds directly into their bank account or on their crypto wallet. The entity proclaims its trading conditions are top-notch. The safety of your money should always be your main focus.

Trust your guts. If you feel that a trading platform is suspicious, you should look for an alternative. Fitrex does not have a great reputation or trading history in the market. As a matter of fact, we do not know the people that are operating this website.

Invest and choose legit forex trading brokers that are the best. You will sleep peacefully knowing that your money is secure. Additionally, the data that you share with these firms will be highly protected from landing in the wrong people.

The trading Conditions

Fitrex claims it has received many awards from various institutions. In 2018, the entity proclaimed it acquire the best new multi-asset broker title from Europe. These documents are not verified. Moreover, we have seen multiple scammers use this tactic to steal from their clients.

Unfortunately, this entity is using a web-based trading platform. It is a basic interface that cannot be compared with the might MT4 software. The main problem with a web trader is that prices can be manipulated.

Fitrex scam Review, Fitrex Features

Scammers will show you how you are winning trades. In reality, there are no trading activities that are happening. Investors cannot rely on this shady company. They are offering a spread of 0.8 for the currency pair of EUR/USD. Their leverage is that of 1:10. It is a safe cap since investors are not exposed to huge risks.

Fitrex Withdrawal and Deposits

You can deposit money using Klarna, MasterCard, Visa, and Bank Transfer. The minimum amount that the entity accepts is that of $250. Additionally, you can withdraw the amount that you please.

Fitrex does not have to require to subject their clients to paying withdrawal fees. They leave out information regarding the minimum amount that one can cash out. The account is considered dormant after an inactivity period of 12 months.

You will be required to pay a fee of $20 annually. Currently, the platform does not have bonuses for its clients. However, they mention bringing these benefits in the future. The problem with trading bonuses is that there are tough requirements that you need to meet before cashing out.

Regulation Status

Fitrex states that it is a secure entity. The only thing that the platform has is an SSL certificate. It would help if you had more assurance when it comes to your funds’ safety. The financial watchdog exists in the market to regulate and license the best brokers.

Therefore, it is important that research and knows if a website is licensed. Fitrex is an entity that is operating illegally. We searched several databases to see whether this venture is regulated. Unfortunately, they were not on the list of financial regulatory bodies.

The venture brags of having win awards in Europe. Fortunately, the European region is one of the areas that have strict measures governing online investment venture. A company must register a substantial amount of funds before starting their operation as their working capital.

Avoid this entity at all costs. You will be better off in a reliable, trusted entity rather than wasting your time in an outrageous scam entity. There is a lack of information regarding the firm partner’s financial institutions; therefore, the money may go directly into scammers’ pockets.

Fitrex Contact Details

The company claims to have offices in Estonia and St Vincent and Grenadines. As you can see, this is an offshore entity that has no intention of generating funds for its clients. You might encounter adverts claiming that this is the best entity in the market.

Unfortunately, they do not have a history in the industry. Their domain is also creepy and suspicious. Additionally, the only way that you can contact the firm is via email. The lack of a phone number limits investors against reaching the firm at convenient times.

You might have to wait forever before receiving feedback from the platform. Avoid offshore brokers at all costs. They might choose to leave the market at any time. There are better forex trading brokers in the industry that you can use.

Fitrex Customer Feedback

Surprisingly there is no client feedback regarding Fitrex. We find it suspicious that the venture brags of being the best and even having won several awards, yet in reality, there is no proof. There should be multiple clients endorsing this broker.

The platform is not regulated by the regulative authority. Therefore, risking your safety with a firm that is not reputable is a dire mistake. You should not deposit money with them. Sometimes you might find marketers promoting fraudulent systems.

They will say all sorts of great things to make your venture with them. If you are not careful, you will fall for their scheme. There are better investment opportunities in the market; unfortunately, Fitrex is not one of them.

Final Verdict

Fitrex is an offshore forex trading broker. The problem with such institutions is that investors cannot rely on them. They can exit the market on their own timeline, leaving you high and dry. The trading process of this platform is also not known.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are regulated. They will offer you fund safety. You need to be very careful since the market is flooded with fraudsters. Ensure that you check whether an entity is in the database of a financial watchdog.

Fitrex is a company that is to no good. The unregulated venture is targeting naïve traders who lack adequate trading knowledge. The firm is a dirty scheme that will exit the industry anytime. Invest with the best forex trading brokers instead.

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