Forever Living Review: Aloe Vera Products MLM Company

Forever Living
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Forever Living is a well-established MLM company in the USA. It has been operating since 1978. started as a basic health supplements company. Over time, it has expanded into numerous industries like nutrition, cosmetics, skincare, and other household products. It is important to review this company because it is a very popular and successful company, even though it is mainly relying on building successful teams and an extensive network of affiliates. So let’s review this company and get to know about all of its essential aspects.

History of Forever Living

One of the positive features of is that you do not have to worry about its origins as it is quite clear that Rex Maughan is the founder of this MLM company. It is based in Arizona, USA. Maughan has years of experience in the real estate and construction industry. He has remained the CEO of the company since it was established.

The history of Forever Products Living is quite simple. It offers numerous aloe vera-based products for numerous industries like the health industry and cosmetics, among others. However, it is important to note that this company has faced a bunch of controversies as well. For example, in 2004, the court found to be violating Hungary’s laws and it was fined $280,000 due to irregulated registration of nutritional supplements and advertising.

Similarly, the company was sued by Richard Bach due to the logo of the company. However, there is not much information available about this particular case. Yet, it is important to note that Forever Living changed its logo from the seagull to eagle. It indicates the managers of the company did some sort of settlement with Bach.

Other than these controversies, Forever Living is a thriving company in a highly competitive MLM industry. In 2017, it was estimated to worth $2.4 billion. It means that the company is booming. However, these estimates are given by Not much external information is available to validate these statistics.

Domain Insights

Alexa site analysis reveals some very interesting facts about the company. Keyword targeting shows that the company is trying to target France to sell its products. Moreover, the company is based in the USA. Yet, the USA is not among the top traffic sources of India (28%), Nigeria (8%), and Peru (7%) contribute most of the traffic to the website. Overall, is enjoying a good overall global ranking.

Products of Forever Living describes the company as an aloe vera products company because the majority of the product line includes aloe vera products. It claims that the products are manufactured from 100% pure aloe vera gel and other natural botanicals. The website gives a very extensive list of products, along with their detailed description and pricing.

The cheapest Forever Living Product costs $2.5. It is an Aloe2Go drink. Similarly, the company also has business and elite packs that contain products much more than $400. It means that this MLM company is trying to cater to people of all socioeconomic status by offering products at different prices. This strategy has surely made the company a popular name in the industry because a lot of people are buying its products and participating in the following compensation plan.

Forever Living Products

Compensation Structure of Forever Living

Purchasing Forever Living Products and building a large team are the central aspects of the company’s compensation plan. The company has the following twelve ranks:

  • New Distributor – Registering as an affiliate
  • Assistant Supervisor – earn at least 2 case credits
  • Supervisor – earn at least 25 case credits
  • Assistant Manager – earn at least 75 case credits
  • Manager – earn at least 120 case credits over a period of two months
  • Senior Manager – hire at least 2 affiliates on the Manager rank
  • Soaring Manager – hire at least 5 affiliates on the Manager rank
  • Sapphire – hire at least 9 affiliates on the Manager rank
  • Diamond Sapphire – hire at least 17 affiliates on the Manager rank
  • Diamond – hire at least 25 affiliates on the Manager rank
  • Double Diamond – hire at least 50 affiliates on the Manager rank
  • Triple Diamond – hire at least 75 affiliates on the Manager rank
  • Diamond Centurion – hire at least 100 affiliates on the Manager rank

It is quite evident that climbing affiliate ranks in Forever Living are very challenging. It can even take many years before you are able to earn any significant income from this company. Therefore, instead of working hard at this MLM company, you should implement smart trading strategies via crypto trading bots. Efficiency and quickness of crypto trading bots will help you in earning maximum profits through both short and long-term investments.

Retail Commissions

Affiliates can earn retail commissions of up to 30% from Forever Living. The exact value of the commission depending on the product you successfully sell to another. As the products are categorized into various types and scales, it is understandable that if you manage to sell an expensive product, you will get more commission.

Forever Living

Moreover, the company also promises the following bonuses to the affiliates:

  • 5% of the personal volume bonus for Assistant Supervisor
  • 8% of the personal volume bonus for Supervisor
  • 13% of the personal volume bonus for Assistant Manager
  • 18% of the personal volume bonus for Manager

Distribution & Group Bonus

If you are on the rank of Assistant Supervisor or higher at Forever Living Products, you can earn a distribution bonus. For this purpose, you have to hire new affiliates for the company. Moreover, when you reach the Assistant Supervisor rank, you will be provided with group volume bonuses.

The amount of these bonuses depends on several factors. Affiliate personal income, bonuses, and the number of recruited affiliates are considered before distributing group bonuses. gives the following general breakdown:

  • 5% of the New Distributer volume bonus for Assistant Supervisor
  • 8% of the Assistant Supervisor volume bonus for Supervisor
  • 13% of the Supervisor volume bonus for Assistant Manager
  • 18% of the Assistant Manager volume bonus for Manager

However, the eligibility criteria for earning a group volume bonus are quite difficult because your must make at least 4 case credits in a month. 1 case credit is equal to about $135 in product purchases. It can take a lot of time before generating such kind of income so you cannot expect much profits during your initial days at the company.

Final Verdict About Forever Living

Forever Living is offering a lot of products with the promise of providing numerous health benefits. It has a very solid business structure that has survived since almost three decades now. Moreover, even with a few legal controversies, it has managed to become a big name in the MLM industry. However, it is important to note that most of the products sold by promise miraculous health benefits without any scientific proof.

Moreover, the criteria to earn commissions is difficult to achieve because you have to keep marketing the products and successfully selling them to earn profits. The downside of the company is its compensation structure. It clearly favours the top managers and founder of the company. You have to work very hard to earn any sort of compensation.

There is a great room for improvement in the income plan of Forever Living. Hence, if you want to earn money from quick and efficient methods, you should consider using the crypto trading bots. These bots allow to you earn maximum profits by setting your own trading preferences. Moreover, they are much safer than MLM companies.

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