Forex Earners Review: a Dirty Scam

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Forex Earners Review
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Forex Earners claims that it utilizes a mechanism that eliminates all the risks. However, the trading strategy that the platform uses is still a mystery. Unfortunately, you will not yield any returns if you believe the financial narrative of this scam.

Forex Earners is a cloned scam that duplicates all its information from the Expert Earners website. The people that are running these fraudulent ventures are one and the same. They lack originality and it is easy to detect their shadiness.

The platform is promising investors high returns. It is one of the ways for them to attract more audience. We are dedicated to exposing scammers who aim to exploit innocent investors. The firm does not have a lot of audiences but it claims it has thousands of clients. Review, Company

Ponzi schemes are very tactical. The brokers will make it appear as if they are the best in the market. However, once you join them there is a turn of events. The only thing that you can get is massive losses and regret.

Forex Earners has already been exposed as a scam. Therefore, there is nothing here for investors. Avoid this company like a plague. It is an infamous venture that is nowhere close to being the best in the market. They are not undertaking any investment services.

You can trade with some of the leading crypto trading platforms. These companies have the best bots in the world. Moreover, you can also view their verified trading history. The support is professional and ready to assist. Review

The company is purportedly dealing with equities, cryptocurrencies, property investment firms, and futures assets. The platform states that it puts the needs of its clients first. Additionally, they embrace high-end technology to generate stable returns for their clients.

Forex Earners claims that it utilizes a mechanism that eliminates all the risks. However, the trading strategy that the platform uses is still a mystery. Unfortunately, you will not yield any returns if you believe the financial narrative of this scam.

The company uses the same information on its web page. This is a confusing scam that is so obvious. The platform will not help you attain your financial freedom. Investors won’t get fund safety from these fraudsters.

Forex Earners states that investors’ money is segregated in banks in the US, and the EU. Therefore, clients will enjoy maximum security. Unfortunately, this is not the reality. The firm fails to disclose the names of these financial institutions

The platform is bluffing. The financial officers and fund managers are not credited. The company is discrete and to no good. There are better legit licensed crypto trading firms that you can utilize instead of entrusting your hard-earned money in a scam.

Founder of Forex Earners

Forex Earners is an anonymous venture that does not disclose the people that are managing its operation. It is the norm of the Ponzi scheme to hide their identity. It becomes impossible for the government to track them down. How can you trust a platform that is running in such a manner with your fund?

This is the newest pyramid scheme in the industry. They are going to use the deposits of new customers to pay their pioneer customers. The system cannot keep up with the cycle. In the end, they are people who will be counting losses.

Investment Plans and Returns

Forex Earners has three exaggerated investment plans. The company also guarantees that the payments are timely. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $500. The returns are as follows; 35% in 7 days, 75% in 14 days, and 130% for a month.

Forex Earners Review, Forex Earners Features

The more money you deposit the higher the reward you are going to attain. The narrative that these scammers create is perfect to get more customers. The investors who think cryptocurrency is a get-rich-quick asset end up counting losses.

Regulation and Registration of Forex Earners

The platform claims that it is licensed by Cyprus financial body. The firm even features its license number. Moreover, the company also states is regulated by the FCA. Unfortunately, after checking their name at the database of these regulatory bodies we found it missing.

Forex Earners is therefore a shady firm that is operating as it pleases. The company is an illegal venture. They even feature false information which proves that investors cannot rely on their word. The platform proclaims that it is available in 53 countries across the globe.

They are violating multiple rules in the world. The traders’ are not getting fund safety from this organization. Therefore, you will not be compensated once this entity decides to exit the market. There are better firms to invest in within the industry.

Forex Earners allegedly states it has been in the market for over 10 years. However, a quick check on will show you the entity was registered in June 2020. Moreover, there is no segregation of funds.

In most cases, the money that you deposit goes into the fraudsters’ wallet. The broker is a Ponzi scheme that will not survive more than a year in the market. Why invest with uncertainty with Forex Earners while there are licensed crypto companies?

Customer Support and Contact Details

The platform is allegedly based in the USA and the UK. Unfortunately, there is no proof of this information. Moreover, there is no specific office address that is left behind. Forex Earners is a fraudulent firm that would not be reckless to expose its location.

Nonetheless, customer support can be contacted via phone or email. The only time that the team will be responsive is when they need more funds. However, once you become a nuisance and start making a follow-up on your money the entity will block you.

In most cases, these people are not qualified to offer professional services. You can expect unethical treatment. Instead of risking your personal data with a dirty scheme, you can trust the best crypto companies in the market.

Client Feedback

Forex Earners has a number of testimonials from their customers. The information left behind purports that the company is meeting the expectation of traders. They market the venture as the best in the industry.

The company has already earned them high returns. Unfortunately, the platform is using a stock image which is a big red flag. The people the firm presents as their clients have nothing to do with their dirty scheme.

Forex Earners is a desperate investment entity that will do anything to gain clients. The firm states that it has been in the industry for years but does not have endorsement from its clients. Moreover, there is also no proof of payment or trading history.

Investors need to be cautious when investing their funds. There are many misleading statements that can make you lose all your earnings. The scam lacks a professional team and the necessary resources to give you the best outcome.

Final Verdict

Forex Earners is not paying their clients. Their claims of having a responsive 24/7 customer support team are false. Their investment plans are absurd and unrealistic. The entity is blacklisted. Therefore, you will not acquire fund safety.

The trading conditions of the platform are not discussed. Hence, we fail to understand how this platform magically makes the risks disappear. The reason the company fails to present evidence of payout is that they are not paying.

Invest with legit crypto trading companies that are legit. You are going to earn real-time returns. These platforms are among the best in the market. Invest with them with confidence. Try them today.

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