Forex Premium Review: Better Avoid this Swift Scam

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Forex Premium Review
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Forex Premium broker sounds more like a pyramid scheme rather than an investment scheme. Investors who might come across this entity will think that this is the next big thing. However, unfavorable terms await them.

Forex Premium is an entity that is allegedly trading Forex, Binary Options, and Cryptocurrency. The entity brags that it has several years of experience in the industry. Their team comprised traders, researchers, marketers, developers, and financiers.

Forex Premium Review, Forex Premium Company


Unfortunately, we are not going to recommend this entity to the public. The company claims that investors will have the opportunity of trading BTC and other digital currency, enjoying leverage of 1:5. Their entity was built to meet the need of investors.

Forex Premium also has referral bonuses. The venture is rewarding its clients with $50 after inviting a new customer. Additionally, the person who joins is also granted $50. The more people you invite, the greater your chances of earning more.

Sadly, this broker sounds more like a pyramid scheme rather than an investment scheme. Investors who might come across this entity will think that this is the next big thing. However, unfavorable terms await them.

Forex Premium is trading several popular currency pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, AUDUSD, USDCAD, EURGBP, and EURAUD. The entity also claims it is using advanced trading tools. Nonetheless, we urge you to seek a better alternative. Review

Forex Premium states that their clients will enjoy competitive charges and low margins. The firm also displays its statics. Based on the time that this entity has been in the market and the number that it showcases, it does not add up.

Forex Premium Review, Forex Premium Company

The website of this entity is allegedly user-friendly. They are guided by strong principles and put their clients first. The venture also claims that its clients will enjoy exceptional services. The broker is also dedicated to offering the best education to investors.

You can utilize their marketing analysis tools, videos, and articles to increase your trading skills. The venture also enforces the security of its customers. Unfortunately, the only thing that this firm has in place is an SSL certificate.

The people that you should be scared of are the ones that are operating Forex Premium. Therefore the certificate they have is not enough to guarantee the safety of investors. Additionally, this entity brags it partners with the best companies in the market.

Sadly this is another ploy to steal from innocent people. Their educational course will allegedly help you to learn the tricks of FX trading. However, if you care about your money and personal data, avoid this scheme. Invest with a reliable and licensed forex trading company in the market.

Trading Conditions of

Forex Premium presents a web-based trading platform for its clients. Investors need to provide their data and funds to access the website. However, we were able to gather that the firm is offering a spread of 0.6 pips.

The basic investment plans have a spread of 1.9 pips which is not beneficial to investors. They have a total of four trading accounts. The entity does not have an MT4 interface which makes them an undesirable scheme.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The entity is accepting funds via Skrill, BTC, Neteller, PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. The minimum amount that you can deposit at Forex Premium is $350. Comparing this broker to legit ones, they are charging more than the average market standard.

All the withdrawal requests are allegedly handled instantly apart from bank wire. Investors who use this method will have to wait for a period of 2 to 5 business days. Additionally, the firm is charging an inactivity fee of $99.90 every month.

This is if you have not performed any trade for 3 months. The firm is offering affiliate bonuses to its clients. You won’t find most of the licensed brokers offering such benefits. Do not settle with this platform; rather, search for better companies.

Contact Details

Forex Premium is allegedly based on the 5th Floor, 355 NEX Tower, Rue du Savoir, Cybercity, Ebene 72201 Mauritius. Investors can contact the broker via phone or email. Their offices are open on Monday to Friday 24 hours. On the weekend, you can also reach them via a specific timeline.

The company does not have existing client feedback. Therefore, we do not know if their customer support is responsive. The entity is a dirty scheme that does not care about making anyone rich.

Therefore, we highly doubt they will be in contact once you deposit money. Moreover, there is no proof of payment. A scammer usually treats their clients unprofessionally. Avoid all these by dealing with licensed and legit entities in the market.

Regulation Status of Forex Premium

The company claims that it is being operated by Safe Side Trading LTD. The corporate is based in SVG. Nonetheless, this limited also states it has been licensed by ASIC, CySEC FCA, and Belize. These are some of the reputable financial bodies in the market.

Sadly, once we searched for this entity in the database of these watchdogs, we found it missing. The false claims of Forex Premium show that it is an illegal scheme. The offshore entity is trying to scam innocent investors.

Newbies who do not know much about trading will invest with them blindly. It is important that you perform research on a broker before depositing funds. Additionally, learn to confirm the statements made by investment entities.

It is not all of them that are legit. Additionally, Forex Premium has not deposited any working capital to be permitted to operate in several countries. The amount usually acts as compensation for investors. Moreover, they are not reporting their daily activities to any financial body.

This means that the entity can do whatever it pleases without consulting anyone. Investing with this broker is surrounded by multiple uncertainties. Stick to the best investment schemes that are reputable and legit.

The Domain Insight

Forex-premium is an old investment scheme that was established in October 2019. The company does not have any trading results to show they are involved in investment activities. Their domain name will expire in 2021 October.

Unfortunately, we were not able to gather any information regarding the registrar. The company is privately registered. The geographical location of the team is also unknown. The venture has low Alexa traffic visiting their website.

Is it Possible to Earn using Forex Premium?

You will not generate passive income or any profit by using this broker. The entity calls itself an award-winning entity. However, this is another scam that you should avoid. The venture is also not licensed.

They will be blacklisted by financial watchdog because they are operating against the law. The entity is offering leverage of 1:500, which is beyond what the financial bodies permits. It is one of the signs that this is a shady firm.

The company is most likely to hold your withdrawal request. Ponzi schemes give all sorts of excuses when it comes to matters related to investors’ money. They will even change their terms and conditions. This is one of the reasons we urge you to only deal with regulated brokers.

Final Verdict

Forex Premium is a dangerous scam that tries very hard to cover up its shady features. The entity market itself as a regulated entity, while the reality is this is a fraudulent firm. The pretense of this broker is worrisome, and a majority of newbies will suffer if they trust the venture.

Invest with the best forex trading brokers that are leading in the globe. The entities are operating as per the requirement of reputable financial bodies. These are the best and most productive investment platforms. Their support is also friendly.

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