ForexPriceMarket Review: A Scanty Investment Platform

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ForexPriceMarket Review
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For you to make money with ForexPriceMarket, you must wait for an eternity. No one has made any meaningful profit with the platform. Only the people behind it benefit from the deposits made by investors.

ForexPriceMarket is a forex investment scam to avoid at all costs. Also known as FPM, the platform has for a while been receiving negative feedback. The entire forex community is now on high alert after blocked accounts. There was no reason given to members as to why such drastic steps were taken. After receiving a few complaints, we decided to investigate the platform. What we found out will shock you. Find out the rest in this detailed FOREXPRICEMARKET Review.

ForexPriceMarket Review

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About ForexPriceMarket

The homepage starts with a call to action. Start trading with high profits thanks to the world-class trading platform. According to the homepage, the spreads start from 1.8 with 0.01 micro lot trading. The minimum deposit is $100, which is way below the industry-accepted standard of $250.

There’s a good reason why they keep it way below the $250 mark. It’s to target all classes of investors, including those with no forex knowledge.

We have to give it to them for their well-designed platform. At first glance, we get why so many have signed up with the platform. What we got from the platform is that the people behind it have trading knowledge.

The only issue is the complaints regarding blocking accounts. Most members fail to withdraw funds even without having to trade. And these points to a shift in the perception the website portrays.

Account opening

When opening an account with ForexPriceMarket, the process is straightforward. You need to fill in your address, contact, and full names. The problem with this process is the verification method.

To verify your account, they demand valuable documents. These include bank statements and credit card details. A copy of your ID is the last document they claim to need to verify the account.

Over the years, the verification process has been made easy. Platforms can easily send email links or SMS codes as part of verification. We don’t see the need to ask for these documents. There’s a hidden agenda that we uncover later during our investigation.

It seems the platform is harvesting banking data from investors. Once they have your banking credentials, God knows what they plan to do with them.

Affiliate programs

There’s a partner program available on display. The IB plan does not go into details on the commission rate available. There are a few affiliates who signed up and are ruing the decision. None of them has received payment for their work.

Instead, they are facing backlash from victims who point the finger at them. The victims blame them for directing them to a forex investment scam.

Those who join their affiliate program will be seen as accomplices to online fraud. The law will view you as part of the team that steals from naïve investors. Instead of having such a reputation, it’s best to stay away from the platform.

Those who have already received any commission should understand the pain of victims. It’s all a circle which the platform owners use to fool unsuspecting investors.

Business bearer

Forex Price Market Ltd is the company name on display at the footer of their homepage. Most users won’t feel the need to conduct due diligence on the company. We did and came up with shocking details.

The company is non-existent and is using the registration details of another company. IFSC does not have a Company with the license number IFSC/60/487/TS/19. It goes to show the extent these scam artists have gone to fool investors.

With the company being non-existent, we have every reason to believe this is a fraud. Imagine depositing funds to unknown people. It’s what investors have been doing all along. We suggest you stay away from the platform or risk becoming another victim.

These are false forex experts who want to take advantage. We hope authorities will act quickly and shut down the entire website.

Comments from users

Affiliate Program Forex Price Market

With over four years online, there’s no positive comment so far regarding the platform. It goes to show the level of fraud the platform has taken. For over four years, no one has come out with proof of withdrawing funds.

There’s not a single shred of evidence of anyone making a profit with the platform. We stand to reason that this is a ridiculous platform with no way of helping investors.

Domain history ( review)

1,768 is the number of days the website has gone live. It means they have been up and running for over four years. The exact date the website went live was on July 21, 2016. A cause for concern is the IP location which reads Singapore.

The platform claims to be registered in Belize but has its IP in Singapore. It goes to show these are offshore scam artists who hide behind various jurisdictions.

ForexPriceMarket License and Registration Details

With proof ForexPriceMarket is using false company registration, it’s clear they aren’t registered. The entire platform is operated by professional scam artists who will do or say anything.

Even with their false registration number, they fail to produce matching documents. The platform should have copies of their registration certificate from IFSC. Without any documents, we can’t rely on a random number.

Over the years, we insist on checking the registration status of crypto and forex investment firms. If a platform is not registered, stay away from it. When a platform has a registration number, confirm with authorities.

Once you note the two matches, the platform is compliant. There’s every reason to believe Forex Price Market is a fraud. Please stay away from it or risk becoming another victim.

Hallmark of ForexPriceMarket

Membership and packages Features

What’s funny with the platform is there’s no mention of any accounts or packages. It seems the platform relies on any deposit to open an account. The problem with this is risking funds for less profit.

Members don’t know the conditions set for trading under one account. Apart from having a low depository amount, there’s no known advantage. The platform should be clear on the conditions available with these accounts.

Payment options

Deposit and payment options are not found on the platform. Investors have been using various payment methods, including Crypto and FIAT.

Trading terminal

The platform offers trading services with an MT4 trading terminal available. When trading, MT4, MT5, and SIRIX are some of the best platforms to use. The only issue is no one gets to withdraw funds with Forex Price Market.

Safety of funds with ForexPriceMarket

There’s an issue with the safety of funds as no one gets to withdraw. We have seen time and time again the problem with anonymous forex investment platforms.

With anonymity comes the risk of not getting the chance to withdraw funds. It’s what’s happening with members of the Forex Price Market.

Scam or Legit ForexPriceMarket

ForexPriceMarket is a scam waiting to steal from any forex investor. Please stay away from them.


ForexPriceMarket Payment Options

Our findings show Forex Price Market has a lot of questions to answer. We have to add it to our blacklist.

Investors should instead look for proven ways of investing in forex. These include using reliable forex trading bots.

Feel free to reach out in case of any questions or review.

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