FoxyCryptoFx Review: An Awful Offshore Broker

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FoxyCryptoFx does not have trading results or client feedback that proves investors are only using their shady entity. Once again, then you won’t get fast trade execution. Instead, you’re going to lose money in the fastest way possible.

FoxyCryptoFx claim to gained success for over 200K investors. The entity only requires traders to choose the asset they desire to trade. The venture is using pop-ups to lure investors into depositing funds with them. Once you visit their website, you keep seeing people that have cashed out huge amounts from different parts of the words.

This should not make you give them funds. Seeing proof of payment like a bank statement would boost the confidence of traders. However, since the dirty scheme is looking for more victims, they cannot avail such data.

FoxyCryptoFx Review, FoxyCryptoFx Company

FoxyCryptoFx also has a bonus for deposits that clients make. The financial watchdogs don’t allow legit entities to offer such lucrative. This is because scammers require traders to meet absurd trading requirements for them to cash out their earnings.

Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions carefully to avoid any surprises. The platform claims it has a proven strategy that generates high Returns. It does not matter the qualification of the compound. You will be able to trade like an expert.  

The company also available trading mentors who guide traded in their activities. A step-by-step guideline Is what you can get after registering with the venture. Unfortunately, the reality is far from the truth once you join this losing scheme. Review

The broker lacks transparency and does not provide the available document to prove that they are working with our highly qualified.  Trusting the anonymous entity shall leave you high and dry. Furthermore, nobody knows the actual area of this entity.

Online investment is not as easy as the scammers make it sound.  The company brags it has over 200 tradable assets. Additionally, they also have an easy-to-use trading interface accessible to all. The broker is a scam that you should avoid. Invest with legit forex companies in the market. 

The platform can be downloaded from their platform.  Sadly, this is a web-based interface that does not have advanced features compared to the MetaTrader. The website was designed for Success.   However,  the Bold claim is unverified. 

FoxyCryptoFx does not have trading results or client feedback that proves investors are only using their shady entity. Once again, then you won’t get fast trade execution. Instead, you’re going to lose money in the fastest way possible.

Trading requires investors to acquire the necessary skills. If you don’t research that money, then you’re going to end up being a victim of these nasty Ponzi schemes. Never take the word of an offshore venture seriously. 

FoxyCryptoFx Trading Conditions

The broken promises leverage 1:500  and tight spread to the client. They also protect customers from negative balance. The company is exposing its customers to spare ribs in which are unworthy.  Several financial regulatory bodies in the industry limit the leverage to 1:50 or 1:30 to protect clients.

 Once you come across a company that is offering a very peculiar amount, you should definitely know that they are not regulated. Furthermore,  the regulatory agency does not allow investment firms to offer attractive bonuses as FoxyCryptoFx advertises.

 It is impossible to identify the trading platform available for clients. Trading conditions of discount not worth the take.  The company is going to leave you devastated with nowhere to turn to once they exit the industry. If you know what best for you, you suggest that you trade with reputable and genuine forex trading entities. 

Trading Accounts

FoxyCryptoFx has five very lucrative trading accounts. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $250.  all the accounts have 24/6 customer support.  An overview of the market is sent daily to the clients. They also send educational materials and conduct live trading to boost the trading skills of customers.

The platform also sends a daily analysis in the form of a video to traders. You also receive an alert of price, helping you to keep watch of the industry. The main difference is that a basic account does not get an account manager to monitor their trade. Review, Accounts

However, the entity assigns a junior account manager on the Bronze account, while there is a senior manager on the silver account. The gold and premium accounts have a VIP dedicated account manager. 

The one-on-one training procedure is available for the Platinum client. But the more there is also a personalized trading strategy available for the platinum and gold account holders.  To enjoy advanced features, one has to pay more. 

 FoxyCryptoFx Withdrawal and Deposit

The traders can deposit funds via wire transfers, Neteller, credit and debit cards, and BPay. We couldn’t verify whether the above-mentioned methods work for clients; however, if you have to test the water with this of showing entity to suggest that the deposit funds via bank card since you have the opportunity to issue charge up from up to 540 days.

You must use a trustworthy payment system to avoid unforeseen risks. FoxyCryptoFx Market traders in the amount that they can cash out. Nonetheless, there is an application fee of 3.5% upon withdrawal. Percentage form charges are unfair to investors. The legit platform usually charges less, creating better conditions for their clients.

The requirements of this suspicious company are baffling and undesirable. The inactivity duration starts counting from 2 months of not engaging in any form of trading. The venture is charging $200 after every two months. The duration is too short. There’s also a maintenance fee of 0.5%, deducted from the total balance every month.

FoxyCryptoFx is a leech that is after traders’ money. They have no intention of transforming the lives of traders. The company does not have a trading history, yet they are overcharging clients. Their outrageous charges do not end there. The broker needs investors to pay a clearance fee of 0.5% to win or lose the trade.

The platform does not feature information regarding the requirement that clients have to make into withdrawal their bonuses. Overall the distasteful venture is not worthy of the risks. Moreover, the fees have been unheard of with reputable firms. 

Regulation Status of FoxyCryptoFx

The company does not disclose the parent company that managed its trading activities. The Venture is purportedly operating from Bulgaria, yet they are not in the database of the financial body of the country. The corporate that handles the payment of the broker is operating from infamous locations. 

TLC Consulting Limited is an offshore firm at Marshall Island. FoxyCryptoFx Partnership with an exposed scam is a huge red flag. Traders’ money is at high risk in this platform. The broker is not working in the top tire financial institution and neither does it segregate clients’ money in a separate account.

Investing with a regulated forex company operating from the EU grants you the possibility of receiving compensations once the entity faces bankruptcy. This is just an iceberg of the benefits that you get from a licensed entity. 

Contact Details and False Clients Testimonials

FoxyCryptoFxroudly proudly features an address in New York. Sadly, this is not the actual location of this Ponzi scheme. They had earlier indicated to be based in  Bulgaria, which was another lie. It’s difficult to determine the actual locale con artists. 

They mislead customers by purporting to be based in well jurisdiction areas. The only possible way of contacting customer support is via email. There are claims that the broker does not respond to questions of Traders or those interested in their services. 

FoxyCryptoFx has several false testimonials. They are using stock images to deceive clients into buying their packages. The broker is not worth the trial. Furthermore, the positive endorsement is only available on their website. We suggest you only pay attention to information from a third party.

Final Verdict

FoxyCryptoFx is a company that will do anything to attract attention from investors. There is no trading taking place. Their association to an infamous company. Invest with the best forex trading companies that have an outstanding reputation.


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