Fscs.uk Review: This is a Dirty Ponzi scheme to Avoid

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Fscs.uk Review
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The company does not have a license. They fail to feature information regarding their legitimacy. It is clear that Fscs.uk is an illegal scheme that does not offer fund safety. Investors will not enjoy fund safety from this scheme.

Fscs.uk is an investment scheme with a strange name. The broker is allegedly dealing with cryptocurrency assets. They welcome traders from all over the world to become a part of them. The entity seems to be involved with various services.

The company is charging a maximum of 5,164.57 EUR in a year. Investors are granted a tax bonus of 34% after they pay their severance fee. The entity does not limit customers on the amount of money that they can deposit.

Fscs.uk Review, Fscs.uk Company

Fscs.uk fails to provide sufficient information regarding their business. The only thing that we know is that both novice and expert traders can join them. It does not matter whether you have experience in trading you are going to earn a high outcome.

Unfortunately, this is an offshore broker that will leave you high and dry. They do not care about the income that you are going to generate. The entity lacks transparency and this is one of the reasons we do not endorse their activities.

You can trade with legit crypto trading platforms that are legit. These are licensed companies that have been in the market for years. You can also see their readily available trading history. Trade with confidence by the trust of the best ventures in the industry!

Fscs.uk Review

The broker is mainly talking about taxation. However, information about the assets that they are offering is left out. The history of their trading activities is also not available. The platform is definitely hiding something.

A legit broker will ensure that it abides with the law. They will provide all the necessary materials that will assist traders to trust them with their money. Several investment firms are genuine and they want to assist investors to have the best engagement.

Do not just jump into the next bus blindly there are several scammers in the industry. They do not care about investors’ experience. All they want is to get hold of your money. The dirty Ponzi scheme will leave you high and dry.

Before anything else, you must check on the legitimacy of an investment firm. Performing thorough research will help you make the best decision in the industry. Ensure you trade with genuine firms that are reputable.

Your money is not safe at Fscs.uk. The people behind this fraudulent firm will wake up one day and decide to close down their website. You need to trade with the assurance that your funds are secure. Your personal information might also land in dirty hands.

Fscs.uk Team

Various financial bodies in the market require investment platforms to reveal their team. This helps in ensuring that qualified personnel handles the funds of investors. Therefore, Fscs.uk has displayed their team to the public.

However, the problem is that they do not show the qualification that these people have. Additionally, the firm is using stock images. It is a big red flag since it shows Fscs.uk is trying very hard to remain relevant.

Fscs Scam Review, Fscs.uk Team

The company is being managed by anonymous individuals. Therefore, it will be impossible to track them down once they exit the market. Nobody will be liable for them once the firm exits the market. There are better legit firms that you can invest in within the market.

Withdrawal and Deposit

The least amount that you can either cash in or withdrawal from Fscs.uk is unknown. The platform chooses to be discrete about such a serious matter. You will sign up with them without knowing what you are getting yourself into.

We also do not know if there are any charges that you are going to experience. Instead of wasting your money on such a venture, you should deal with transparent ventures. All information about the withdrawal and deposit should be uniform and accessible to all.

Fscs.uk Customer Support

Fscs.uk is an investment firm that does not care about its customers. We stand our ground with this claim because the broker does not avail of a method to contact them. The dirty Ponzi scheme fails also to present an office address.

The company is operating anonymously. Why would anyone risk their money with such a broker? It is very unwise to share your personal data with them. The entity will exit the market. Tracing them down will be an impossible task.

Fscs.uk does not care about anyone. It is best to settle with a company that cares about its clients’ well-being. A legit broker will avail all the necessary information that shows their whereabouts. Sharing your personal data with this entity will only lead you to trouble.

The company can choose to contact you without your knowledge. The cold calls are conducted by their sales team that is very convincing. You will buy their narrative and once it comes to get back your money it will be a cat and mouse game.

To reach Fscs.uk investors need to fill in a contact form. There is no need because the entity will ignore you. There is no reason for entrusting your funds to such a Ponzi scheme. They lack transparency which is a big red flag.

Regulation and Registration

The company does not have a license. They fail to feature information regarding their legitimacy. It is clear that Fscs.uk is an illegal scheme that does not offer fund safety. Investors will not enjoy fund safety from this scheme.

The platform does not segregate the funds of investors. They are only looking after themselves. This is a broker that is not guided by terms and conditions. The platform might change its policy at any given time.

Moreover, you risk being charged hidden charges. There is nothing great that will ever come from such a dirty scheme. The broker is not involved in any investment activities. They fail to provide financial reports and hence their promises are fake.

Fscs.uk is a firm will steal all your saving and go back to their business. You need to be cautious with the platform that you deposit funds with. Stay away from this firm at all costs. There are better legit crypto firms in the market.

The Domain Insight

Fscs.uk was established in October 2020.The entity aspires to be in the industry for only one year. We do not know the person responsible for this company. A company that is only registered for a short period is because the people behind the venture will exit the industry when it best suits them.

The platform cares about satisfying its own needs. The traffic visiting the website is also very low. Additionally, the company lacks customer feedback. It is hence impossible to get the experience of those that have used their services before.

Final Verdict

Fscs.uk is a platform that we do not know what exactly they are dealing with. There are several firms that you can use to generate real-time returns. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. Any attempt to contact customer support will hit a hard rock.

There is no phone number or email address. The company is also not licensed which is another big red flag. If you want to trade safe then we suggest that you only deal with the best crypto trading firms that have been in operation for years.

Stay away from suspiciously a shady broker that fails to provide the necessary info. The platforms that lack transparency are dangerous. You will not know what you are dealing with until they exit the market.

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