Furion Global Review: A Controversial Investment Scheme

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Furion Global Review
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The venture states that it has partnered with top liquidity providers in the market. However, this information is not verifiable. Additionally, the firm claims that it has offices all over the world. For starters, this is a firm that is not reputable in the market.

Furion Global is an investment company that claims it is different and unique compared to other investment entities. Their statement is valid because this is a dangerous scam that you should stay away from!

The venture states that it has partnered with top liquidity providers in the market. However, this information is not verifiable. Additionally, the firm claims that it has offices all over the world. For starters, this is a firm that is not reputable in the market.

Furion Global additionally claims that their support and technical team are experienced. Unfortunately, these people do not credit anywhere on the website. We searched thoroughly to see whether this entity has displayed its qualification.

Furion Global Review, Furion Global Company

It has become a norm for scammers to use this tactic to defraud innocent investors. In a real sense, there is no team that is involved. The website is usually run by a single con artist. Moreover, this entity states that it processes the order of its clients at a fast speed.

Therefore, you will not have to wait. Despite this being an offshore venture the firm claims that it offers fund safety to its customers. Moreover, the company brags it provides an MT5 to their clients. We do not recommend them to the member of the public.

Furionglobal.com Review

Furion Global markets itself as a global reputable financial broker. The venture boasts that it has provided its services to multiple investors in the world. It believes it has the best standards in the market. However, the information is misleading and the only thing that you will get from them is losses.

The platform also claims that it presents financial statements for transparency purposes. Sadly, we couldn’t get hold of these documents. The firm additionally claims that it manages the risk of their clients. Therefore, promising the best trading experience.

Furion Global allegedly segregates the funds of investors in separate accounts. They welcome both novice and expert investors to join them. However, you will not find a veteran trader wasting time in a losing scheme like this one.

The company states that it has grown popular in the market due to its use of technology. The venture brags that it offers high-quality services to its clients. Entrusting your funds with this firm will only lead to huge trouble.

Trade with the best forex trading brokers in the globe. These companies are regulated and reputable. You will earn genuine real-time passive income with them without exposing yourself to huge risks. The best ventures offer professional customer support services.

Trading Conditions

Furion Global is trading precious metals, futures, forex, digital currencies, and agricultural products. The registration process in this venture has some hitches. It was not possible for us to test the MT5 trading interface.

The credibility of this entity is lurking. The company is offering leverage of 1:500 and the spread of 0.5 pips for the EURUSD currency pair. The trading conditions of this venture might appear to be tempting to investors but will expose you to big risks.

Nonetheless, the MT5 trading interface is a recommendable thing that the firm has. It has several attractive features like the availability of EAs, options for hedging, trading signals, financial calendars, moving averages, and Fibonacci retracements.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Furion Global is a venture that accepts a minimum amount of $100. They avail two trading accounts for their clients; demo and live standard account. The entity makes a big mistake of not availing a Term and Condition policy.

It is a big red flag since the venture is not guided by any rules. They can choose to do whatever it pleases without facing any repercussion. The venture can also inflict charges that it had not included before putting you at more risks.

Furion Global Regulation Status

Furion Global is an entity that has a regulation document from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). However, there are still some things that the entity does not avail of that make us doubt their legitimacy.

For instance, the firm does not have a Terms and Condition document. Additionally, there are complaints that suggest that this is a scam ripping off investors. We shall be keeping an eye on this firm to update you on any upcoming news.

Furion Global Review, Furion Global Products

The website of Furion Global is anonymous and has not been published at ASIC. The venture is being overseen by Furion Global Capital Pty Ltd. Moreover, we also realized that the license of Furion is canceled by the financial body.

There is a possibility that this is a clone investment venture. The people running this entity have many objectives but generating genuine returns for their clients is not one of them. We recommend that you avoid them!

Contact Details

Furion Global is a broker that claims it has offices in United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Dubai. However, this is a shady platform that does not present an office address.

Therefore, it will be hard trying to get hold of them once the venture exits the market. The entity does not have an email address or a phone number that investors can use. How will you resolve any issue with them?

Furion Global is a dirty investment scheme that does not care about its clients. They are looking for an opportunity to defraud many people as they can. Instead of wasting funds with them find a genuine venture that has a sound customer support team.

The Domain Insight

Furionglobal.com is a platform that made its first digital footprint in the market in November 2020. The company is registered for a period of one year. The entity is anonymous and there is nothing that you can do once its system collapse.

Moreover, the firm has a low Alexa global ranking which is another major drawdown. Investors seem not to be interested in the services of this scam. The best thing is to look for a reputable genuine broker.

Furion Global Client Feedback

Furion Global has acquired a number of negative reviews from investors who have tried out their services. The entity is cold-calling potential clients. Their marketing team is also working hard to get more victims.

We learned that they are contacting investors on Facebook. They offer to train you on forex trading. The individuals state that they are already earning big returns using this platform. It will be hard to resist their offer. This is because from their bio these people are living the dream.

However, you will be surprised because this is just another way of luring you into giving those funds. Furion Global is a fraudulent investment scheme that is not worth your time. Invest with genuine investment entities in the market.

Final Verdict

Furion Global does not seem like a genuine investment scheme. The venture is controversial and has an ideal marketing strategy that is not common with other entities. Additionally, the venture states that it is operating legally but there are several red flags that make us not trust them.

They do not have a terms and conditions policy which brings up the question of how are they managing their business. The information on withdrawal is insufficient and there is a lot that we do not know.

Invest with genuine licensed forex trading brokers that have been in the industry for years. Their trading reports are available to all. Moreover, you can also read their happy clients’ reviews. Trade with caution as there are multiple scammers in the market.


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