Fuslon FX Review: Fuslonfx24.com Crazy Scheme

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Fuslon FX Review
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Fuslon FX did not think it was important to include this information. We could not find any information about the company leaders, either past or present, suggesting that the broker is hiding them to avoid much speculation about their reputation.

Fuslon FX is a fraudulent forex broker masquerading as a reliable firm. It is full of fake promises on how it can turn your financial situation around, such as fast execution, tight spreads, and the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. However, they are unable to deliver on any of these promises. There are many honest and transparent crypto brokers on the internet today, but Fuslon FX is not one of them.

Fuslonfx24.com Review, Fuslon fx Company

To succeed as a trader, you need money, good training, and a reliable broker. Since the forex market requires a lot of money, many retail traders need the assistance of a broker to facilitate margin trading. Unfortunately, it is very easy to fall into the hands of fraudulent brokers. It is thus imperative to be careful about the broker you are investing with.

About Fuslonfx24.com

The website is where all your questions about a company should be answered. However, when we checked this shady firm’s website, we were left with more questions than answers. The broker claims to offer various trading instruments such as stocks, CFDs, commodities, futures, and crypto.

However, there were no conditions involving the accounts, such as the spread, minimum deposit, and other perks associated with any of the accounts. Usually, the account with the most benefits has the highest minimum deposit requirement.

Company Founders

Providing prospective customers with information about the founders and executives aids in building trust. It helps customers to associate the business with a person, thus increasing its reliability.

Highlighting the experience and skill of the company’s founders and leaders can serve as evidence that it is run by informed people with a working grasp of the currency market. The company can also gain credibility by disclosing details about the accomplishments and track record of its founders and leaders.

However, Fuslon FX did not think it was important to include this information. We could not find any information about the company leaders, either past or present, suggesting that the broker is hiding them to avoid much speculation about their reputation. They also could be running other shady businesses and hence remaining anonymous seems like the best option.

Trading Conditions

The spread for EUR/USD was about 0.3 pips, which many traders would find favorable. However, given the broker’s reputation, it is hard to trust them. Also, many brokers are unable to offer such low spreads because it does not make business sense to do so. Since this broker is a scammer, they can make promises of low spreads, even though they may be false. The leverage is at 1:500, which is quite high.

Many novice traders would find this appealing because it allows you to trade even with a small account. However, leverage is like a double-edged sword and can be very dangerous at times. To deposit money, you can use crypto, wire transfer PayPound, and CardPayz. Bear in mind that the last two are unpopular and unreliable.

Regulation and Registration

Fuslon FX claims to be under Top Markets Ltd, an entity registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Hong Kong. This is just an attempt to appear legitimate. However, in Hong Kong, the financial watchdog is called the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), and Fuslon FX or Top Markets Ltd were not found in the SFC online database.

The broker claims to be based in the United Kingdom and has even provided a physical address. However, they did not provide a phone number, which is a requirement for registration. If the broker were based in the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) would have licensed them. However, the broker’s name was not found anywhere on the FCA database.

Final Verdict

Fuslon FX is a scam broker. They have tried to fool us into believing them, but their red flags were too many to ignore. If you want to succeed in the forex trading business, avoid such scammers and instead work with licensed, honest, and reliable crypto brokers. They are numerous in the market, and the registration process is seamless.

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