FX Active Trading Review: Fxactivetrading.com a Racket Broker

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FX Active Trading Review
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FX Active Trading is not an excellent platform for you to waste a single dime of your hard-earned money. The anonymity of the founders shows that the likely primary beneficiaries are the platform owners, and you will not gain any profits.

FX Active Trading is a shady forex broker offshore, yet they aim to deliver excellent trading services. Hence you should expect the use of state-of-the-art technology and strategies to generate profits for you. Apparently, the investment firm has a very murky style of operation, and they showcase multiple red flags. Transparency is always significant in showing reliability. Therefore as you read, this unbiased review on FX Active Trading web is poorly done, and the only agenda they have is to swindle your funds.

FX Active Trading Review, FX Active Trading Company


Meanwhile, there are legit forex brokers that use reliable, tried, and tested methods. They also have risk measures in place to curb losses when the market shifts. The market features very high volatility, and the trade directions that were profiting a while back may not be the same for you. Hence you should have basic trading knowledge and fully understand how the platform operates. Accordingly, trading blindly will only yield more losses, and FX Active Trading is a perfect fit. The investment firm does not have any educational materials to aid newbie investors.

FX Active Trading promises to generate constant profits. We all know this is not true, and trading involves taking risks. So you may attract profit days and vice versa. Scammers will try all sorts of attempts to lure you into making deposits.

Fxactivetrading.com Review

FX Active Trading founders and the team of employees who are responsible for expert services are unknown. Therefore you risk indulging with robbers who are only after your money. Also, you may end up trusting quacks who have no experience in the trading world so that any direction will be misleading to customers. The founders’ data and qualifications the people behind any investment firm boost your trust with any platform to choose to invest with.

FX Active Trading software is suitable for use with Meta Trader 4. Thus to access the software, you can use web trader or download through Appstore and iOS with capabilities to trade anywhere. However, they do not mention how the software works and the kind of algorithm it uses. Even so, relying on automatic trading is highly effective, but the wrong tools will not have such pleasing outcomes. In addition, only scammers are well known for hiding information from traders as they open new Ponzi schemes and proceed to make attempts of swindling funds from innocent and even some expert traders.

How FX Active Trading Operates

FX Active Trading has very minimal data on how they operate on the sales page. They do or have a demo account either to familiarize yourself with how it operates. Consequently, the investment firm showcases so many scam traits that prove there is a hidden agenda. Thus, scammers, a tendency to operate similarly. FX Active Trading will not operate any differently either. You will end up receiving multiple phone calls or alert through emails and various sources. The messages will feature attractive and lucrative deals of bonuses and profit returns that are extremely high.

FX Active Trading only promises these offers, yet we all know such returns within the time they claim are unattainable. Furthermore, once you fall for the catch and proceed to make a deposit, the business ends between you and the platform, so you will have made the criminals rich while causing dents on your wallet. Also, trade results are essential in letting you know the kind of returns you can expect from any investment firm.

FX Active Trading does not have any trade activities taking place, or rather the returns they generate are too low to even brag about. Even so, you should at least find three months or more of past trade results and transactions. Nevertheless, they may also urge you that investments are due a particular month and keep pushing the due date till you give up. Also, your data may get blocked from accessing any of their services.

Funds Safety

The safety of your funds is what should matter first to traders before focusing on profits.  FX Active Trading is not an excellent platform for you to waste a single dime of your hard-earned money. The anonymity of the founders shows that the likely primary beneficiaries are the platform owners, and you will not gain any profits.  There is no banking information available to show that traders’ funds are in good condition.

In addition, FX Active Trading does not have a refund policy, and once your money is gone, you will go through a hectic recovery process that will lead nowhere. There is also no data showing successful payments of profits by the broker. They will result in holding your money for a long while you expect massive returns.

FX Active Trading Clients Feedback

FX Active Trading has no positive feedback all over the internet and intact. They have a terrible reputation instead. Customer feedback always shows the kind of treatment that you will gain. Also, you do not expect to receive any different treatment. Testimonials are beneficial in luring traders into investing more in the platform. However, beware of fake customer remarks that have been made up to seem legit.

Fxactivetrading.com Review, Fxactivetrading.com Awards

FX Active Trading uses stock images and fake names of happy traders who allegedly claim to have attained massive profits from the platform. Meanwhile, you will even be shocked to realize that the “happy customers”  have no realization of the company’s existence. Hence you should always be capable of verifying any data. They further claim to have won various awards that are non-existent in the trading world.

Regulation and Customer support

FX Active Trading does not fall under any regulatory body. It is illegal in most countries, if not all, to generate funds from citizens without adhering to regulatory measures. In addition, regulated forex brokers that you can count on to make profits will always feature all verifiable proof of the same. The founders and team of employees behind FX Active Trading face criminal charges because they hide ama information.

On the other hand, unregulated platforms will try and find their way with such data since they cannot afford regulation fees.  The venue may break trade guidelines whenever they feel like it. Working contact support is beneficial to boosting your trust with the company. The company does not hold any means traders can reach them, and once all your funds are gone getting in touch is a mystery.

Final Verdict

FX Active Trading does not operate with any legal, regulatory awareness. They may break trade guidelines however they feel like. They also do not seem to have any trade activities taking place. The unavailability of trade results can confirm this. Before you make any investment steps with any entity, you should first ensure the level of transparency they showcase.

Multiple customers are even seen to be complaining of the kind of losses they have had to face. Hence this is a significant warning to avoid the company. Inviting your friends and family through an affiliate program will only lure them closer to scammers and being victims of scams. Accordingly, you can choose reliable forex brokers that operate via reliable measures and generate good returns for you.


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