FX Capital Options Review: Fxcapitaloptions.com An Imperil Broker

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  • Regulation
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FX Capital Options is an online trading platform that looks forward to providing swift and secure investment services. They mainly seem to focus on forex trading. However, any investor with experience in the trading world would first pay attention to several factors before making any investment decisions. Thus you should consider the same before investing your hard-earned money in the platform.

FX Capital Options is unreliable, and as you read this impartial review on the company, we highlight some of the red flags they expose. 

FX Capital Option Company

Meanwhile, these forex brokers show commendable transparency, and you can rely on them. Unlike FX Capital Options, they apply tried and tested traits that will attract reasonable profits your way. The trading world is not. Childs play.


Scammers will promise a walk-in-the-park trading experience but with no special techniques of attaining the same results. FX Capital Options is poorly designed, and they omit essential data on their sales page.

Additionally, they require you to set up an account and start earning mysterious profits. Also, you do not have to necessarily invest any money since you can benefit from their affiliate marketing and earn commission from their deposit. Do not invite any of your friends and family because you will expose them to scam potentials. As you read further, you will end up reconsidering investment decisions with the company.

Fxcapitaloption.com Review

Fxcapitaloption.com fails when it comes to transparency. They do not reveal the kind of algorithm it uses in operation or even how they operate. Accordingly, you should fully understand how the company maneuvers before investing your hard-earned money. Automated trading is preferable to humans since they do not mix trade with emotions.

Also, the trading world faces vast competition, and scammers try to take advantage of the vast competition in the market. Thus you might end up purchasing the wrong tools without proper research. FX Capital Option fails to unravel information on the founders and that of the employees.

Therefore how they deliver expert-level services with any evidence of qualifications is a mystery. The company will provide trade directions and advice that may be misleading to customers. FX Capital Option requires you to share personal data, but the same info might fall into the hands of criminals. Furthermore, it is improbable for anonymous people to make profits for you. 

How Fxcapitaloptions.com Operates

Fxcapitaloptions.com does not have a suitable style of operation, and they only seem to have an interest in your money. Accordingly, you ought to understand fully how the company operates before investing your money. The investment firm maintains anonymity which is commonly a trait used by scammers. Hence you should not expect them to function any differently. 

Scammers like FX Capital Options will find ways to get you into making a deposit and seize alleged one-time opportunities. Moreover, when you fall for the bait, they use they will end up denying you access to any of the services they offer. They may even result in cutting off communications with you. FX Capital Options promises massive investment returns, yet how they attain the same is unknown.


Fraudulent schemes will even use absurd bonuses just to get hold of funds. FX Capital Options does not have any evidence of successful transactions made by customers, and you should not expect some sort of preferential treatment. In addition, determining the kind of returns to expect from the entity past trade data for three months or more is of value. 

FX Capital Options claims to have a place for all sorts of investors. However, they do not have any helpful tools to aid novice traders. They are so trading without education and understanding of how the trade world functions are not recommendable.

Fxcapitaloptions.com Review, Company

Funds Safety of Fxcapitaloptions.com

FX Capital Options does not have any security assurance of your money. Also, not only do you risk losing all your funds’ data as well may fall into the hands of criminals. Additionally, funds safety is a vital factor to consider.

Thus you should fully understand how the company functions before investing your money. FX Capital Options does not have a demo account that lets you familiarise yourself with the company before investing real money.

The company does not feature any successful transactions to affirm that traders can swiftly transact in the company. They assure customers of secure investment, but no security measure is visible for the same purpose. Furthermore, they do not feature any banking details to prove that your funds are indeed safe.

Hence the only likely ones to benefit from the services they offer are the anonymous people behind the company. They might even be keeping your money in personal accounts while you wait for imaginary profits.

Deposit and Withdrawals

FX Capital Options does not explain to its traders what is the minimum trade amount. Furthermore, they do not unravel the funding options you use to put money into your account. Thus you should always consider the credit/debit option since they allow a chargeback of up to 540 days.

Also, the company does not have a refund policy that you can use to reclaim your money in case the services they offer do not please you.FX Capital Options does not have any evidence of successful withdrawals made by customers. So you will have a hard time trying to access your funds after trading.

You should have full access to your funds fast, if not instant, and the company exposes a lot of red flags to serve as a warning. The company does not reveal how long withdrawal request takes,  and they will hold onto your funds for as long as they possibly can.,

Fxcapitaloptions.com Customer Support

FX Capital Options does not maintain any contact with you once they have your funds. The company does not feature any reliable contact information such as email or telephone contact. Thus response to your queries or getting any assistance will be a difficult task.

Accordingly, working customer support helps in gaining more trust between you and the company. They do not provide any location address as well, and scammers will often maintain anonymity. Also, how FX Capital Options delivers friendly customer support is unknown and questionable.


FX Capital Options does not have to adhere to any regulatory measures. Also, they do not fall under any regulatory body or feature any regulatory certificates for the same purpose. Unregulated companies do not last long in the market, and they make up false data to confuse customers.

However, you can rely on these regulated forex brokers for transparent services. You can easily find and verify the regulation data they provide. Unregulated companies will end up breaking trade guidelines as they please. Also, the founders of the company risk facing criminal charges, and it explains why similar details are missing. 

Final Verdict 

FX Capital Options does not feature any past trade data to determine what to expect from the company. They do not fall under any regulatory body; hence they are illegally generating funds from the public while purporting to offer trading services.

Nothing FX Capital Options promises traders are sensible, and the company is only after your funds. Thus you should consider these reliable forex brokers for attractive returns. You will enjoy a pleasing trade experience through tried and tested strategies.


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