Fx Expert Trade Review: fxexpertrade.com A CNMV Blacklisted Company

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FX Expert Trade Review
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FX Expert Trade investors can diversify on the various assets the venture presents. They can trade on forex, crypto, stocks, or commodities. Unfortunately, this broker only lists these products, but there is no actual investment taking place.

FX Expert Trade is a platform operating without having a parent company. This is not the only red flag that we detected from this broker. The firm opening remarks are they will help you attain financial freedom. A slogan is common with all Ponzi schemes in the industry.

There is nothing positive about this entity. The focus of the scheme is the well-being of investors. They advertise several assets that clients can exploit. However, you can never meet your financial goals with a blacklisted investment scheme.

FX Expert Trade is unfit to be in the market. They claim to have a powerful trading machine, but this is another fat lie. The platform mainly focuses on cryptocurrencies trading activities. You can trade with a mobile phone.

FX Expert Trade Review, FX Expert Trade Company

The entity is also working as an exchange. You should not give them access to your funds. Otherwise, you will lose it all. The scheme lacks transparency, and they do not disclose the experts behind their platform.

Often, you find that a group of scammers come together, set up a website, fill it with fluff content, and start their business. They lack the skills to run an investment scheme successfully. Investors need to be keen as there are thousands of fake entities in the industry.

Fxexpertrade.com Review

Instead of utilizing their website space effectively by explaining the technique, they are using. FX Expert Trade is providing basic info clarifying what cryptocurrencies are and their benefits. We were also shocked to understand that the entity is trading forex.

They do not have a trading platform, and neither do they disclose the currencies pair’s available for investors. The scheme fails to feature the leverage and spread available for clients. Choosing this entity shall lead to futile results.

FX Expert Trade is also trading binary options. These are assets that allow investors to speculate whether the price of a product will increase or decrease. It is more of gambling, and this is why the EU government has banned this activity.

Therefore, this scheme cannot be operating from the United Kingdom legally. Their trading conditions are not as per the requirements of the jurisdiction. Even if the venture has a trading advisory, it cannot yield these ridiculous profits.

Invest with the best cryptocurrency trading bots in the market. These ventures have been in the market for years. They are reliable, and traders can view their trading results whenever they please. They have also enforced top-notch security protocols to protect the funds of investors and their data.

Features of FX Expert Trade

The entity has an affiliate program. There are three levels that clients can use to increase their earnings. The company also has a comprehensive educational program that aims to assist traders. The information pertains to trading strategies, guides, and tutorials to assist clients in making a sober decision.

FX Expert Trade investors can diversify on the various assets the venture presents. They can trade on forex, crypto, stocks, or commodities. Unfortunately, this broker only lists these products, but there is no actual investment taking place.

The scheme additionally assures investors they can utilize the professionals to build a strong financial background. Sadly, the experts that the scheme is bluffing about are ghost workers. You will only lose funds by believing the narrative that the scheme promises.

FX Expert Trade Investment Plans and Returns

The venture has four trading accounts. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $500. It is beyond the market standard since legit entities accept low amounts up to $10. The starters account has a deposit bonus of 5%, a senior broker, and a beginner guide.

The entity claims it has several payment options. However, they do not display them. We suspect they are using crypto payment since it is ideal for them to retain funds in the system.

Fxexpertrade.com Review, Fxexpertrade.com Plans

The basic plans require traders to cash in $1,000. They, in return, receive a 10% deposit bonus, basic guides, and a senior broker. The pro package has expert professional broker advisors, pro guides to help clients trade effectively, and a bonus of 15%.

The executive plan is the most expensive, with several benefits. It comes with an executive broker, a 20% bonus, executive guides, and 24/7 support. The entity does not reveal the returns that clients are subjected to, but it guarantees to make investors rich.

Contact Details and Customer Support

FX Expert Trade features an address showing it has an office in the United Kingdom. They do not have a phone number, and the only way you can reach the venture is via email. A company that does not care about its PR should be your option.

The broker chooses to operate in this manner to conceal their tracks. The investors and the authority can’t go after them. One should tell you this is a Ponzi scheme because they lack adequate funds to hire professional support. Nonetheless, they claim to have a team available 24/7.

If they are genuine as they claim, then FX Expert Trade should have a social media presence. Moreover, the actual location of the company remains a mystery. Scammers usually display false addresses to appear reputable.

The scheme lacks transparency, and this is why you should not gamble with your safety. You should not share personal information with the venture. After exiting, the con artists will still come back. They will use the data that you had previously shared with them. The worse thing that can happen is the entity selling your info to a third party.

Regulation Status of FX Expert Trade

FX Expert Trade should have a license from the FCA since they purport to have offices here. Unfortunately, after checking the firm’s database, we did not find the scam in the list. They are therefore targeting United Kingdom citizens illegally.

Moreover, the Spain regulatory body has slapped this Ponzi scheme with a warning. They are blacklisted, and investing with such a broker is putting your finger on the fire. It is an offshore platform that does not respect the rules of regulatory bodies.

FX Expert Trade will not compensate investors after exiting the market. You should invest with an entity that respects the financial watchdogs. You will enjoy top-notch security, and your funds will be segregated in separate accounts.

The FCA does not allow investment schemes to offer lucrative bonuses to investors. Moreover, FX Expert Trade fails to feature its bonus policy. There is usually a hefty trading volume traders must meet.

The Domain Insight

It is still a surprise that FX Expert Trade survived in the market for over a year without being exposed. The entity uses a stock image to present its top trade account manager. They leave out qualifications that can show his prowess. They are not getting much traffic on the website. The domain registration was in January 2020. They renewed it in 2021. It shall expire in 2021.

Final Verdict

FX Expert Trade features clients’ reviews in statement form. There are no profiles, screenshots, or trading performances to prove the scheme is profitable. The information is biased, and Ponzi schemes usually leave out these materials to attract more fraudsters.

Invest with a licensed crypto trading company that has several reviews from traders on third-party websites. They take care of their customers’ needs. These ventures are transparent. You can also check out their results.

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