FX-globalstocktrade Review: A Dubious Broker

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FX-globalstocktrade Review
  • Regulation
  • Fund Safety
  • Customer Support


FX-globalstocktrade does not appear under the radar of a legit regulator. It is illegally generating funds from the public while purporting to offer investment services. Different countries have responsible organs for authorising and regulating investment firms.

FX-globalstocktrade is an alleged expert in binary options trading. The investment firm guarantees 100% satisfaction through expert services. Traders can benefit from various financial markets. Before opting to trade in any entity, several factors are to be considered. Also, as you read this impartial review on FX-globalstocktrade, we highlight the ambiguity it exposes. You end up reconsidering investment decisions with the company.

FX-globalstocktrade Review, FX-globalstocktrade Company

FX-globalstocktrade aims to make trading a walk in the park. If trading were this easy, everyone would benefit from the niche. Relying on the wrong tools attracts adverse outcomes. You encounter numerous red flags we highlight as you read further. At first glance, the website exposes the ambiguity it tries to hide. Investing in various financial markets is highly competitive.

Fraudsters exist daily. You come across attractive investment outcomes estimates. Moreover, achieving similar returns is the central puzzle. FX-globalstocktrade does not make any sense on the services it promises traders. Meanwhile, these reliable forex investment firms apply tried-and-tested strategies. Through a reliable approach, you are sure to enjoy profiting returns on your funds. The investment firm offers trading services to 99% of countries globally. FX-globalstocktrade guarantees low-cost and secure trading. 

Fx-globalstocktrade.com Review

Fx-globalstocktrade.com does not elaborate on its software’s algorithm to stand out from competitors. Automated trading is highly preferable to humans due to non-emotional mix-ups with trading directions. Scammers also promise state-of-the-art technology and services. You sign up only to experience shocking results. It’s best to stay cautious and avoid awful tools.

The investment firm aims to avail investment services to all sorts of traders. Beginners require helpful academic materials to aid their understanding of operations. Scammers guarantee the best academic assistance. You come across basic information you can easily access online for free. Investing without proper education or understanding of the market is inadvisable.

No expert trade is likely to waste time or money in the company. The cryptocurrency niche experiences bullish and bearish conditions. With proper academic knowledge, you can take the best action during the dip.

FX-globalstocktrade guarantees traders a 100% return on ROI. How it manages to generate consistent outcomes is unknown. There is no such thing as constant investment outcomes. While trading, you encounter losing returns. You can limit losses by setting up stop-loss among convenient risk measures. Nothing it promises traders is sensible. 

FX-globalstocktrade Account and Trading Conditions

FX-globalstocktrade presents copy trading as the winning strategy. Social trading is not the most convenient investment approach. Investing in the trade directions benefits the account managers and does not assert the result of profit when you trade.

Fx-globalstocktrade Review, Fx-globalstocktrade Scheme

FX-globalstocktrade features Mini, Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts. However, their investment plans do not have any variance to persuade you to make more payments. It estimates generating 15% ROI daily up to 12 times. Traders can invest $300 -$100000. It claims to have more than 245 million trades completed, 45+ on withdrawals and 145k active traders. 

There is no evidence of trading activities taking place. It is likely making adverse outcomes, and it explains why similar data is missing. Trade history for three months or more assists in determining the outcomes to expect. The investment firm claims to feature reliable news and market analysis data. The same data barely has any updates, and it’s from mysterious third parties.

How fx-globalstocktrade.com Operates

Fx-globalstocktrade.com does not introduce any recommendable strategy for operation. Besides, you encounter numerous resemblances to scamming entities. Expecting any preferential treatment from fraudsters is absurd. Consider business between you and hoaxers over upon investing your money. It results in denying access to its services or even your account.

FX-globalstocktrade estimates attractive returns on investment. The outcomes it estimates are improbable to generate even for well-established entities. Fraudsters promise traders a bonus on the first deposit to 100% or more. You hardly have access to the reward money even after meeting the tasks ahead.

FX-globalstocktrade not only fails to showcase transparency in its operation. There is no data regarding its founders or team of employees. It claims to have ten years of experience in financial markets trading. There is no qualification evidence to prove expertise. You risk relying on trading directions from people who do not have a clue or market operations. 

Scammers maintain anonymity. They end up creating clone entities and attempting to defraud more money from innocent traders. It immediately requires you to sign up and enjoy profiting outcomes. However, during the registration process, you provide personal data. Yet it hardly follows suit in availing transparency.

Client Feedback

FX-globalstocktrade claims to have numerous traders benefiting from its operation. There is no single positive feedback from its customers to prove similar information relevant. Testimonies welcome you into a trading entity.

FX-globalstocktrade features numerous testimonials from traders allegedly satisfied with its services. Fraudsters pay professionals to write positive reviews. The information contains stock images. To your shock, the people whose information appears hardly have a clue about FX-globalstocktrades’ existence. 

Therefore you should quickly notice and tell any ambiguity visible. It claims to have won numerous awards non-existent in the real market. It would be best if you verified any testimony with trade evidence.

Funds Safety

FX-globalstocktrade claims to provide secure Investments. Moreover, investing even a single coin in the company is at your own risk. The safety of your money is a top factor to consider in any platform. It does not mention any segregation of funds or convenient protection of your money.

The investment firm has no evidence of swift transactions by traders. It only appears to benefit the unsung people behind its operation. Scammers keep your money in a personal account while you wait for mysterious profit. FX-globalstocktrade does not have a trial account to familiarise its operation before investing money. There is no bank information to affirm your money is secure.

Deposit and Withdrawal

FX-globalstocktrade accepts payments via various means. Scammers encourage payments through non-refundable options. Wire transfers and cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. It’s best to consider the Credit or debit options for chargeback up to 540 days. FX-globalstocktrade does not include a refund policy.

FX-globalstocktrade does not have any evidence of successful withdrawal by its traders. You are likely to experience a tough time when it comes to accessing your money. The investment firm does not have a withdrawal policy explaining similar terms. Hoaxers find ways to hold your money for a long. Eventually, it creates ways to disappear your funds without a trace. 

Customer Support

FX-globalstocktrade location address is 66 Great Suffolk Street, London, United Kingdom. Extensive research proves that the location information is made up. There is no certainty in the customer support data available. You can reach the company through a section available on the website. To access the telephone contact, you have to be a VIP member.

Hoaxers result in cut-off communications upon receiving your money. You should receive an instant reply to your query, if not first. Working with customer support helps to build trust with the company. FX-globalstocktrade aims to provide a friendly interface that is not easily attainable without proper customer relations.

Regulation Status of FX-globalstocktrade

FX-globalstocktrade does not appear under the radar of a legit regulator. It is illegally generating funds from the public while purporting to offer investment services. Different countries have responsible organs for authorising and regulating investment firms. The Financial Conduct Authority authorises and licences investment firms in the UK. The FCA is not responsible for its operation and does not recognise FX-globalstocktrade.

Moreover, these regulated forex investment firms show commendable transparency. You can easily find and verify the regulation data available with responsible watchdogs. It fails to provide data regarding founders and employees. They risk facing criminal charges for illegal operations.

Final Verdict

FX-globalstocktrade does not seem to focus on trading. You should research thoroughly and read reviews from reliable sources before investing. You encounter several red flags that you should not ignore. Accordingly, these reliable forex investment firms attract a pleasant trade experience. You rely on an a-reliable strategy, unlike FX-globalstocktrade.

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