FX Swiss Exchange Review: Fxswiftexchange.com Terrible Scam

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FX Swiss Exchange Review
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FX Swiss Exchange is collect money by purporting to be a forex broker, but it seems there is no trading taking place as there is no trading platform. Fund safety is not something you should expect from this venture. The scheme claims it has a license from SVG.

FX Swiss Exchange is a cheeky investment company. The scheme boldly claims it provides a solution to the financial problems of users. The main focus of the scheme is to provide services that are satisfactory to trades. They put their customer fast.

FX Swiss Exchange Review, FX Swiss Exchange Company

The main question going in the mind of users is whether this is a trustworthy scheme. Multiple investors in the market believe that this is a huge crypto scam in the marking. In this review, we shall provide insight into how the platform is operating. We hope this information will be helpful.

The distasteful feedback from their customers is the main reason we don’t endorse fxswiftexchange.com. The entity is being accused of stealing the data of their customers and using it to profit themselves. It only accepts funds via cryptocurrency. Therefore, you cannot issue a chargeback.

We are not surprised that the scheme is asking for hidden fees from traders. The support will never respond to the query you make. The entity is also allegedly offering forex services despite not stating the currency pairs available for customers or the trading conditions.

The company is new in the market, but this has not stopped them from stealing from innocent traders. Please do not be naive to be their next victim. We cannot find any advantage of trading with this rogue broker.

Fxswiftexchange.com Review

FX Swiss Exchange assures investors it has invested heavily in their safety. However, they do not reveal the bank it uses to segregate the funds of traders. You cannot be blind to believe the information provided by an anonymous scheme. For all, we know the entity may be lying.

The firm uses generic information to show traders how they can make money by trading and mining crypto. The venture is generating a profit by trading on various exchanges. They believe that transparency is what sets them up from their competitors. However, the firm fails to feature its trading results.

The scheme claims it is the best in the industry. They are using trading bots, and they rely on the team. FX Swiss Exchange allegedly is mining, but we cannot seem to find the location of their mining farm or the software the firm is using. Investors must run a thorough background check on a scheme before depositing their hard-earned money.

The venture features statistics to show how the firm is performing. It takes time for every business to acquire customers. Therefore, the figures that this scheme is displaying are not trustworthy. Over 50k customers are satisfied with the result of the entity, yet there are no clients’ reviews. This does not make sense.

Trade with top cryptocurrency companies that are licensed. These are ventures with great trading conditions. They operate legally and meet their promise to investors. Their team is also qualified and credited.

FX Swiss Exchange Trading Conditions

FX Swiss Exchange has a web-based interface which is not ideal for trading forex. Investors need a superior platform like MT5. The broker has three investment plans. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $1000. This is beyond the market standard as several entities accept $200 and other less up to $10.

This entity is shady, and its plans are exploitive. Their trading conditions are also not known. The platform has a deposit bonus, but they do not feature information showing the requirements that customers need to meet to cash out. No wonder their customers are accusing the firm of having hidden charges.

They have risk-free trade for the Damond and Gold accounts. Full training is only available in the Diamond plan. Every trader who signs up with the venture should get educational material to boost their trading experience. Unfortunately, we cannot validate that the information you get is worth your money. They also do have signals available for the two most expensive accounts.

The leverage and spread information for forex traders are not available. We doubt there are forex services available for investors. The scheme is bogus, and their main focus is getting investors to deposit in their scheme.

FX Swiss Exchange False Testimonials

The information praises FX Swiss Exchange as being the best investment scheme. Investors settled with the broker after looking for a trustworthy firm. The support is receiving credit for being reliable and responding on time.

Fxswiftexchange.com Review, Fxswiftexchange.com Testimonials

In a matter of days, the account of users is buffing up with huge returns. However, this is a nasty venture that is using stock images. Therefore, you cannot rely on this information as it is a way of manipulating traders. This platform will defraud you and carry on with its business.

The team the venture keeps bragging about is anonymous. Therefore, we can all agree that they lack the capacity to take your trading activity to the next level. The dirty platform degrades itself by using an old unethical trick of false testimonials. A legit venture will have reliable feedback from users.

Contact Details and Customer Support

FX Swiss Exchange has two office addresses, one from China and the other one from the USA. However, we do not know the exact area of operation of the entity. Them being fraudulent, they prefer remaining anonymous not face criminal charges for conning traders.

The scheme has a VoIP phone number from the USA. It will not go through once things turn ugly. The platform will cut you off after you run out of funds. There is also an email address to which we doubt the company will respond to your emails.

Regulation Status of FX Swiss Exchange

The company is accepting traders from every corner of the earth. You will see pops indicating new traders that have earned using the broker. This information does not have names, links to use social media pages or pictures. So how do we verify that this is genuine information? We cannot.

FX Swiss Exchange is collect money by purporting to be a forex broker, but it seems there is no trading taking place as there is no trading platform. Fund safety is not something you should expect from this venture. The scheme claims it has a license from SVG.

Saint Vincent and Grenadines island does not have a regulator for online services. Therefore, this is an illegal venture that can disappear from the face of the earth without leaving traces. Furthermore, the government of the USA has strict rules for investment schemes.

FX Swiss Exchange is not on the list of authorized ventures. They need to deposit $2 million in their name and work with a reputable tier 1 bank. The platform must also report its daily trading activities to the financial watchdog. This helps in ensuring traders’ money is used for the intended purpose.

Final Verdict

FX Swiss Exchange is unprofessional, which can be seen in the multiple grammatical errors on their webpage. The venture also boasts it has been in the market since 1999, but Whois data indicate it was founded in 2020. The founders are working hard to remain anonymous.

The three investment plans are useless and show no forex trading activities taking place in the scheme. Furthermore, the mining activities the scheme insinuate to be involved in are not taking place. The entity fails to disclose the equipment it uses to mine, the coins they are mining, and the location of farms.

Invest with legit cryptocurrency investment firms. These are companies that do not lure investors with malicious bonuses. The schemes are reputable and transparent. You can rely on them to generate passive income.

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