Fxleveragetrade Review: Fxleveragetrade.com A Confusing Company

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FxLeverageTrade.com Review
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FxLeverageTrade is guaranteeing to transform the lives of their customers. We are yet to see anyone that can attest to their allegations. The information of the account manager is missing how can you trust ghost workers with your hard-earned money?

FxLeverageTrade markets itself as the most secure cryptocurrency and forex trading company on the planet.  The platform allegedly has designed the best bot to help investors generate real-time returns. You can use any gadget to yield the desired outcome.

FxLeverageTrade Review, FxLeverageTrade Company

The venture allegedly has the best team with years of experience. They are the ones responsible for the great success of the firm. The company has ignited the interest of traders, especially those with inadequate skills on how the online venture works.

Unfortunately, FxLeverageTrade is nothing but a get-rich-quick scheme. The entity forgets to credit the team it speaks highly of. Their faces and experience are not featured. We believe that this is nothing but a mare bluff. Investment schemes that operate anonymously are Ponzi schemes.

The assets that the company is dealing with are highly volatile. Therefore, you should be skeptical when their marketers approach you promising high returns. The images that the scheme provides to showcase their account managers are unreliable. This is another attempt of the firm to remain relevant and appear transparent in the public’s eye.

The reality is that you cannot entrust your funds to this shady firm. The company does have an SSL certificate, but this does not guarantee that your data is secure. The platform can violate your info, considering they do not have a license. To be on the safe side, we suggest you only deal with ventures that provide all the relevant business data.

FxLeverageTrade.com Review

The company is less than a year old. They are also not reputable in the industry. 8 months is enough duration for them to have shown their trading performance. The scheme is allegedly offering crypto, binary, and forex services. However, the technique which the firm deploys remains a big mystery.

Since the scheme is collecting funds from traders across the globe, it is fit for them to acquire a license. FxLeverageTrade allegedly states it has a license from ASIC but fails to provide proof. The qualification of their account manager is unknown.

For all, we know they may be inexperienced. We cannot trust the entity without them having a trading record. It has become the custom of con artists to set up an investment scheme, fill it with fluff content and target naive traders. They lure you using false promises like how they will make you rich within a short period.

FxLeverageTrade is being run by unethical crooks. Invest with a legit cryptocurrency trading company that is actually trading and has relevant proof. Their happy client testimonials speak on behalf of the ventures.

Investment Plans and Profits

FxLeverageTrade welcomes investors with a fat commission. All you have to do is invite new victims, and you get a bonus of 10%. If you encounter people promoting this company, they want a cut they haven’t gained from the scheme.

If the platform goes down today, the sole beneficiaries are the team and marketers of the entity. The rest will be counting their losses. The shady firm states that it grants users a monthly profit of 90% from their capital. In your account, you will see the total amount that you have generated daily after a week.

The withdrawal requests are handled within  3 days. Ironically, we are yet to see clients that have successfully earned from this system. The deposit process is also fast, but the company leaves out the method of payments available.

Binary Options trading is a hazardous process, and this is the main reason several counties have banned the asset. It mainly relies on investors predicting the price’s move, whether it is increasing or decreasing. Poni schemes usually manipulate prices since this is more like gambling, whereby the house must always win.

Client Feedback

The statistics that the entity provides show it has a large number of clients. They have also successfully traded and won numerous options. They are pulling out an old trick of featuring a new outlet video where finance news anchors discuss Kodak.

FxLeverageTrade.com Review, FxLeverageTrade.com Features

Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with FxLeverageTrade. There is no evidence that this platform is profitable. Investment is all about verifiable proof and facts. Narratives do not work in this industry. It also takes time to generate reasonable returns. You cannot just dive into the market and expect to be rich overnight.

FxLeverageTrade is guaranteeing to transform the lives of their customers. We are yet to see anyone that can attest to their allegations. The information of the account manager is missing. How can you trust ghost workers with your hard-earned money?

Contact Details of FxLeverageTrade

The scheme features an office address, phone number, and email address. The firm allegedly wants investors to believe it is operating from New York. The information is unverifiable. Moreover, given the nature of this scheme, we do not trust them to disclose their real location. The authority would go after them. FxLeverageTrade is more likely to have unprofessional support who will cut communication once you make a deposit.

Regulation Status of FxLeverageTrade

The company claims it has a license from the Australian government. A venture that is capable of faking its regulatory status is hazardous. This scheme fails to provide proof showing their license form. We checked on the regulatory body database to validate if the platform is indeed legal.

Unfortunately, we found the bot missing from the list. Therefore, engaging with this entity is hazardous. They will steal your money and leave the market without notice. FxLeverageTrade does not care about the law.

The scheme does not have a compensation scheme in place. Funds are not segregated. The company can go against its terms by inflicting hidden charges on its customers. Even if you report them to the law, you will still not get help as the platform is anonymous.

Is FxLeverageTrade Legit?

This is a dangerous venture that you should stay away from, and if their marketers contact you, refrain from investing. The entity is a pyramid scheme that is collecting funds from investors without having a license.

They advertise a 10% commission to affiliates. You do not have to deposit money. You can invite a new member once you sign up and start making easy money. It is no surprise if you encounter information on the internet praising FxLeverageTrade as a genuine entity.

This scheme does not have endorsement from their customers. It is a surprise since it brags it has a 90% success score. Legit investment trading software usually gets reviews from those that have tested them. You can use the information to know the services that you can expect.

Final Verdict

FxLeverageTrade is a venture that is not worth the hustle. The scheme has enough red flags to keep you off their platform. They are operating anonymously. Ask yourself what the entity is hiding if at all they are genuine. The criminals behind this entity’s sole interest are getting their hands at traders’ funds.

The performance of their trading bot is not verified or audited. We do not even know if there is software being provided. The feature we have discussed shows how unethical this entity is and why you should not grant them the benefit of the doubt.

Invest with the best cryptocurrency trading companies that are genuine. These are the best platform in the market with unbeatable records. You shall have peace of mind knowing that your info is secure.

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