FXMarkets.live Review: You Should Avoid this Forex Broker

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FXMarkets.live Review
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FXMarkets.live is unworthy of investors’ trust. The entity will choose to exit the market at its own will. This could either be due to being exposed or once there is no more money coming into their system. Unregulated offshore ventures are very dangerous.

FXMarkets.live is a company that is operating as it pleases. The entity is offering a number of assets which include; stocks, Forex, cryptos, and indices. Investors can sign up and start trading immediately or open a free demo account for 30 days.

They have leverage that is too lucrative and enticing. However, this exposes traders to numerous risks. You can lose all your money in an instance especially if you are a newbie. We recommend that you stick to caps that are reasonable and that the regulatory bodies permit.

FXMarkets.live also brags that it offers customer support around the clock. It is another ploy to lure in innocent investors in their dirty schemes. You will not get anything positive from this broker.

FXMarkets.live Review, FXMarkets.live Company

Instead of wasting your valuable time and funds. We recommend that you only trade with reliable genuine forex trading companies in the market. You will enjoy fund safety from these entities. Moreover, these platforms targets being in the market for years.

Nonetheless, this scam brags that it is the best in the market. Sadly, the Ponzi scheme will say anything to get your attention. The firm is not worth your trust. Their trading conditions only look after their greedy needs.

Fxmarkets.live Review

FXMarkets.live is a company that showers positive remarks on itself. The platform assures traders of fast trade execution and tight spread. If you pay attention to this company and read between the lines you will realize that it is a scam.

The registration process is speedy. The platform wants to defraud investors instantly the moment they sign up. The assets which the firm purports to offers appear to be false. The only products that you can invest in are Binary Options.

We constantly emphasize that this is a dirty investment entity. Binary Options are not ideal for investment. The majority of financial bodies in the world do not license them. Moreover, the assets are considered to be gambling products.

You can lose all your savings. The high leverage that FXMarkets.live promises is a big lie. The company does not have a spread for EURUSD currency pair. The trading conditions which the company avails is a marketing pitch.

The website of this scheme is available in multiple languages. Therefore, they are targeting investors from all over the world. Unfortunately, you will not generate high income if you choose to entrust your funds with this scheme.

Trading Conditions of FXMarkets.live

FXMarkets.live grants their clients’ leverage of 1:500. They also claim to provide their customers with MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. Sadly, this scam does not even have a basic trading interface.

There is no investment activity taking place on this website. Therefore, it is not possible for investors to trade or download the interface. Trusting blindly will only lead to making huge losses. Investors need to be careful because the majority of these platforms are fraudulent.

Withdrawal and Deposits

FXMarkets.live is a typical Ponzi scheme. The firm accepts a minimum deposit of $100. Even though this is at standard market cap it does not change the fact the venture is untrustworthy. Investors can allegedly deposit funds via MasterCard, VISA, Skrill, Neteller, and FasaPay.

Ponzi schemes have a tendency of displaying multiple payment methods. However, in reality, they are not accepting any of the above. They will never permit you to issue a chargeback.

The moment you cash in you automatically lose your money.  FXMarkets.live allow investors to cash in using BTC. All digital currency payments limit investors from getting their money back. The people operating this venture are running the whole show behind closed doors.

Therefore, this is an ideal way of concealing their identity. You will not the wallet or the person that you send money to. It is important that you only deal with brokers that are reputable.

Customer Support and Contact Details

FXMarkets.live is a shady firm that does not feature its geographical location. It eliminates the possibility of their clients tracking them down. The company chooses to operate in a discreet manner that shows they lack transparency.

Nonetheless, the platform features an email address as well as a phone number. This is not a guarantee that the support will contact you. There is a tendency of scammers to blacklist their customers after meeting their objectives.

FXMarkets.live is one of the companies that does not plan on meeting the expectation of their customers. You risk receiving unprofessional treatment from them. The best thing is to invest with reliable firms.

Regulation Status of FXMarkets.live

For starters FXMarkets.live is a clone investment scheme of an entity known as Fpmarkets.com. The company is operating without following any rules that have been set up by the government. The firm is not licensed by the government.

Nonetheless, this scam brags that it is licensed to operate all over the world. This is a lazy platform that copy-pastes information from legit entities in the market. They lack originarity and the best thing to do is to look for other alternatives.

The information that the company presents is false. Entrusting your money with this platform will automatically lead to making losses. They are not interested in generating a passive income for the members of the public.

FXMarkets.live is unworthy of investors’ trust. The entity will choose to exit the market at its own will. This could either be due to being exposed or once there is no more money coming into their system. Unregulated offshore ventures are very dangerous.

Clients Feedback

The company has managed to get a number of negative reviews from its customers. The platform is being termed as a scam. The entity does not have trading conditions. Expect them to have hidden charges for their clients.

Investors cannot view their trading history. Moreover, FXMarkets.live is also trading on behalf of their customers. Moreover, they keep demanding more money once you try cashing out.

The venture has no intention of generating passive income for investors. The best thing that you can do is to trade with caution. There are better alternatives that you can use. You also need to be careful because the entity is using false information to lure in innocent people.

The Domain Insight

The company states that it has been in the market for years. Unfortunately, a quick search on whois.com will show you that FXMarkets.live made its first digital footprint in August 2020. The entity plans on being in the market for a period of one year.

This is an unreliable investment platform. They do not plan on being around for long. The moment the company attains its goals it will exit the industry. Instead of wasting your valuable resources and time invest with genuine firms.

Final Verdict

FXMarkets.live is an entity that brags it is a five-star rating investment firm. However, you cannot rely on the information that the venture leaves behind. The company is not worth your time.

Additionally, the company states it has won 40 global awards. Moreover, they also utilize MT4/MT5 trading interface. The people that manage the funds of traders have 15 years of experience. Sadly, these are mere lies which the platform presents.

Invest today with legit and licensed forex trading companies that are actually trading. They have multiple currency pairs that you can use. Invest wisely and avoid companies that operate like FXMarkets.live.

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