FxMetatraders Review: Fxmetatraders.com A  vicious Broker 

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FXMetatraders Review
  • Fund Safety
  • Regulation
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FXMetatraders does not guarantee any safety of funds, and you make deposits at your own risk. The people behind the company do not reveal their identities, and you can hardly count on mysterious people for any profits.

FXMetatraders is an offshore broker that looks forward to doing all the work for you to benefit from online trading. They immediately require you to make a deposit and start earning massive returns. The company brags about having attained enormous growth, and they claim to have more than 5 million customers and counting. Furthermore, they brag about having adjusted to being in line with the ever-changing market.

FXMetatraders Review, FXMetatraders Company

Accordingly, a wise trader will consider several factors before jumping into any trades with the company. You should also pay attention to the same characteristics. Thus as you read this impartial review on FXMetatraders, we highlight the red flags they expose. Also, your funds are at risk, and you might end up changing your mind about taking further steps with them.

Meanwhile, these forex brokers apply tried and tested traits in achieving desirable returns. FXMetatraders only brags about attaining massive returns for traders, but how they do the same is mysterious. Moreover, the trading world is not Child’s play, and you should understand how the company functions before investing your money. The investment firm sales page is poorly done, and they omit essential data.

Fxmetatraders.com Review

Fxmetatraders.com aims to provide a fast and convenient trade tool that is reliable and easy to use. However, they do not avail any details on the kind of algorithm the software operates. Furthermore, automatic trading does not mix trades with emotions, unlike humans. Additionally, you might end up counting on tools that will only attract miserable returns.

FXMetatarders does not even reveal any details of the founders. The team of employees as well hides their data raising more suspicion on their qualifications. Consequently, they brag of high expertise, but without evidence, scammers will claim everything. You risk relying on trade directions and strategies from quacks who have no clue how the market operates. In addition, they claim to have a team of professionals who manage each trading account.

FXMetatraders claims to be the fastest-growing online trading platform. However, the same should reflect in the traffic figures. Scammers are fond of hiding personal information since they open new companies and attempt to rob innocent customers. The entity showcases a poor transparency level, and you cannot count on any promises they look forward to attaining. Also, they mainly seem to focus on; CFDs, Stocks, ETFs, and Forex exchange.

How fxmetatraders.com Operates

Fxmetatraders.com is allegedly the next-generation trading platform that will grant you a trade experience that has never before been seen. Accordingly, they operate anonymously, and the details on how the software functions and the founders and employees are hidden. Thus the company might not have any experience whatsoever on how the trading world maneuvers.

FXMetatraders grants you access to all your favorite assets, and they feature an easy-to-use platform that enables you to invest like a pro. The company also has news and market analysis that is from third parties who are anonymous. Thus you might end up counting on expired information. Furthermore, the trading world faces high volatility. So to protect yourself from massive losses, you should invest with risk management measures such as stop loss-take profit.

FXMetatraders primary mission is to make trades flexible, and they assist in managing your account full time. Also, they do not seem to have a place for newbie traders since they do not reveal any helpful educational tools. To access the service, they offer you can use the mobile app that is downloadable on the play store and AppStore. However, the software is not compatible with meta trader 4 or 5, which are well-established platforms.

FXMetatraders does not have any previous trade transactions to estimate the returns to expect from the company.  Furthermore, they claim to have vast experience, and you should see past trade activities since you will not receive any preferential treatment. The company may be attracting not-so-attractive returns, and such data is not welcoming to feature on the website.

Fxmetatraders.com shows a lot of similar traits that resemble that of scammers. Hence they will not operate any differently. Scammers will persuade you into making deposits by promising attractive returns and bonuses on the first deposit accordingly. Once you fall for the catch and make a deposit, then it’s the end of business between you and them. They may result in denying you access to its services and even cut off communications with you. Nothing they do or promise traders is sensible.

FXMetatraders Funds Safety

FXMetatraders does not guarantee any safety of funds, and you make deposits at your own risk. The people behind the company do not reveal their identities, and you can hardly count on mysterious people for any profits. Furthermore, the safety of your money should be a top priority, and the investment firm just shows a lot of ambiguity to prove otherwise.

Fxmetatraders.com Review, Fxmetatraders.com Features

Once you make a deposit, you have completed the anonymous people behind the company rich. Even so, they do not have any trade transactions to affirm you can swiftly transact in the entity. Also, they brag about having more than 5 million customers benefiting from their services. Yet, they do not even have single positive feedback from the more same investors.

FXMetatraders may only be of benefit to the people behind the company. They may be keeping your money in personal accounts while they persuade you to wait for imaginary returns. They do not feature any banking details to affirm that your funds are in safe hands. You should not rush to make any deposits because they do not have a demo account to familiarize themselves with the company before investing real money.

Deposit and Withdrawals

FXMetatraders minimum deposit amount is $1600. Also, the figure is very costly mainly since it operates with a lot of opacity and has a hidden motive: to rob all your money. Accordingly, they do not reveal what funding options you can use to put money into your account. Therefore you should stick to the credit/debit options since they allow a chargeback period of up to 540 days.

Nevertheless, wire transfer and cryptocurrency transactions are not reversible once you make a deposit. FXMetatraders does not reveal any details on how long it takes to complete withdrawals. There is no evidence of any successful exits, and you will have a hard time trying to access your funds. They may expose you to hefty hidden fees, and since there is no refund policy, you should stay away from the company.

Customer Support

FXMetatraders has a location address; P.O.Box 53786,21 Iridos Street, London UK. However, during our research, the same whereabouts data has nothing to do with the company. In case of any queries, you can reach them via telephone contact or by writing to them via email.

Furthermore working customer support is very beneficial in earning you more trust with the company. It also helps create a user-friendly interface and how they attain the same without good customer service. They will end up cutting off any communications between you and the company.

FXMetatraders Regulation

FXMetatraders does not fall under the radar of any legit regulators in the market. They claim to be in the UK, yet the FCA, responsible for regulation, has nothing to do with the company. Thus they are illegally generating funds from the public while purporting to deliver trading services. In addition, it is illegal in most countries to generate public funds without mandatory following regulation measures.

Unregulated companies barely survive in the market for long. They quickly disappear with all your money, or they break trade guidelines as they please. Therefore, you should count on these regulated forex brokers for sensible profits. Also, unlike FXMetatraders, they showcase a commendable transparency level. You can easily find and verify the regulation documents available.

Final Verdict

FXMetatraders does not have a suitable s6tyle for trading and the people behind the company. Also, they hide personal data because they risk facing criminal charges. They do not follow any trade laws, and once you make a deposit, there is no turning back.

Thus you should count on these forex brokers for a pleasing trade experience.  They apply a reliable trade approach, and you get to enjoy a pleasant trade experience. Thus you should avoid fxmetatraders.com at all costs and warn friends and family.


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