FxMode Review: Can you Really Trust this Shady Bot?

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FxMode Review
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FxMode is a company that does not care about the law. They are not licensed and it will be hard to find them down. Avoid this typical scam by investing with legit forex trading companies in the market.

FxMode is a malicious too good to be true investment scheme. The company makes bold claims of making investors rich within the absurd timeline. The entity allegedly has the capability of generating $34K passive income for their customers.

The firm is using technology to yield these high earnings. Moreover, investors do not need to use any technical skills. You can join in and become the next lucky person. Sound fantastic, right? It is a dream come true, but once you wake up, all your savings will be gone.

FxMode is a Utopia investment scheme. You will not earn such lucrative profits in this world of financial crises. This review is to meant to expose these fraudsters so that they do not exploit innocent traders.

The sales video on their website exposes them. The company claims that its students have already earned a passive income of $10000. They do not have any trading experience or skills. The magnificent trading bot performs all the hard work on behalf of its customers.

Moreover, this trading software is presented as something that will be in the industry for a  year. It does not matter how volatile the industry is. Unfortunately, we do not know the mechanism behind this bot.

FxMode.co Review

FxMode brags that they have a great audience in the world. Additionally, the ghost team has over 11 years of experience in investment. Unfortunately, we do not know who they are or the qualification they possess.

Nonetheless, this entity further states that investors can earn at the comfort of their home. You will only click a few buttons. The main focus of this scam is to educate more people in the world. The company looks more like a gambling site rather than an investment firm.

FxMode claims they get the best trading outcome. Investors who join them will have full access to the trading tool. Additionally, you can open or close the trade at your suitable timeline. The Ponzi scheme does all the hard work for their customers.

The video sounds convincing, but there is no evidence to back up their narrative. The company does not have trading results. Whoever is running this Ponzi scheme is bluffing. Making money is never this easy. Moreover, the trading conditions are not discussed anywhere on their website.

Invest with legit forex trading bots that have been tried and tested. Moreover, these entities provide all sufficient information that you need to gain trust. They use fact and there are testimonials from their esteemed clients.

Investment Plan

FxMode has two investment plans for its clients. You can pay a monthly plan of $295 or a yearly plan of $1995. The entity has expensive packages considering their reputation is at stake. It would be best to avoid them.

Moreover, this Ponzi scheme claims that investors will acquire trading knowledge of their team within 10 minutes. Do not lose money by blindly trusting scammers. The person behind this Ponzi scheme is known as David.

Unfortunately, not enough information shows he is qualified for the job. His past experience in trading is unknown. Additionally, there is no proof of investors earning using this dirty scheme.

Customer Support

FxMode is allegedly generating high income for their customers. However, it seems that this is not enough for them to hire a professional customer support team. The only way that you can reach the support is via email. The shady broker cannot be contacted via phone.

Moreover, the venture does not have a physical address. We do not know their area of operation. It is a common method that scammers use to conceal their real identities. This eliminates the possibility of being put behind bars.

The moment you deposit funds at FxMode, you lose access. The company will never respond to the email that you send trying to go after your money. It is best to invest only with reputable brokers that have a proven trading history.

Regulation and Registration

FxMode is ignorant about the law. The platform is neither registered nor regulated by any financial body in the market. Therefore this entity is operating on its own accord. Additionally, there is no corporate that manages its business.

It is evident that the company is run by one person. Trusting them only leads to loss of funds. The trading bot is collecting money from traders across the world. Unfortunately, they do not meet the qualification of a legit platform.

FxMode Review, FxMode Features

To run an investment venture, the entity needs to acquire a license. The person managing this scam purports to be from the USA. However, this is one of the areas that have strict requirements for investment companies.

FxMode is not guided by any rules and regulations. Their Term and Condition policy is a complete cliché. We do not know the requirement of withdrawing money from this firm. A lot is missing from their website. They only claim to know how to make you rich.

FxMode Clients Feedback

Investors seem dissatisfied with the services they are getting from this scam. During our research, we encountered several negative reviews. They are warning traders who might be tempted to join the venture to keep off.

The people managing this website lack adequate knowledge in trading. FxMode has no intention of making anyone rich. The company is only looking after itself.  The trading software is not performing as it purports.

Avoid the adverts that are circulating on various social media platforms. This is a losing scheme. They are greedy, and the best thing to do is to stay far away. We are yet to see an investor who has earned a passive income with this Ponzi scheme.

The Domain Insight

FxMode.co is an entity that made its first digital insight in June 2020. The domain name will expire in June 2021. The entity has no intention of being in the market past this duration. In fact, they might exit the industry sooner than expected. Investors whose money will be trapped in this system will not recover it. Nonetheless, the traffic visiting this fraudulent entity is huge. According to Alexa.com, the broker ranks at 106,423. Their audience comes from the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Can I earn Using FxMode?

Unfortunately, you cannot earn genuine returns with a losing bot. The company has multiple red flags. Additionally, despite them projecting a high number of clients, this entity is not generating income. They are not regulated by the relevant authority in all their area of operation.

Moreover, the person running this scam is hiding in the shadows. If they have nothing to hide, then being transparent would not be a problem. FxMode is also still new in the industry. Therefore, without having a trading history, it is unwise to trust them.

Final Verdict

FxMode claims that they only have limited spots left. Therefore, you are lucky if their promotional video is still on their website. The anonymous founder urges newbies to join the firm immediately not to miss out on the life-changing opportunity.

The company is not dealing with forex trading activities. The entity also proclaims that investors will recover their money within no time. You will lose your funds the moment you make a deposit. Discredit the praise left behind as they are coming from their marketers.

Invest only with the best forex trading software companies in the industry that are reliable. You will earn genuine returns without compromising your safety. Additionally, these platforms are transparent.



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