FXOnus Review: Fxonus.com is a Wild Scam

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FXOnus Review
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Scammers tend to take advantage and try to scam innocent traders. FXOnus features a fake company number that has just been made up as an attempt to hide their shadiness. Avoid this nasty scam at all costs. 

FXOnus is a forex broker, that we would not recommend any of their services to traders. They urge traders that through their services, you achieve unattainable results. However, they showcase so many scam traits that should warn you from any of their services.

The company has a shady method of operation, and in this unbiased review, we highlight some of the murkiness they showcase. Meanwhile, you can consider investing with legit tried and tested forex brokers that will generate reasonable returns for you. In addition, trading is not a joke, and there are several factors that you should consider before investing. 

Also, entering trades blindly will lead to unreasonable losses that are not entirely pleasing. FXOnus does not have any positive feedback across social media that we can use to recommend any of their services. Furthermore, the founders of the company are anonymous, and there is no information on their qualifications.

They assure traders the use of clear and simple methods and well-managed accounts. Meanwhile, the founders’ data is crucial in earning more trust with the investment firm. Thus investing with FXOnus will be exposing you to scammers and putting your funds at great risks. However, you will be putting your funds at risk, but personal info may fall into the wrong hands.

Fxonus.com Review

Fxonus.com features tailor-made accounts to suit your trading needs. They also claim to provide tight spreads on Forex, Indices, and Commodity within the markets. Traders can also use various payment methods to fund their accounts. Nothing seems to add up in the company, and they try to hide their murkiness.

Transparency is what most investors look for before investing any amount with investment firms. Furthermore, transparent investment firms will genuinely generate profits for you. Scammers try hard to hide their identities from investors because they open new platforms and try to scam innocent traders.

Fxonus.com Review, Fxonus.com Company

Additionally, no trading activity seems to be taking place in FXOnus. Hence if they were making the said returns, the same information should be visible through trade history. Most legit investment firms will at least feature past trade results for three months or more.

The platform promises traders fast trade executions and excellent prices that we highly doubt will be the results. They also aim to provide 24/7 customer support. There is no data on the people behind the company or the qualifications they hold. Therefore, you risk trusting quacks when you choose to invest with FXOnus.

How FXOnus Operates

FXOnus promises traders that funds are kept in safe bank accounts with secure SSL.  Consequently, the anonymous founders may even be keeping money in their personal accounts. Also, they are the ones who are more likely to benefit from the company.

Scammers tend to operate in similar likelihood, and FXonus.com will not operate any differently. They will contact you with various high returns and bonuses that are hardly attainable. The high profits are made up to lure you into depositing funds; thus, once you fall for the catch, that’s the end of business between you and them.

They may result in blocking your contact information from accessing any of the services they provide. Their trade approach is the City Traders approach with UK heritage. The software is accessible for download through various platforms such as Google Play and Appstore. They also feature web-based platforms for windows and MacOs.

There is no transparency on the software in use or the kind of algorithm they use. Thus FXOnus may feature the wrong trading tools, which may lead to bad results. To receive newsletters traders, have to request the service.

Investors need to register and start earning profits upon successful registration to the company. Besides this information, many details have been left out regarding their style of operation, and this is a major red flag.

FXOnus Funds Safety

FXOnus is not transparent with the information on the company founders. They seem to have a hidden agenda which is definitely to swindle customer’s funds. The trading method that they use is also murky, and a lot of red flags are shown. They accept multiple deposit methods such as Skrill, Neteller, Card Pay, and Mega Transfer. 

FXOnus Review, FXOnus Features

There is no evidence of any successful withdrawals besides legit testimonials that help earn more trust with the company. Moreover, they do not explain the founder’s information, or the kind of software in use does not have any risk measures to protect you from losses. FXOnus is not safe with your funds. 

They do not have any banking information; hence once your money is lost, reaching them is almost impossible. Furthermore, they do not have any refund policy or demo account to familiarize yourself with the company.

Contact Support

There is no guarantee that you will receive any customer support from FXOnus. The location address they provide is Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, MH96960. This location’s whereabouts address has been made up to appear legit it does not have any relation with FXOnus.

In addition, they have telephone contact +442031501511 and email: fxonus@fxonus.com Scammers will only contact you until you deposit funds with them. Working contact support always proves you are dealing with professionals and boosts the confidence with the investment firm.

FXOnus Regulation

Regulated platforms showcase a very high level of transparency, and you can count on them to make profits. Therefore, this solely explains why there is so much murkiness in FXOnus. The company may also easily disappear with customer’s funds as they leave no traces.

Unregulated platforms do not last long in the market, and they easily break all the set guidelines. FXOnus is not under any regulatory body. Hence they are operating illegally while generating funds from the public.

Meanwhile, due to the vast competition in the market. Scammers tend to take advantage and try to scam innocent traders. FXOnus features a fake company number that has just been made up as an attempt to hide their shadiness.

The founders also hide their personal information from traders. Because they risk facing criminal prosecutions, or they open new platforms and try to scam innocent traders. On the other hand, regulated platforms boldly showcase their regulation information, and the same data is easily verifiable.

Final Verdict

FXOnus does not feature any risk prevention measures that will lower the loss margin. Trading like any other business may feature some pleasing days and vice versa. Hence there is no such thing as constant returns. The method of operation is not known, and you may end up making massive losses.

There are transparent forex brokers that you can count on and earn reasonable returns. Also, the approach towards trading entrails risks measures such as stop loss to prevent you from making unwanted losses. Transparency is the main feature to look for in an investment firm and any company that operates otherwise like FXOnus, you should avoid at all costs.

The risk of trusting criminals is very high on FXonus.com. Additionally, you may have to provide personal data that may also end up in the wrong hands. Hence the only experience you will earn is not to trust scammers with your funds.


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