GammaFX Review: Beware of Unregulated Platforms

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GammaFX claims to be the most experienced trading platform. Those who have signed up differ with that statement. Withdrawing funds is next to impossible. Learn more in our detailed review.

GammaFX ( claims to have experts on its platform. The platform further suggests it enjoys a global regulatory status. That said, Gamma FX fails to offer any meaningful investment to members. You won’t get to withdraw funds from the platform. And this is why we have to expose the red flags found on the platform. The platform is a total disgrace to the trading community. Learn more on our clear GAMMAFX REVIEW.

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A Closer Analysis of GammaFX

GammaFX claims to have a management team with over 20 years of experience on the about us page. The platform claims to have over 100 trading assets with real-time market data. All these are apparent attempts to lure investors to sign up.

GammaFX  Pros and Cons

There are glaring mistakes that investors will undoubtedly fail to spot. And this is why we post reviews to expose some of these mistakes. Most investors rarely go through a platform and take the platform’s word as they go.

Not us; we have to check and confirm that a platform offers legit trading solutions. We can tell you for the fact that no member has made any withdrawals. The platform failed to allow members to enjoy their hard-earned profit.

And this is why we insist that regulators should look into The platform takes complete advantage of anyone who signs up and funds their account. There are no new ways of trading with the platform, and it’s just a scam.

The website doesn’t have easy navigation, and most relevant information is missing. For example, you don’t get to know the available trading features such as leverage and spreads. And that’s what makes the platform a huge scare.

We recommend doing due diligence before you sign up with any investment platform. Try and find out the experiences of other traders with the platform. It will give you an insight into what to expect with the platform.

Advantages and Disadvantages of GammaFX

There are several features to weigh in before you decide on investing. Of course, these are the pros and cons of every platform. But, first, you need to know what’s in it besides trading. The platform ought to give you a memorable trading experience at best.

Here are the notable features of Gamma FX;

Accounts and tiers

We don’t see any mention of the set accounts on the platform. No one knows what the platform has installed for traders regarding account features. And this opens up a can of worms for anyone investing with the platform.

You need to sign up with an account that offers you the best output. Investors have to sign up with an account seen as best suitable for them. You have to weigh in the features available before committing funds.

Account features

Spreads start from 0.3 pips, as indicated on the about us page. The platform promises a personal expert and broker with each member. However, there’s no mention of an acceptable minimum deposit or available leverage.

And this is what makes trading with a huge problem. Failure to indicate such crucial details makes the platform a huge scare. But instead, we have a platform that continuously fails to inform members of relevant features.

Another glaring issue is the acceptable minimum deposit. The platform insists that the more you deposit, the higher your chances of winning. These are false claims as the platform seeks to take advantage and hope you invest more.

Regulators have moved in to protect investors from such scares. For example, the regulators insist on minimum acceptable leverage of 1:100 on forex products. In the United States, there’s a set minimum leverage of 1:50 for retail traders.

Acceptable minimum deposit in all jurisdictions is €$250. Some regulated platforms even ask for a lower amount and go as low as $1. Gamma FX wants you to deposit more and eventually lose your entire amount.

Accounts GammaFX

Account Manager

The platform promises investors an account manager. We learn that these are call agents hired to act as account managers. These agents don’t have the expertise to run an account. Instead, you get a call from them urging you to get in a lucrative open position.

All you have to do is add more funds and wait as the account manager makes a profit for you. Days go by as you expect to hear back from the account manager. It’s until later that you realize the manager is no longer available.

The platform will replace the account manager with a new one to cover their tracks. That way, you won’t get to recover any of your funds. We blame the platform for it, as these managers are part of the scam.

Assets and trading instruments

There are four classes of trading instruments available on the platform. These include commodities, forex, indices, and stocks. For example, you can trade commodities such as coffee, natural gas, wheat, etc.

The platform offers major and minor currency pairs to investors. These give day traders time to make daily profit with these listed assets. Sadly, the leverage changes from time to time, affecting the results.

Indices available include DAX, Dow Jones, and more. Unfortunately, the platform will insist that you trade a large volume with indices. That means putting your trading position at risk due to the high leverage.

You get to trade stocks of leading companies from all sectors. Some of the stocks found include those of the FANG group. These stocks make up a large percentage of all trading activities. It’s a fun way for day traders to make a profit.

Business holder GammaFX

There’s little information to suggest who owns or runs the platform. And this makes trading with Gamma FX a high risk as it’s an anonymous platform. You should try and invest in reliable and reputable platforms in the industry.

The problem with anonymous platforms is that there’s no way of recovering funds. Hiring recovery agents don’t give you the chance to get back your funds. A recent investigation revealed that these agents are part of the scam.

Contact and support

You won’t get any support once you request a withdrawal. Instead, the platform will shut down all communication and even try and delete your account. Unfortunately, that’s what most members have been facing with the store.

Are funds safe with Gamma FX? No

We have to insist on exposing such platforms that fail to show any relevance in the industry. You also have to make sure that a platform is open to communication. Go for a platform that allows direct contact, such as making a call to staff members.

Demo account

There’s nothing fancy with their demo account. You don’t even get to learn anything, as the demo account is just a buy/sell option. The demo account doesn’t integrate any trading platform that we know.

Deposit and fund safety GammaFX

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to segregate accounts. We also believe the platform fails to offer insurance cover for deposits made by clients. You are on your own as there’s no regulator to protect your interest.

License and compliance, GammaFX

GammaFX is not a licensed platform and does not indicate getting any valid regulatory certificate.

Our verdict

Please stay away from

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