Garton Invest Review: a Cheeky Scam

Garton Invest Review, Garton Invest Company
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Garton Invest Review
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Garton Invest is a company that promises its clients a 10% lifetime return, which is absurd. The company boasts of mining and trading Bitcoin, but there is no verifiable evidence, and the company lacks credibility. Invest with the best crypto trading companies to enjoy reliable and professional services.

Garton Invest is allegedly a crypto trading and mining company. The entity, however, is one of those shady scams that you should avoid. They state that they have been mining and trading Bitcoin for about three months.

During this timeline, the platform allegedly has earned traders 10% daily returns. The minimum amount that you can deposit is 0.001 BTC. Unfortunately, it is not possible to yield this kind of profit.

Garton Invest Review, Garton Invest Company

The online venture is profitable, but this does not mean that you will become rich overnight. Garton Invest claims to be in operation for 260 days. Sadly, this is false information. This firm was established in May 2020.

The statics which the company features are exaggerated. Even the best entities in the market struggle to attain such a high audience. In case you want to generate reasonable returns, we suggest looking for a better alternative in the market.

You can invest with the top crypto trading companies. They are genuine and will yield you real time returns. Additionally, these platforms are reliable and have been serving multiple investors. Their trading results are also visible to all kind of investors. Review

The company assures investors that it automatically adds the earnings of their customers. Additionally, the withdrawal process is alleged timely. The least amount of funds that you can cash in is 0.0001 BTC.

Investors are not subjected to paying any charges. The registration process is swift. Moreover, investors are requested to utilize the referral link to increase their chances of earning high rewards. The lifetime earnings of 10% sound too good to be realistic.

Garton Invest is operating as a pyramid scheme. There are no investment services available. They rely on the affiliate program. Once a new client signs up, the entity uses its money to pay its pioneer clients.

In regards to the security of this entity, the broker brags about having an SSL certificate. This does not protect customers against fund loss. Furthermore, the people that you should be scared about are the ones running this Ponzi scheme.

Garton Invest does not put information regarding their team. We do not know the real people who are managing and running this platform. It shows a lack of transparency from their end. Investors need to know the qualification of the people handling their money.

The company also fails to disclose its mining details. The platform does not disclose the location of their servers, electricity bill charges, or hardware being used. Leaving out such essential information causes distrust.

Contact Details

Garton Invest claims that it has the best customer support team in the market. The team states that it solves the query of their clients on time. However, they recommend that you read their FAQ before contacting them.

This platform’s office address is at 8 Hollins Spring Road Dronfield, Derbyshire, England S18 1US. You can reach them via WhatsApp or email. The entity is most probably using a fake phone call.

Attempt to reach this venture will be futile. Once they get access to your money, the platform will start being unprofessional. The company is not based in the United Kingdom. Scammers operate in a remote location.

Legit investment companies will have several communication channels. You can also contact them and be certain of getting a response in time. They offer professional and the best services in the industry. Invest with the best brokers.

Garton Invest Regulation Status

Garton Invest is not a licensed company. The firm is allegedly operating from the United Kingdom. However, they are not on the list of licensed brokers of the FCA. The entity does not care about the law. Fund safety of their customers is the least of their concern.

Regulatory bodies exist to protect investors against scammers. The strict measures ensure that the security of investors is a priority. Scammers offer handsome plans and profits. However, they never fulfill their promises.

The company can change its terms of policy whenever it suites them. Therefore, fees and unconducive measures might arise. Moreover, this venture might choose to exit the market without any notice.

Investors need to avoid shady companies. This is because they are not reliable. Regulated companies are the best and even compensate clients in case of insolvency. Garton Invest is a venture that will not amount to anything.

Clients Feedback

Garton Invest has several negative reviews. The company has a telegram channel where they convince investors to deposit funds. The client states that this is a scam. The people running this firm are anonymous.

We did not see a single endorsement from their investors. Don’t you think a daily earning of 10% is something that should attract a great audience? Unfortunately, this is not the case with this scam. Their traffic is low, and investors are not interested in their services.

Garton Invest is no longer paying investors. Investors should stay away from this suspicious firm. Pyramid schemes are dangerous venture and collapse without notice. Traders need to be keen as a great number of investors lose funds.

Ponzi schemes have no intention of making anyone rich. They manipulate information by using stock images or paying marketers. Keep in mind that these people make money at the expense of their clients.

Is Garton Invest Legit or a scam?

Garton Invest is a company that promises investors very high earnings. However, it is absurd of them to make such claims. Scammers will make you invest with them by featuring false information. The fantasy of getting rich overnight is misleading.

The people operating this business are smart. They do not leave behind information that can be used to incriminate them. Moreover, we find it weird that investors would still venture with this broker despite it being anonymous.

Garton Invest Scam Review, Garton Invest Features

Garton Invest does not have evidence of mining or trading activities. The platform only cares about its greedy needs. Their support is accused of not responding to clients. Furthermore, they feature false information regarding their history.

We cannot determine the qualification of people handling the funds of investors. The company also does not have a license. This puts investor’s information and funds at a greater risk. Garton Invest is certainly not a legit platform.

The traffic visiting their website is low. If the venture is profitable, then we should be able to see several investors flocking their platform. The entity is also not reputable, and several clients accuse the broker of being fraudulent.

The financial institution in which the entity segregates clients’ funds is not featured. This shows that the funds you deposit goes directly into their pockets. The company is accepting money using BTC. Therefore, investors will never know the address to which money is deposited or to whom.

Final Verdict

Garton Invest is a dangerous Ponzi scheme that will not be along for long. The entity is accepting funds from investors without having the necessary documentation. Moreover, there is no proof of payment.

The suspicious venture fails to disclose the company behind its operation. CNMV regulatory body has issued a warning against this entity. There is no evidence of investment activities taking place.

Invest with legit crypto trading companies that are legit. You will earn reasonable returns without risking your safety. These platforms are licensed and working to attain their customer satisfaction. You can contact them whenever you please.




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