Genesis CFD Review: A Circumspect Broker

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Genesis CFD Review
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Summary will offer you all the trading and charting tools that are customisable to meet your trading style. The software is accessible on all devices. You can invest via web platform or through the downloadable app,

Genesis CFD Markets looks forward to making forex, Cryptocurrencies, CFDs, Indices, Shares, and Commodities investment a walk on the park. However, how they aim to make trading simple is unknown, and you immediately come across sign-up pop-ups urging you are to seize the opportunity.

Genesis CFD Markets Review, Genesis CFD Markets Company

Even so, a smart trader would consider several factors before opting in to deposit with Genesis CFD Markets. Accordingly, it would help if you did not waste a single dime here. The company exposes many red flags that should only warn you against indulging further in trading with them. 

Meanwhile, you can consider trading with these legit crypto brokers and earn sensible profits your way. Unlike Genesis CFD Markets, they feature transparency in their style of operation, and they use tried and tested techniques to generate pleasing returns and give you a pleasing trade experience.

Scammers often promise you the world, yet how they attain the same results is not clear. Genesis CFD Markets promises you multiple advantages while investing with them, such as; lightning-fast trade execution and more precision and trade power. How long it takes to complete trade transactions is not known. They claim to suit all types of traders, and beginners can also get a shot at the market.

Genesis CFD Markets should at least feature educational content that is helpful for newbies. The kind of data available for amateurs is easily found across the internet at no extra cost, and there is absolutely no reason you should pay for any toll they offer. Review will offer you all the trading and charting tools that are customizable to meet your trading style. The software is accessible on all devices. You can invest via web platform or through the downloadable app, Nevertheless purchasing anything from the company will only be putting your funds at risk. Also, you are on the verge of losing all your money. Personal data may end up in the wrong hands. assures its customers of professionalism and transparency. However, there is no data regarding the founders or even qualifications the team of employees holds. The founders’ data is critical, and you should not share your personal data with the company. The kind of algorithm the software uses in coming up with profits is also not known. Also, since the people behind hide their data, you might end up counting on people who have no idea how the trading world works. 

How Operates is allegedly transparent, and they brag about having the best trading tools. Besides this data, there is no information on how the company operates. You should fully understand how any investment firm operates, and any sort of murkiness should begin to raise doubts. Hence, any murkiness shows that there is only a hidden agenda to swindle all your money. Genesis CFD Markets does not reveal any special traits that they apply to help stand out from the market’s vast competition. 

Moreover, the trading world faces high volatility and risk measures help lower unwanted losses. Genesis CFD Markets will make several attempts to get you into depositing funds with them. Thus they may try to contact you with several methods they can use and urge you to take advantage of one-time offers.

The profit margins are very tempting, and you may easily want to make a deposit and start earning massively. Accordingly, once you fall for the bait, you automatically made the company’s anonymous people rich. Genesis CFD Markets also. It does not seem to have any trade taking place. It is tough to determine the kind of returns you should expect from them without past trade data.

Genesis CFD Markets Funds Safety

Genesis CFD Markets does not guarantee any funds’ safety, and your money is not in good hands. They claim to have made numerous clients rich through their ‘ state of the art software. There is no trade transaction data to assert that cash flow is swift. The safety of your funds is paramount, and any platform that shows murkiness should not be worth your time. Also, once you deposit with Genesis CFD Markets, there is no certainty that the software will work to generate profits your way. Review, Features

They do not feature a demo account that you can use to test how the software works before investing real money. Genesis CFD Markets anonymous founders are the only likely beneficiaries of any services they offer. No banking information should prove your money is indeed safe. They might be keeping funds in personal accounts while you await profits that will never approach. 

Genesis CFD Markets Deposit and Withdrawals

Genesis CFD Markets users can invest $50 as the lowest amount. They accept several payment options such as; Visa, Mastercard, Trustly, Skrill, Neteller, and Sofort. However, Cryptocurrencies and wire transfers are irreversible, and once you make a deposit, you cannot get any refund. Thus you can opt to fund your account via credit/ debit payment options, and they grant up to 540-day chargeback. The platform does not have a refund policy that you can use to reclaim your money in case you are not satisfied with the services they offer. 

Genesis CFD Markets has no helpful data for withdrawals. Hence you are likely going to have some hardship trying to access your funds. Scammers will often hold your funds for the longest time until you finally give up. Accordingly, they do not feature hidden fees, nor do they charge commission on transactions. Pyramid schemes, however, will always charge you extra, and you will receive your money less due to unknown deductions.

Customer Support

Genesis CFD Markets has customer support 24/5 from 0800hrs to 2100hrs C.E.T.  they feature two chat sections at the bottom of the website, one for WhatsApp and the other for live chat purposes. Working customer support is beneficial in building more trust between the company and the customers. Genesis CFD Markets has telephone contact +1(443)646-3507 and email; They claim to respond within 24hours, but we highly doubt there is any assistance after you deposit with them.

They feature two location address addresses for the USA; 76W Brighton Ave, Brooklyn NY 11224 and 51 Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, 1330 Luxembourg, respectively. Moreover, there was some murkiness in the supporting data that is available. They both have nothing to do with Genesis CFD Markets, and your funds are at great risk. They will barely respond to any platform-related queries you may have, and you should always receive the first response.

Genesis CFD Markets Regulation and Registration

Genesis CFD  Markets is licenced and regulated by CSSF ( Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financer). However, there is no proof that they adhere to regulations such as regulation certificates. Regulated Cryptocurrencies brokers will often showcase a high level of transparency, and you can count on them for sensible returns. On the other hand, unregulated platforms tend to find their way out of this by either using false data or not providing any data at all. 

Moreover, due to the high rise in the number, not scammers, different countries have set up measures to protect their citizens. In addition, different countries have responsible bodies for regulation, and you should always check with the relevant source within your region. Genesis CFD Markets founders risk facing charges for illegally generating funds from the public. Also, this explains why the same data is hidden. 

Final Verdict

Genesis CFD Markets brags about being featured under various known companies such as yahoo, New York Times, and Bloomberg. However, all these are just false claims that they use to attempt to get you into making a deposit. Once you fall for the catch, then that’s the end of any business between you and them. 

Accordingly, you can choose to invest wisely with these reliable Cryptocurrencies brokers and earn sensible profits through tried and tested traits. Avoid Genesis CFD Markets since they leave out a lot of important information, and they showcase numerous scam traits that should only confirm your money is not safe. 


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