Genix Markets Review: A Hideous Broker

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Genix Markets Review
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Genix Markets is a company that you should not grant the benefit of a second thought. The individuals that are behind this venture are anonymous and shady. In this review, we expose the red flags that the entity portrays. The entity is not regulated, and they are operating as they please. The location of the venture also raises eyebrows.

Genix Markets Review, Genix Markets Company

All that scammers need from you is that you avail personal data. Details like a phone number play a big picture. The alleged account managers will assure you that you are dealing with professionals. With time you get to trust them without knowing what you are signing up for. The narrative changes when the fraudsters realize their clients do not have enough money to give.

The assets that this scheme is dealing with are volatile. Hence, it is hard knowing what you are signing up for as they only speak about making clients rich. They have a superior trading interface, but it takes more than that. The information regarding the founder and the professional account manager is missing.

Try out some of the best crypto trading companies in the market. They operate in full transparency and their trading performance is accessible to everyone. These are some of the best ventures that are licensed and have nothing to hide. Review

Genix Markets is trading forex, metal, indices, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. The scheme claims it has low spreads and over 250 training assets. Their leverage is intriguing but only meant to make you lose money. We do not recommend investing with an offshore entity. The majority of them suffer huge losses.

The withdrawal and deposit are said to be fast. The company claims it is more than a trading firm. Investors can rely on them for the best deals and to attain success. The firm is accepting both novice and expert traders. However, you will not see a professional trader wasting their time with a broker that is doomed to fail.

Genix Markets does not have a trading history. Fraudsters are technical, and they will convince you to deposit money with them. However, when it comes to paying, they will leave you high and dry. It is impossible to track them down.

Trading Conditions of Genix Markets

Genix Markets avails assets like forex cryptos,  stocks, and indices. They have three trading accounts, and the more money that you deposit, the higher your income. The firm has that ranges from 1.6 pips to 2 pips. You will need to pay more to open an order. It also appears that the firm is accepting limited clients.

The available trading platform is the MetaTrader4. This is one of the best trading interfaces in the market. You get an ideal experience, and you can trade with ease. Refrain from doing business with a fraudulent investment firm that is not genuine.  The venture premises leverage of 1:500, which is a huge amount.

The more cap the scheme provides, the greater the risks. Furthermore, the regulatory bodies only allow leverage of 1:30 up to 1:50. They create a trading environment that is ideal for investors. We could not spot the trading results of the entity.

The customer support is allegedly available via email and phone. Nasty ventures will ignore and never solve any of the issues that you are facing. If you want to trade wisely, stick to some of the leading and legit firms in the market.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that investors can deposit in the entity is $10,000. Genix Markets is a pricy investment scheme that is not worth the take. The withdrawal can be made via credit or debit cards and wire transfers. There are reputable and trustworthy forex trading companies that are charging a reasonable amount of minimum deposit.

The least amount that one can deposit is $50. You got to have patience with this scheme as the withdrawal process is handled with 7 business days. The broker also charges a maintenance fee of $30 for the accounts that have been inactive for 12  months. It is in line with what most of the legit firms ask for.

The scheme has an unfair bonus policy. You should not grant them the opportunity to defraud you like that what the scheme is targeting. Rarely with the broker release funds unless you meet the absurd trading volume. Moreover, the regulatory bodies are against investment schemes offering such lucrative.

Regulation Status of Genix Markets

Unfortunately, the government of SVG does not authorize trading activities of online investment services. Genix Markets is a venture that is proudly based in the area. There is nothing for you in this murky venture. Furthermore, the scheme is accepting investors from all over the world. It needs to adhere to several financial bodies’ rules.

A company that is collecting funds from the public members ought to have deposited a significant amount of capital in their name. The money can be used as compensation when the scheme faces bankruptcy. It rarely happens, but it is good to be on the safe side. Unfortunately, Genix Markets is not working with a financial institution. Therefore, your money is at a higher risk of going to the con artist wallets.

They are dealing with forex assets. The trading conditions of the scheme are not genuine. Offshore schemes tend to change their legal documentation overnight without consulting or minding the consequences that clients face.

Genix Markets is operating anonymously. We are not certain if there are professionals involved. The firm is not reporting its daily trading activities to anyone. Hence, the unthinkable could happen. There is no one to hold accountable when the firm decides to leave the market.

Fund Safety at Genix Markets

Forget about enjoying fund safety in a scheme that openly admits it is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Once investors stop believing the narrative of this venture, there is no going back their system will be shut down. Forget about making money with offshore schemes. They promise the best outcome only to end up disappointing investors.

It is not easy noticing the red flags of the entity. Several regulated schemes in the market are dedicated to helping trades. The entity does not have a parent company. Who will you hold accountable when the scheme decides to exit the industry. Review, Features

The Domain Insight

Genix Markets is a scheme that was registered in March 2020. The information of the founder is missing. The domain name is expected to expire in the same month in 2022. Scammers tend to be in the market for only a limited duration of one year. The scheme has a low trust score as well as traffic.

Final Verdict

Genix Markets is a platform that is running its business as it deems fit. The venture is not worthy of your time or funds. Their trading conditions may appear intriguing initially, but the platform is only pushing clients to the edge. Moreover, this is an offshore entity, and it could shit down its system whenever it pleases. Stay away from this unregulated broker at all costs.

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